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    New vid 2.4.1 (available 8th September 2021) Content & Playback New Common Phrases (Chordal & Progression) New Basic Performances Improve timing precision - Fix timing offset in recorded performance, prevent short notes from being added to recorded MIDI at looping points and prevent hung notes. Add the ability to Quantise and Latch chords with Perform mode OFF Fix “Chord+Melody” playback to avoid creating overlapping MIDI notes. MIDI Mapping Add the ability to manually select the MIDI CC to map from a dropdown when creating an action. Add the ability to map “MIDI Panic” to a command binding Add the ability to bind dropdown menus’ “Previous” / “Next” command to a MIDI CC Add new assignable commands for keyswitch actions (toggle chord/scale mode, toggle chord mute, switch melody patterns) Add the ability to disable keyswitch (green keys) from the side menu. Add the ability to override an existing command mapping. Other Improvements Fix - Extracted Voicing - Avoid creating an extra gap in octave when re-voicing extended chords Include inversions when exporting MIDI markers (slash chords) Fix multi-selection not applying changes when modifying multiple chords in EDIT matrix Keys-Lock - “Scale Notes Mapped” profile now prioritise the natural position of each mapped note correctly. Forcing a chord set into a scale now refreshes the chord colours and Section B properly. Multi-selection of chords are now moved properly when dragged from a Section C pattern into an empty pattern. Fix an issue causing the Keys-Lock settings to be lost when entering/exiting the Chord-Edit view. Dragging a single chord with an expression ON now exports the duration of a single chord instead of the duration of the whole pattern. Fix a bug in the generation of modulation pathways creating duplicate suggestions in Modulation Popup. Fix an issue preventing the transposition of “Community” chord sets. Fix an issue causing the “…” button to appear in the wrong location. The “MOD” button in the Quick-Navigation menu is now disabled when using an unsupported scale.
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    I'm in the US and buy a ton of stuff from European online stores, like Plugin Boutique, etc. I like to use PayPal instead of giving them my credit card number. However, when I get the USD charge from PayPal, it's always been slightly higher than what I expected. Recently, I discovered that I could still use PayPal but have my bank convert to USD instead of PayPal. This saves me about 2%+. Not a whole lot but at the rate I buy stuff, it adds up! LOL All you have to do is click the "See currency options" link on the initial PayPal checkout window. Select the foreign currency box and then the blue Pay button. I've walked through the process on a blog post with screenshots. I gotta imagine there are others that might benefit from this tip. https://www.seriouslytrivial.com/2021/09/07/dont-let-paypal-translate-your-foreign-purchases/
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    There are two issues facing producers using midi packs to produce today's chart topping hits. Velocity levels Note lengths So I'm bringing to market a midi pack with the revolutionary feature of folders inside it for each possible velocity combination of every chord, as well as a large number of midi note lengths from the stabbiest staccato all the way out to two bar note sustains. That's 4096 variations per chord than other competing midi packs! Now you might be thinking to yourself, if only I had this idea first, I could produce such a midi chord pack and be well on my way to becoming a bazillionaire, but don't fret; I've got you! As a strictly limited time offer for the next 12 hours, you can get in at the ground level of this amazing business. We are looking for savvy midi users interested in opening their own midi pack franchise. Enjoy healthy discounts on any midi packs you purchase Earning a substantial commission on all sales of any direct customers you sign up Earn a very generous secondary tier commission for any customers your customers sign up Introducing the Amwalife Midi Pack. But wait, there's more. The first 100 franchisees to open a Amwalife branded TikTok or Instagram account and post using the hash tag #amwalifemidipack will go into the running to win a limited edition double-tracked midi pack, with hard-panned left and right chords to set your chord progressions apart from the rest. You won't want to miss this. Act now!
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    Early access builds are always post beta testing so are relatively stable. However the main reason for the EA program is to get wider testing and feedback on any changes so that if necessary we can address them. That said regressions are always possible due to the huge differences in workflows. EA is intended for users who are interested in getting an early look at features and offering feedback. That said if you are risk averse or are in the middle of a production don't install EA builds. In case anyone isn't aware we make it really easy to roll back to the last release so its fairly risk free in any case. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and great feedback to help us make this an even better product.
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    It's both interesting and strange how different we all are. I've produced 15 albums using Cakewalk, doing all my composition in the staff view and the event list. I've written many songs and short pieces, 2 concertos and 11 symphonies--all in Cakewalk. Since Bandlab fixed numerous staff view issues, I've been very happy with it. As I said, everyone's workflow and approach to composition is different. Luckily for me, Cakewalk and I have been highly compatible! Jerry
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    If you bought all my software, I'd probably throw in the house as a freebie. Not sure which has more value these days.
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    Yeah... if you spend $198 first I heard a rumor there was a guy who offered his all software licenses gratis if you bought his house Call me greedy, but I prefer freebie without strings attached (unless they are guitar ones
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    First of all, I'm glad you enjoy the book! As to the status of an update, unfortunately that won't happen unless BandLab gets behind it in some way (putting it in a Cakewalk Store, advertising it in the magazines they own, or whatever). Books take a lot of effort, and if they don't sell at least several hundred copies a year, they're not worth doing. Although it sold very well back in the day when Cakewalk put it in their newsletters and such, it's only sold about 8 copies in the last year. But you never know - I hope that someday, BandLab will open a Cakewalk Store so people can get their hands on all the cool stuff that used to come with Platinum. A revised version of the book could find a home there.
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    Here's a better idea: https://www.udemy.com/course/musictheory/ Maybe actually learn something instead of paying someone to spoon feed you ....
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    This and Drip. All you need to make the biggest chart raiding hits
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    Here's a Very minimal project using only my Godin la patrie classical/ jazz crossover. I wanted to use an additional mic , but I went DI because of the pounding rain from the hurricane ( in my not so soundproof music room). Anything sticking out that needs attention feel free to let me know. I know I've got a few string squeaks but opted to leave them in. It was nice not fooling with a lot of tracks . Thank You .. mark
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    Greetings. I've been diving into the DAW landscape (CbB, Audio Interface, MIDI controller keyboard, cables, microphone....etc....) for the last few weeks and, imho, the Creative Sauce series by Mike on You Tube is the best CbB tutorial series available. Here is a LINK to the YT page of Creative Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESNxzJHzDnCIuRO0RhQLeA
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    Oh yes, thank you for reminding me about that. I'll have to figure out how to send you some proper taste buds
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    The BEST bang for the buck and ease of use for a MIDI generator- bar none. Rapid Composer has 10x the capability, but a learning curve to match.
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    I look at it this way, the group price makes it a very low cost way to experiment and not worry that you spent a fortune. I say that as a person that has no guitar skills at all Also I brought Amplitude 5 as my buy in.
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    This gets so much love and development it’s hard to keep up. I find if I’ve not used it for a while, I need to invest some time and go back to basics, then learn the new stuff. The support via video tutorials is also second to none. Really excellent plugin.
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    what I like about this is the apparent $320 saving. I bought crispy tuner when it was released - PA buy it and BOOM and suddenly it's nearly TEN TIMES more expensive (list price $399)...why ? and no, there doesn't seem to be any extra functionality. Personally I don't think it's that good compared to the others but YMMV
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    You can't get there from here - things not included in the group buy (presently) that are in AT5 MAX are: Amps (and corresponding cabs): E650, HiAmp, JCA100H, JCA20H, MAZ 18 Jr., MB 150 S, Powerball, THD Bi-Valve, V3M Carvin, Z Wreck Stomps: Contour Wah, Nirvana, Nu-Tron III, Power Grid, Seek Trem, Seek Wah, Shape Shifter, T-Rex Moller, T-Rex Mudhoney, T-Rex Replica I have the HiAmp, MB 150 S and THD Bi-Valve (previous IK giveaways, I think). Too bad these aren't available as picks for promotions, which from this point for myself and many others will otherwise be all duplicates (hint).
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    Yeah, right... 😏 Seriously, ALC does have a good way to do this.
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    I think a lot of that depends on whether the transformers were modeled, they were part of the secret to "that sound." The waveforms in the article I referenced look suspiciously like what output transformers do to sine waves. And no matter how hard they tried, they did have non-linearities. I visited Wendy Carlos many years ago when she was using the pre-ADAT Akai digital recorder (I think it was called the DR1200). I couldn't understand why it sounded so much better than other DR1200s, and it wasn't a subtle difference...better low end. warmer, didn't have that brittle digital sound, etc. She said it was due to her adding transformers at the inputs and outputs. She knows her stuff, so I wasn't going to doubt her!
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    Regarding the "secrets" of the console emulator and what it does internally, I have no clue lol. We purchased the technology many years ago for the prochannel. Only the original dev would know the technical details of circuit emulation are typically a closely guarded secret. I personally think there is some degree of snake oil in all this analog emulation stuff but I'm no expert on analog consoles
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    I'm still in with the 21 for the price of 1 prediction. Now let's see how much I can kick the chum bucket and pick up some stragglers to get us there
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    There's always someone requesting a Linux version of some DAW. Scott from Image-Line made a truthful reply that they wont devote time to an extremely small amount of users. Unfortunately delusional Linux users don't get that. Sure there is Bitwig, Tracktion, Mixbus. I have those and don't care to use them. I could build a DAW from scratch and have it up and running before attempting to use Linux. Some things that are often annoying about Linux users is they don't know how small or difficult their world is. Some people think they are really cool because they can use it. Others feel like they are giving the middle finger to MS. They like to argue with Windows users more than Mac users. Apple had a marketing ploy one time as how simple a Mac is. While I'm a fan of open source software a developers webpage makes it obvious they use Linux. There average person just wants to find the download with less tech speak. Opening Mixbus has audio/midi setup. Like I'm going to change that often? Aesthetically it's not really appealing. I've tried the Linux train before. Once I forked out $80 for a modem just to use it. One time I couldn't understand their geek speak and erased Windows. Another time when I used USB wifi adapters there was this "easy peezy" way to get one running was to type characters in a command line (had no clue what they meant) only to have run but had to do this every time I booted it up. Hardware support is lacking but don't tell the delusional Linux user that. Linux is a failure in the retail market, Wal-Mart had the Licorice PC, a Linux system by Dell was offered at Best Buy. No buyers. A large amount of computer users are still ignorant of how things work on a computer. If someone like my mom could install and run Linux then it has reached prime time. The Linux is easy crowd claim to fame is using a browser and email. As for the world of multi media is like a male not having a prom date at a school where the female ratio is 10-1. Let me know when Avid starts making the industry standard available for Linux. The options for Linux are lame. Let me know when that famous producer starts using it. Then again I use a form of Linux everyday with a phone. There is no real advantage over Apple. There's an app for everything thing and it doesn't take much for you to run out of space. Some developers haven't figured out use that flash drive you added. So if you run an Apple or Linux device there's on guarantee that developers will make your phone obsolete. I've bitched a Fry's Food for their inept developers making their app obsolete while competitors like Basha's and Alberton/Safeway still run and update on my phone. So my purchases are now 70/30 in favor of Safeway. Never give your developers that much leeway. The Fry's technology dept. is a great example of clueless developers out of touch with consumers. I've heard all of the pro Linux arguments ,YAWN! I could copy and paste them all day. They have the whole planet to convince it's the best but it aint happenin'. It's like Charlie Brown wating for the Great Pumpkin to arrive after the bloody violent war between MS and Apple and they will be the survivors and rise above the ashes. Even with the headaches of the evolving Windows 10 and Apple's pricing it's not going to happen.
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    My first attempt at making a theme, currently a work in progress.
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    I've just finished and uploaded the video of the penultimate song and video from my upcoming album. This track has been in the works for the past three to four months. In that time I've survived getting the dreaded Covid amongst other things. The track is in two parts and I used alternate acoustic guitar tunings as an experiment. My good friend Mark Beling (also a guitarist) caught Covid at the same time as I did and I decided that when we get through the recovery I'd invite him to contribute to the song. I also had my good friends, drummer (Larry Rose) and Hammond/piano player (Dave Sharp) play on the track. I used a some stock video and video that I filmed to accompany the audio which I think worked out quite nicely. The song (both parts) runs for about ten minutes, so for those who love three and a half minute songs wait until you have some time to listen. The audio was tracked and mixed in Cakewalk with the final mastering done in Adobe Audition. The video was produced in Adobe After Effects and Magix Vegas. I hope that you enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
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    I have no idea if it matters or not, but I'm planning on waiting until the mystery of the final tiers is revealed, just in case
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    Me thinks you have been drinking too much Southern Comfort 😛 please don't drive 🙃
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    Very fluent Mark - very impressive work - never apologise for the squeaks, they're as much a part of the performance as the notes. 😉 Loved it. Andy
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    boy you guys are gonna get me mind right soon.thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
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    Scaler 2 is only a few bucks more when its on sale. And it's alot more useable than folders full of chords you can get for free.
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    Really fantastic! Great playing!
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    Mr. quick draw Larry. You just beat me too it 😆
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    Free with $198 purchase https://8dio.com/
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    Just listened to Westwood's new untamed violin. It sounds pretty upfront to me. Lots of stuff there I wouldn't use, but it seems pretty raw to me, which is good.
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    She Wants Revenge - Rachael
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    I wasn't a fan of the arturia "sound" in the early days, but the last few rounds have really improved things to my ear.
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    50% off Audiority Harmonic Maximizer, now $18.90 with code GROUP at JRR https://www.jrrshop.com/audiority-harmonic-maximizer
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    I already hinted at @Peter - IK Multimedia to ask the high-ups to create some GB freebie packs out of the Amptlitube Customs shop stuff that is not available as a pick. Alas, no reply as of yet.
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    What i would do is uncompress every file to folders of my choice and use those files. Then move the original compressed files, the whole pack, to a backup harddisk. If something goes wrong you can always go back to the backup, move it back, and start over again.
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    That's a bit pricey for just 30MB/20MB. If you can get AT&T's fiber optic in your area, you can get 1GB upload/1GB download (in actuality, about 900MB up & down) and I pay $100 for that. Only thing is, it's not always available in all areas.
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    I have assistant, tried it and it worked for me. I created an instrument track and dragged the audio from a guitar track to it. Melodyne converted it to midi notes. I used the Polyphonic decay algo. The results were rather poor though. It probably depends on how complicated the guitar track is.
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    As a couple of you know, I just lost 1.3 TB off a 3 TB drive. I've used Carbonite for years (decades?), NO MORE!!! It took over 37 DAYS to restore that 1.3 TB's and... once I had it all back, the 10 TB drive I had restored to broke its connector (it's basically useless now - I'm trying to decide what to do). Carbonite wouldn't send me a disk and their download rate caps at a ridiculous 1.5 GB PER HOUR!!! I'm now using BackBlaze. It's cheaper, has unlimited storage, AND will use as much bandwidth that you can throw at it! Just use a NAS attached to your computer and BackBlaze will not only back up every drive IN your computer, but those attached EXTERNALLY to your computer!
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    I can transfer my Axe IO but not the AT5 that was bundled with it as a separate but I you would think that transferring the Axe IO would include the AT5 that came with it. Thanks for the tip on clicking on the serials button to see the transfer button
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    The plug-in menu highlight is a regression error. It should look like it does in 2021.06. Expect this to get addressed before the final release.
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    I know I've asked about this feature of Cakewalk many times, and nobody's ever given me an answer about why it happens. The documentation says that it will happen but doesn't say why. I am willing to spot that for someone, it may be a cherished part of their workflow, but for me it's just frustrating: It is what I see every time I record in Loop mode. All previous takes get cut into spurious clips the same length as the final take. (Don't worry about the takes being in a different order in the two tracks, that's odd but not as bothersome) I learned years ago that I can repair (heal) the clips by swiping the Comp tool across them, but I'd rather not have to every time. Whenever one takes an editing tool to a clip, one runs a risk, however small, of unforeseen consequences. Especially if one is taking the tool to grouped clips across multiple tracks. All I want is a way to turn it off before it happens. It's fine if it stays default behavior, I can go to Preferences, edit an .INI file, edit the registry, whatever it takes. I just don't want Cakewalk making edits for me when I didn't ask it to, when I don't want it to.
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    This question is unfair to those whose stomach is so large that their hands don't touch. 😜
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    Good luck Sheens If your in the mood a little old school inspiration about doors opening and closing . https://quotes.yourdictionary.com/articles/who-said-when-one-door-closes-another-opens.html Other than that stay away from gigs driving people around in your own car Drivers are always hoping to get her This is who they actually got instead Woof Woof Kenny
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    When I add a new track, folder, or bus, the first thing I want to do is give it a name. I imagine that I'm not the only one who does this. My suggestion is that when a new track, bus, or (especially) folder is created, focus should immediately shift to the name field. As it is, when creating new ones, they are given generic names, which is fine, and if it worked the way I suggest, all we would have to do to keep it or defer renaming would be to hit Enter. Before any olde tymers raise protest, as with all behavior changes, this would be made a Preferences setting.
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