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    ThrillseekerXTC – bringing mojo back ThrillseekerXTC mkII is a psychoacoustic audio exciter based on a parallel dynamic equalizer circuit. It takes our hearing sensitivity into account especially regarding the perception of audio transients, tonality and loudness. The mkII version now introduces: • Plugin operating level calibration for better gainstaging and output volume compensated processing. • A reworked DRIVE/MOJO stage featuring full bandwidth signal saturation and a strong focus on perceived depth and dimension. It provides all those subtle qualities we typically associate with the high-end analog outboard gear. • Special attention has been taken to the mid frequency range by introducing signal compression which improves mid-range coherence and presence. • Relevant parts of the plugin are running at higher internal sampling frequencies to minimize aliasing artifacts. https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2021/10/01/thrillseekerxtc-mkii-released/ Available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware Download your copy here: https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/
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    He knew it would extend until he came back…the man has powers we’ll never comprehend…hehe
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    So all I need now is to get InstaComposer, link it up to Drum Monkey and Ujam Iron 2, kick the result up to CloudBounce and then straight to Spotify. I'll be making tenths of cents while I sleep! 😴💰
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    https://audioplugin.deals/aquamarine-lite-by-muze/ For the next few days, download Aquamarine Lite by MUZE absolutely FREE! Muze Aquamarine Lite is a huge Inspiring collection of innovative new sounds and atmospheres, textures, pads & synths for music, sound design and cinematic composition. Developed for use with the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher, Aquamarine is an all-in-one tool for crafting soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers – in fact any music that requires powerful, inspirational, hybrid synth sounds. All the samples included in this library are completely new and unique to this instrument. Originally $39.99, AQUAMARINE Lite is now free to download for a limited time, don’t miss out!
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    Spitfire LABS Siren Songs: FREE Vocal Drones https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/siren-songs
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    The only "problem" the OP had was understanding how the DAW works. Do not expect a different answer to the OP as it was answered in detail. Don't like the answer -- that's OK. Can't do much about that. Don't understand the answer -- that's OK too. Maybe if you start your own thread and detail the issue you are having you may get a more suitable reply.
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    Is this my lifetime or CloudBounce's lifetime. I am pretty old, but I have already outlived many thousands of internet enterprises.
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    As for the aforementioned 1st time buyer 20% off referral code, mine is MELDA1923165. Also, if you're not already on their mailing list, sign up for that and get a coupon for €10. If you go for the MComplete Bundle, that will save you over $260, bringing the final cost down to just over $1000. I like the new "device" UI's for functionality and inspiration, but maybe the best thing about them will be the end of the cries of "they need to change that godawful UI." 😁 Er, what I mean is that it's great that it will open up a big swath of customers who have been put off by the clinical look. One of my issues about getting the most out of their plug-is is that there are so many controls and options I can fall down a rabbit hole trying to find something simple like how to change the speed of a modulator. The new device UI's group the parameters into sort of macros so that you still get the great-sounding processing but with controls whose functions are easier to grasp. Yes, it will be a great day when Vojtech puts out the call for tech writers like he did for UI creators. Just last night I was struggling with MSpectralPan because I wanted the top frequencies in a sound to swirl back and forth. The manual was useless, I finally got it with a combination of a Chandler video and my own flailing around. Sure, it's part of the FreeFXBundle, but I upgraded my FreeFXBundle so now they are the "pro" versions. There's not "pro" documentation for them. I hope that the success of the new UI's will hip him to the fact that people who aren't up on all the terms and concepts need help getting started. I've debated him on this and his stance is that he doesn't know where to draw the line as far as teaching vs. describing, and it's not his job to teach. I say that if you want to sell something called "MSpectralDelay," you should at least tell people what it can do. He can wave off describing EQ and compression, but wave folding is a different story.
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    Wasn't that the Tiny Terror, which they have a way not too long ago?
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    If you’ve got all three, you’ll get the channel for free. Just hit support.
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    There's a bit of a hack that I think works (I've run into the same with my control surface, which I rarely turn on): - Turn everything on - Run Cakewalk and set up the MIDI ports as you want them to be set up - Close Cakewalk - Open Windows Explorer and navigate to %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core - Find ttseq.ini, and right click on it, and choose Properties - Tick Read-Only and click OK Of course, if you want to make changes to your MIDI setup, you'll have to un-Read-Only it, then start at the first step here again.
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    Man Larry started this thread and is missing all the fun🤪
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    IKM just added 30 jampoints to my account out of the blue... jezuz chryst people, this is starting to feel like socialism! ... and I love it!
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    You might need to be British to get this one: Half Man Half Biscuit - Trumpton Riots
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    OK then ... Windy Miller Song from Camberwick Green
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    Yes, Facebook/Instragram is divisive and is responsible for many terrible things in our society. Long ago I actually was a Facebook consultant and I owned a lot of stock. I stopped consulting and sold all my stock and took a big tax hit because I didn't want to be profiting from something that immoral. But it's not all bad. I do like keeping in touch with my high school friends. You don't have to use it to fight about politics. You can just see pictures of people's grandchildren and I like that. And there's no way in a million years I would be writing this book if I didn't find out that people actually liked this stuff I was doing. Really? It's not that good! I had a friend who was a tremendous actress . She had a real following in the indie world. But she didn't want to be an actress. She wanted to be a writer/director. She was rich and didn't have to work so she just let her acting career drop. She only did jobs when people called her. And her directing career went nowhere for a long times. But people really loved her as an actress. She could care less because it was effortless for her to do it. This is easy, so I don't value it. But maybe we all need to listen to what the world tells us now and then. Like if you're trying to be an orchestral composer, and you're not getting calls from the NY Philharmonic, but you write great songs that all your friends like... you know? Maybe you should think about going in that direction and seeing if you can take it to a level beyond your friends. I'm still trying to figure it out. But I'm going to see this book through.
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    There is also some confusion added to the discussion by the "albums-in-the-hope-chest" phenomenon. Typically a young artist will come to be recognized after he has been working for a decade or more without public success. Then he hits the audience with the best stuff he has created over that long time period, and everyone thinks he is brand new at this, and marvels at his creative productivity. A second or third album comes out with some of his lesser but still impressive songs, that have been sitting on ice for years sometimes, and the image of a huge amount of creative energy personified in an up and coming talent is solidified. As often as not though after he has used up his best stuff from storage, his creativity seems to lag, because he is not putting out such great work every six months. Once he starts to go a couple of years between releases, he is already judged to be a has-been who can no longer create new stuff, and that is just if he has not succumbed to drug abuse or the loss of motivation and deflections from his meteoric rise that comes with new distractions that often accompanies "success."
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    I've received many comments and questions about how I integrate software synthesis, with the many arpeggiation, filtering, envelope and sync-to-tempo options with virtual orchestral instruments. When orchestrating a passage that contains a synth timbre, listen closely to the harmonic pattern and/or the rhythmic pattern that is being expressed in the arpeggiation sequence or filtering. This information can give you both melodic and harmonic clues as to how to proceed with orchestration. Also, it is very common with many synth timbres that the attack times can be very fast, faster than many acoustic instruments are capable of. The solution is to simply delay the entire synth track by X number of milliseconds or ticks (division of quarter notes into 480,. 960, etc.) so that the synths and the samples have better coordination with their attacks. Measures 45-65 demonstrates some of these techniques: Example Jerry
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    I only know this because I thought it would be interesting to see what was going on the day I was born. Based on the search results, Google concludes that only one thing of any importance happened on October 2nd, 1951. That's how I found out that Sting and I were born hours apart. That's also when I knew conclusively that there is absolutely no validity to astrology.
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    It re-opens ALL your sound download for 6 months.
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    Yes. And it has a profile in Mic Room.
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    You should start a game show called "Name that instrument". 😁
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1727420/Midinous/ Something new and different (it has been available as a free web based app during development). $25 on STEAM of all places 10% off until Oct 5. The MIDI goodies just keep rolling in.
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    I'm only bumping because this thread has been abandoned for 3 minutes, I think this is an important topic that's not getting enough attention EDIT: wow, my 666th post 🤘!!
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    And here am I, caressing my Orange Mini.
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    Don't forget to process it through Drip......2 clicks and it's perfect !
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    Suggestion, get Ample Guitar M Lite: https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7 Make midi for it and bounce to track to get audio. Use that audio with TH3. OBS. Use the "Main" tab. The strummer tab involves learning keyswitches.
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    Some interesting sounds in this one!
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    If you don't have any of the mics from the list, it's still useful when you need to double the same take and make it sound a little bit different.
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    If you are not having success, then you are not doing everything properly. There are many good suggestions in this thread, but this topic has become a 2+ year old mashup of problems. and you are like the 10th person to add yet another problem to a thread that should have died a long time ago. There is no one size fits all solution for every problem. But rather than accusing this community of not giving an answer to YOUR problem, go RTFM and watch the getting started tutorial videos. Get comfortable with the Cakewalk basics. Then, rather than tailgating on an old thread with a "me too" post, please start your own thread, giving details about your setup, and a detailed step by step of what you have tried that did not work. Then somebody might be able to help you with YOUR problem. 😉 All the best!
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    Btw, this is a killer for classic rock tracks. I never was a big Orange fan but this Dual Terror has got me rethinking about that.
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    Thanks to all those who replied to my post yesterday asking about SampleTank. I went for the 4 version, rather and SE, so that should give me some options on the freebies. And of course you have one more for your count!
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    CbB will not directly pass MIDI data between plug-ins in an audio FX rack. Any plug-in that sends or receives MIDI data requires an instrument or MIDI track to handle the I/O. In CbB the routing for real-time audio-to-MIDI plug-ins (or any plug-in that sends MIDI data) is select the "Enable MIDI Output" option in the plug-in VST2/3 drop down in the standard header about the plug-in UI set the instrument/MIDI track inputs of the synths to the audio-to-MIDI plug-in and enable input echo That said, I have not messed with Dodo MIDI but have used a couple of other audio-to-MIDI plug-ins. They all use the same routing.
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    Yeah, that’s the one, thanks Patrick.
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    Just another FYI to check the Specs/requirements when selecting products during this 25th GB. MODO Drums needs support for AVX instructions. I was too anxious to use some of my 40 group buy freebies and didn't check the Specs tab for MODO Drums until I tried to install it and got the error messages that my computer (AMD 6-core I5 w WIN10-64) doesn't support AVX instructions. So, stuck with one product that will have to sit on the shelf until I'm able to upgrade computers. Also check specs for minimum RAM if you have less than 16Gb.
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    I got SampleTron about 6 weeks ago and the points today. The points say "IK Gift Points." I think they're just in recognition of my good looks. EDIT: maybe they realized some of us didn't get points from sampletron?
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    This is the Cakewalk forum after all. Anyone who's been here more than 3 years knows that story fairly well.
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    Thank you all for your interest. Here's what's going on. A lot of you know that I've been planning a series of publicity videos for a long time. My feeling was, "Why am I doing music videos when there are people like Rick Beato around?" And I thought that I've been a movie publicist for 45 years. I know a lot about that. So I started working on scripts and the technical aspects. This has been a long time coming. But nothing new. I could do the video course and do the podcast and the Tiger the Frog sale too. I had it all workeds out. But now I'm also writing a freaking book. Here's how that happened. I decided I wanted to begin beating the drum for the course on Facebook. I have almost 900 Facebook "friends." You meet a lot of people when you're a publicist. But on Facebook the only people who get my posts are my high school friends and Simeon--because they are the only ones who care about me anymore. So I thought that if I wrote something interesting it might wake things up. I started telling little stories about my career as a film publicist. I'd get up early and spend an hour or two writing each one. And people really liked them. And soon everybody was on my case telling me to write a book. So I said "no way" and I kept saying "No." Because it's not something I want to do. At all. The FB posts were fun because there was no pressure to do them well. But people kept on me about it. All these people in the film business who abandoned me... And then I thought about it. I've tried to do so many things in my life, from writing ten screenplays, to directing movies, to music to making YouTube videos, Nothing really came of any of it. Nobody ever said "we want to make a movie out of your screenplay! or You're such a great director!" And the YouTube channel, despite endless work, hasn't caught on at all. If I kept making music videos it would probably take me another year to become a YouTube partner. This is all stuff I was trying to do my best at, and now for the very first time, people are saying they really like something I did , Stuff I tossed off without a thought. Stuff I don't personally value too much. I think some of the stuff I've written here or on VI:Control are better. And I decided to listen to what they were telling me. Maybe this is something I'm just naturally good at. Maybe I should stop resisting and just do it. The book is called "Why Tony Curtis Hit Me"
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    As I get older, I seem to lack the motiva
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    @Jacques Boileauyou beat me to it! but good to see it confirmed. t
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    Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley
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    Thanks a lot for letting us know ! It was one of my favourite Variety of Sound plugins.
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    I find with these type of plugins that the best chance of finding a useful demo is stumbling across a consumer who went past their generic EDM demos. WA has interesting ideas, so-so implementation, and absolutely poor documentation. I have instascale and instachord and neither is used. What little use i found for them was after watching a decent youtuber who figured out things never documented by WA. I am somewhat intruiged but cautious
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    There are several ways to delete markers: Click (and keep the mouse button pressed) a marker in the time ruler, then press the DELETE key. Drag in the time ruler to select the markers you want to delete, then go to Edit > Delete Special and only select Markers. Note that this only works if clips overlap the selected time region. Go to Views > Markers to open the Markers view, select the markers you want to delete, then press the DELETE key. More info about markers can be found here.
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