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    I just rescued a stereo recording of our band off the board by adding Sunset Live Room - Studio 2 - Position 2. I dialed back the decay to 60 and used the HPF to only apply reverb to 330 and up.
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    You had been answered and the form you went to, as explained by others, asks you to search the FAQ - which resolves a large portion of people's requests without needing a ticket - and presents a link/button to you so you can open a ticket if you don't find an answer to your question/issue. I guess I also missed a specific question for me about your ticket? Otherwise as mentioned I am not a tech support rep though I do use our products and know a lot about them I am not able to perform the same type of troubleshooting the IK Support team can and honestly even if I could a third-party forum thread about a group buy wouldn't be the best nor most effective medium over which to do so. Anybody having an issue with their ticket is always welcome to provide the ticket number to me though and I'm happy to have someone take a look. Thank you.
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    Despite (or perhaps because of) owning a working Ensoniq ESQ-1 and copies of the now abandoned SQ8L and Krosswave software emulations of the ESQ-1’s successor, the SQ-80, this week I spent actual money on yet another emulation of the SQ-80, the Arturia SQ80 V. My first impression is that it is so much better all round to have graphical representations of synthesis parameters like envelopes and filters than just digital readouts. The SQ family were state of the art for ease of programming in the 1980s, but expectations and technology have changed since then. With their gains balanced, playing the same programs on the original 1986 hardware ESQ-1 and the new 2021 software SQ80 V, I am hard-pressed to tell them apart, so my verdict is that this is a faithful emulation. It should be though, as the old and free 32-bit SQ8L, which still works, is also close (even though it has some differences the developer deemed improvements). I ran into some odd behaviour when I imported a bank of ESQ-1 programs. Twice the Arturia software appeared to duplicate every program in the bank, telling me there were 80 when I had uploaded only 40, but this problem seems to have gone away. The first time it happened I deleted what appeared to be duplicates by hand, only to find that I had one by one deleted every program in the bank. The second time it happened I exported the bank to Arturia’s proprietary sysex format, deleted the offending bank, and reimported it without problems. Subsequent imports have behaved perfectly. Arturia support suggested deleting the temporary file C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\db.db3, which apparently can obstruct program (Arturia call them presets) updates. So what I learnt from that was that once programs go into the SQ80 V, there is no getting them out again. Arturia’s proprietary file format is the only form of output I can see so far. The other thing is that it looks like Arturia re-encode most parameters in decimal form, whereas ESQ-1 and SQ80 programs used integer values. The range of a DCA was, and is, encoded as 0 to 63, in increments of 1, whereas Arturia expresses it as 0.00 to 1.00 in increments of 0.004 or thereabouts. For some reason, just to be different, the envelope parameters stick to Ensoniq’s integers. The recoding is understandable when you consider that the SQ80 V is much more than the SQ-80. It has a suite of effects, which can be saved as part of individual programs. It also incorporates elements of the VFX methods for sound engineering, that were not catered for in the early Ensoniq program sysex. There are three ways to set up envelopes in place of Ensoniq’s one, an arpeggiator, new unison settings, and so on. In other words, it is a superset of the old synths. Another way this manifests itself is that program names can now be long and in both upper and lower case. Amazing! Programs can be classified, tagged, favourited and generally made a lot easier to find, sort and reorganise than they ever were in the hardware (or on audio cassette or floppy disk). I am editing programs simultaneously in both the hardware and the software as I write this up, to see where, or if, sounds begin to diverge, so far the results are alike, even though the process and values are quite different. I’ve noticed that LFO waveforms might be ordered differently because a program that calls for noise is being assigned a saw wave. This requires investigation. I’ve had a couple of crashes within Cakewalk, and I have heard crackling, but I think this is due to my system being stretched to its limit already, or may be attributable to the less than solid SQ8L. Once I’ve got all the programs off that, I doubt I will use it again. Another quibble is that there are a fair few spelling errors in the in-app quick tutorials provided by Arturia. Nothing show-stopping of course, but I always find that a bit disappointing. On the other hand, the support team moved with alacrity when I emailed them about my program duplication issues. Another neat feature – a clipping warning light in the display. Why wasn’t that in the 1980s hardware? However, I wonder whether the clipping I am seeing is because there is no way to regulate the way the master envelope modulates the final output? In the hardware there is a way to scale this. Overall, I am happy with the Arturia SQ80 V and look forward to getting more out of it.
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    Good one! 😂 I hope @Peter - IK Multimedia doesn’t misinterprete my reason for posting. Lulu needs a little help. I’m sure Peter will push his request along. I too feel he is a asset to the community. t and I’m still laughing Ed...
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    Hasn't worked for me on that free MIDI keyboard 🤣 (Sorry Peter I couldn't resist.) I want to venture out to my local Sam Ash Music Center to check out some boards in the next couple of weeks. Also I found out there is a music store where my daughter is going to college We are going down for family weekend so I know I will have to check them out. Hoping an Arturia MIDI keyboard is out to try. Peace. P.S. I needed some help a few years ago and Peter had support staff private message me on the Cakewalk Forum to get in contact with me. From there my issue was all resolved. Sometimes things happen. I for one am grateful Peter is on this board conversing with us.
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    @Lulu I am with mibby on this. Peter does come here in his official job (marketing), but he also tries to help us out if he can as a member of the forum. So try to give him the same consideration you would a fellow forum member. He just may have missed you posts. Simple.
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    Is there a version with a horse head?
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    Our Brand New Creative Gate Sequencer Gatelab is Here! (and it's free) We're thrilled to announce that our new gate sequencer plugin is now available! ..and it's awesome. a modern sequencer, volume Modulation generator and beyond.. Gatelab randomizes a unique combination of parameters and is delivering endless rhythmic effects. It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to randomize parameters in other plug-ins. https://audiomodern.com/free/
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    For anyone curious how the group buy signup rate is looking as we wind down the workweek, the answers are "better" and "not (yet, at least) better enough". With 150 hours remaining in September, the signup rate since the "race to 20k" announcement on the 21st has crept up to just about 10/hour. Two days ago, it was only around 8.5/hour, so that's good! On the other hand, the pace needed from the 21st to hit 20k was around 14.4/hour. Since the rate has been consistently below that so far, the rate needed now is 16.6/hour. In terms of individual signups, the current count is around 330 "behind" that 14.4/hour pace. So that's bad. If history is any guide, the weekend is likely to be a little slower -- though there's a good chance the count will hit 18k sometime before Monday. That would leave around 100 hours to gain 2000 signups. In the last 100 hours of August, the count rose by 2875 -- or nearly 400 more than we need right now, with an "extra" 50 hours to spare. So that's... inconclusive? But pretty fascinating, if you're into that kind of thing.
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    if you want to use the White 2A in Amplitube as a stomp this is what you can do ....Keep in mind this is The Ampitube version of The White 2 A 😉 The first thing you need to do is to put an effect in the signal chain as a placeholder if you do not have one already . You need to do that so you will be able to access the effects Once you have done that you go to the effects section you can pull down the dialog box and place your rack effect in and it will be wrapped if you are using a rack effect as a stomp to gain the full controls of your effect you just hit edit when you are done just hit the effect in my signal chain second pic and the effect will go into what you have in my second pic . if you want to use the White 2A in Amplitube as a rack you can just use the racks dialog box ...in my pic I'm about to switch over to the White 2A from the tube compressor. hope this helps Kenny
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    To be clear, I like EZBass a lot and highly recommend it. I think the engine is amazing and it's well worth the money. It's another winner for Toontrack. But when you use it in a piece, it runs as a kind of DAW within a DAW. So for me it's easier to output the MIDI when I'm done creating it. Then the MIDI is on a track in my DAW and I can use it to play any bass I own. So in this case, as I own Trilian and Modwheel's Lowdown and Mellow, I just don't feel the need to buy this. But I can't wait for the MIDI 6-packs to come out.
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    White 2A does come with the $200 version of AT5 As does VEQ-1A If you bought that to get in the group buy you could also select the Amplitube version of leslie: I bought 200 gear credits for $160 then used that 200 points to get AT5 using all of them. I had JamPoints to use also which brought down the group buy in price at the $200 level to $112, YMMV.
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    I think there is one under the rack menu (not sure which product I purchased to get it, I have AT5, Orange, Metal, SVX 1+2, and Fender 2 (I also own Mixbox, and The T-Racks module which have white 2, but assume not related)
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    Here is a good summary of the pianos, comparing the different editions. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/sampletekk-pianos-recommendations-during-sale.102786/#post-4713439
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    Joy Division - Paradiso, Amsterdam Probably their best live recording. Go to YouTube for the track listing.
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    Check out these amazing deals and offers at Time+Space... TOONTRACK - New Upright EBX now available! You can also get it as part of the new EZbass bundle packs and save yourself up to £50! EVENTIDE - Get 60% off Eventide Tverb for a limited time! SOUNDIRON - Save 20% on Soundiron's newest addition to the Hyperion range... Hyperion Brass Elements SYNCHRO ARTS - Save up to 34% on new Synchro Arts VocAlign Project 5 and up to 49% on VocAlign Ultra LUNATIC AUDIO - New to the scene, Lunatic Audio NARCOTIC is 33% off for a limited time! AAS - Save 50% on all Chromaphone 3 products VSL - Save up to 17% on the new VSL SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Package HYPERSAMPLES - Save up to 36% on the new arrivals to T+S, Hypersamples! AUDIO MODELING - 35% off Audio Modeling SWAM Wind instruments! Don't forget to check out our other offers HERE
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    I would never put my RE20 on a bed
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    First some advice- always back up any projects you have spent time on. Use Save as to copy to a back up drive. Projects do become corrupt but it’s pretty rare. If your audio is safe then you can rebuild with that. But if you had a lot of midi then you might be hooped without a backup copy. I often save projects as midi files as these are bulletproof and can be opened with any DAW. I put more work into the midi part of my songs than the audio. Audio is easy for me to redo but creating something like a good drum track with midi can be a lot of work. Therefore it needs to be stored safely. You could post a copy of just the CWP file with out the audio and maybe one of us can see if we can open it for you.
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    As an FYI, in case you didn't know, this (and at least some other Overloud plugins) connect back to their web server every session you instantiate one. They still work (albeit insert/open slowly) if you have no internet connection, but I know some people don't like this (I don't like it as my internet connection sucks!).
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    You won't gain anything by managing the VM Swapfile manually. You don't want Windows to start using the VM Swapfile (in lieu of enough physical RAM). Even if it's on a SSD, it's terribly slow compared to physical RAM. This will kill performance...
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    Just a reminder, in case I explained it too complicated, and a picture says more than thousand words: If you have 64-bit engine ticked in the preferences, like in the first picture, there's no need to tick it in the third picture (it is already active). The second picture shows the export formats, that are detached from the 64-bit-engine. If you select 64-bit there, you don't change how Cakewalk works with audio, but export a 64-bit audio file (which will hardly be accepted by any application other than a DAW)
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    We pitched this cover song for a trailer trailer opportunity and although it made the short list, we didn't get gig so I'm able to share. CBB used for the whole thing with various Kontakt Libraries etc.
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    A demo illustrating the latest free instrument available at Pianobook . RJS Guitar (for Kontakt 6). I'm not a guitarist by any stretch of the imagination. I just write demos for the Pianobook community of the instruments posted by members. Just a nod to The Cocteau Twins.
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    https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/hear-the-call this is an updated version of the demo i previously did.... if you heard the 1st version, you will probably notice this one has a different feel to it. i played it more backbeat. new guitar tracks, new drum kit. this is my first single release! njoy!
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    Going over the export feature and other updates of the lastest release let me know if you have questions..😀
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    SampleTekk's Summer Sale with a 80% discount on all our samples has just ended! As a customer to SampleTekk, you will have a chance to get something you missed during the summer sale at a 90% discount! To get your 90% discount, just write "postsummer", (without the ""), in the shopping carts coupon field and hit apply. (All prices in store are regular, discount will be reduced when applying the code). This offer ends Sunday, October 26 Check it out at SampleTekk
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    I've uploaded an articulation map for The Fiddle for your convenience. EDIT: Added art maps for some other Indiginus instruments to the same thread - The STEEL, Renegade Acoustic, The Resonator and Mandolin. All of which would pair well with The Fiddle.
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    Not sure what you mean. AFAIK there is no "white 2A in Amplitube. At least not the one you have in T Racks. What's in T Racks stays in T Racks and is not available in any other IK product. Now, with that said, there are things in Amplitube, ST4, and Mixbox that are 'extensions' of what is in T Racks. However, what is in T Racks does not become available in any other IK product that I know of. You can use what's in T Racks as stand alone vst's that you can put before or after Amplitube, ST4. [edit] TOTP!!![/edit]
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    Speaking of Export, one little gripe I have is the export has finished dialog box that sits on top of the clock near the lower right hand corner indefinitely. Is there a way to make that go away, say after 30 seconds or so.... Thanks..
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    I’ve got a sock, but I ain’t the best bass player! t
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    Much enjoyed here Fred. Wish I had the courage to take a dip in the orchestration pool. t oh boy, I could accumulate some really huge libraries then, couldn’t I? That, a couple more huge SSD’s to stream them from! what am I waiting for? why am I asking you? hey @Bapu that’s sufficient rationalization; roight?
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    MIDICSV will let you see exactly what is in the file. The link to the Windows binary is midway down the page.
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    WOW! 👍 t that is all I have to say.
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    It's not that bad. For years there has been a graphical editor in the utilities menu to perform the registry edits.
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    If you really want to manage it yourself, I think I read that it should be 2.5 times the size of your RAM (it was a while ago, so could be completely wrong on this.) I think overall, it's best if you just let Windows manage it for you. Assuming you're using an SSDs for your Windows partition/drive, it will want to put it on the same drive (if it's managing it for you). Ideally it should go on your fastest drive, as the page file is what your computer will use in place of memory if you run out - put it on a slower drive and things are going to start feeling horribly slow when it's being used. However, whether it will use the page file is another question, and will depend on what you're doing. If you're loading lots of large sample libraries, you're more likely to run into memory problems; if you're dealing mostly with recorded audio, you shouldn't have too many problems.
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    We are doing a jazz fake-disk for Band-in-a-Box, based on tunes in the Real Book series, and we found this gem. Aquarius - Benny Goodman
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    Try using this super secret link if it is a software issue: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/sw/ IKM actually wants you to search the FAQs first but it will eventually lead to the above link. If you have a hardware issue change the ending sw to hw.
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    Even worse technically the post said to look UNDER them! And before I let this opportunity pass... Do you know what you won't find there? That free MIDI controller
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    BTW, and an afterthought (after another listen that is). Great work on the finger picking!
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    With a PA $25 loyalty voucher discount this deal becomes truly a no-brainer @ $24.99
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    I was once fortunate to sit next to a hearing expert on a flight, who I'd noticed was using an SPL meter to measure noise levels on the plane. A professor and researcher from the University of Washington, he was very happy to talk about his specialty. One cruel factoid I learned that day was that audio professionals lose their hearing faster than the general population. Another discouraging observation was that teenagers in the US today have the ears of 50-year-olds 60 years ago. It's projected that hearing impairment will become a global epidemic when those teens are over 50. A more encouraging lesson was that "age-related" hearing loss is not age-related at all. Hearing tests were given to some remote Amazonian tribes, people never subjected to the everyday noise of urban life. There, 80-year-olds had the hearing acuity of a 10-year-old. It's too late for me, but those of you still young enough to do something about it - protect your ears!
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    some real nice tones and song.jack c.try taking a small amount of highs off strings to make warmer.
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