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    Get DIONYSUS Acoustic Piano by MUZE for FREE via APD until June 4th. Full Kontakt required. 6 Gb Download https://audioplugin.deals/apd-exclusive-dionysus-acoustic-piano-by-muze-free-download/ref/21/
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    Hey all, I stumbled, or rather re-stumbled across the old Synth 1. HOWEVER, it has been reworked as a 64 bit and has better effects, etc., and can be downloaded here: Synth1 - Daichi Laboratory https://daichilab.com/synth1/ AND, there is a place where you can subscribe and get access to 25,000 presets: 25,000 Synth 1 Presets: A Treat to all Music Producers | Techno Addicts Blog (techno-addicts.com) https://www.techno-addicts.com/uncategorized/25000-synth-1-presets Direct link for those who don't want to subscribe here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/si3klmmxeshy2ce/25%2C000_Synth1_Presets_%28UPDATED_2020_Download%29_%281%29.rar/file AND, there is a librarian that can work with the presets in a wonderful way: Downloads – Neutrino Sky https://neutrinosky.com/downloads/ These presets are really wonderful and easily hold their own against plenty of high caliber commercial plugins. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!
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    For $199.99 I think the IK ones will do just fine...
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    Does it need internet to accept cookies?
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    I have been using the WWW and email for 25 years and I have never expected more privacy from it than I would from sending a postcard. People use Chrome and Firefox and GMail for banking, medical information, personal communication, storing passwords, personal correspondence, online purchases with credit cards, everything. They have mailboxes in front of their houses where all their bills (and maybe even still, some personal correspondence) are delivered and sit unprotected for hours. And some of them are worried that a music loving businessman from a wealthy family in Singapore wants to rig an easily detectable trojan in the audio production software his company distributes to increase goodwill and awareness of his brand. One that pops up and lets you know it's connecting. Once detected (by readily available network traffic analyzers), this trojan would make industry pariahs (if not convicted criminals) of everyone involved in creating the software. What, really, is the likelihood of that scenario happening? Perhaps more realistically, they have a problem with his company knowing how much or little or how often they use the software. I will say myself that just as I don't care that Google or Firefox know how much and how often I use their software (and best believe, that is tracked not only by them but every website we visit makes a note of what browser we use), I don't care that once every few months, the company that makes my 100% free DAW software wants to check to see whether I'm using the latest version. Do people believe that paying for software magically grants them immunity from information gathering? Most of the payware programs I use phone home way more often than Cakewalk. The people that rely on making money from their users are quite interested in how they might get more money by selling them other products, or making their current products more desirable. For anyone who thinks that just because it's not telling you that it's phoning home, it isn't, it's quite easy to check on what a program is doing when it starts up. Run Task Manager, click on the Performance tab, then down at the bottom click on Resource Monitor. In Resource Monitor, click on Network. Start your program and observe the connections it makes. I just tried it with Reason Lite and it has a constant connection nailed up. You can even tick the box next to the name of the executable and it will filter only traffic to and from that program. Reason phoned home when I closed it, too. I wonder what else we can learn. Oh, fun, I just tried it with REAPER and guess what? Not one but two network connections appeared. Naughty naughty REAPER, you have them convinced that you don't do that sort of thing! WavesLocalServer is a chatty baby, too. Oh, Melodyne, you little tattletale, what are you saying to the servers back home? ACID Music Studio, I'm gonna have to drop you (ha ha) if you keep talking to the MAGIX server. 4 connections! iZotope RX7 Editor, say it ain't so. Now iZotope know that I was probably altering human speech with their program (which I got for free, so, figures). Vegas Movie Studio, you're showing me a pop-up ad for your next version. I guess it's time to dust off the ol' Portastudio....
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    I was thinking the exact same thing but didn't know if the humor would appropriate. But thinking about it I'm sure he'd laugh and say he planned it just to get the final laugh in. There isn't a single person on these forums that could say an ill word about him. I imagine it was that way for those who knew him in person too. He came across as one of the kindest and caring people I've ever encountered online and that can't be faked. R.I.P. Bill.
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    Cakewalk doesn't need to steal your music, we have record companies for that
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    All their products have just updated again. Check and see if this fixes any issues.
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    NBA 2K21 is free till May 27 at Epic Games More details here
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    Lucky you! At least you don't need to sign in to your Whirlpool account just to get the door open.
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    One does not invite the king. The king is like the Dude. The king abides.
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    My REAPER does not. Have you disabled daily check for new version? Try to start it second time then. BTW Cockos has no "user login". And you can run it on any computer, even if you have never run it there before nor currently has valid license. But better put it with license, accomplished with free or USB based authorization plug-ins on any USB stick, and you know you have working on any computer DAW. Yes, the choice of plug-ins will be limited, but at least you will be able to do basic tasks. My Cakewalk talks to github, cloudfront and ms azure. On every startup. I still remember I had Z3TA2 and for some reasons decided to put on backup stick "new" version. Unlike the rest on the stick (including Sonar X3), I could no longer install it. And there was no Internet... I was extremely emotional... Almost at the same level as later, when Pace servers was down whole day long and I had cloud license I wanted to use... Platinum reverted to demo during tutorial recording... etc. Well, I see no problem when something call home without glitches and in case I understand why (better with an option to turn that off, at least for a while). But if I can avoid that, without inconvenience for myself, I do.
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    Mine isn't. nor my TV. And I don't own and have never owned a cell phone. A Luddite? Absolutely. Regardless of the age I live in, I still have choices. I also have the right to voice my opinion, despite being ridiculed for it. It's the age we're lining in.
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    there were some but they died off. now, it's just easier to wait hours or days frantically waiting for an answer from a posting (typically titled as "HELP! I NEED TO MAKE 473 TRACKS ON MY LAPTOP WORK BY TOMORROW??!!!") on a web forum rather than look to see if it was in the manual (also online, or offline for the paranoid) and thus answerable in minutes...
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    Actually, Mixcraft Home Studio is limited to 16 tracks. The difference between Recording Studio and Pro Studio is similar to the difference between SONAR Professional and SONAR Platinum: same program but the higher end one comes with more bundled software, including licenses for Melodyne Essentials and Pianissimo. A couple of times a year they have big discounts on upgrade licenses, so a Home Studio license for a buck ain't a bad thing to have kicking around either. Mixcraft is a really nice program, anyone familiar with Cakewalk will have an easy time jumping right in. It's frugal with resources, and it's very stable. I was active on their beta team for a few years and it was pretty hard to find defects.
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    This is the first of something that we hope to do every other week. It was put together by Samuel Törnqvist, a Swedish composer, and Simeon and I found out about it through VI:Control. I don't know about you, but I work all by myself in front of the computer. So I don't just come here to find out about deals. It's very nice to be in touch with people who share my interest. So it was nice to hear during this podcast about how the other people got involved with music and using virtual instruments. And a particular honor to get to know Simeon a little bit, because I'm a superfan. It's pretty long, but if you have some time, check it out. 😀 (FYI, I designed the logo.)
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    If you are that paranoid and mistrustful of software its on you to enforce your requirements, not the companies making the software. Its simple to set up a firewall block that prevents internet access to a specific program. Learn how to do that.
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    With a gui like this , they should pay us to use it .... lol
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    $9 https://www.audioollie.com/taste-multi-pack
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    Another great one is Air Expand. I got it for 10.00 not too long ago. If you wait you will probably be able to get it for that price also. I wish I could use TTS-1. I used it regularly with Sonar, but with CbB it just crashes my system every time. I also have NI Bandstand, an really great midi set, but NI no longer supports it so that 100.00 was wasted except for a few years before they abandoned it. It's true there are many midi sets out there, but there aren't that many really quality ones, like TTS-1, Bandstand or the Roland VSC.
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    A really smart Fridge would refuse to open once you hit 20 lbs. overweight.
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    We didn't have any kids, just cats, and while talkative, they did not require cell phones. They didn't need them as they could read our minds anyway.
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    Ha, my purchase must have woken up someone at the other end. I almost feel guilty. Almost...
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    The Knaves shall pay dearly!
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    Yes it ends.....when they pull the sheet over your head...
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    Rub it in, why don't ya! 😆
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    Sure it does - wait long enough and those points will expire...
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    They just did me a good favor. i bought the v5 upgrade from editor v4 and they supplied me with an upgrade to v4 to fill my needs trapped at win8.1 while also giving me a future upgrade to v5 if I can ever use it. I’m a happy camper. I do a lot of multi voice harmonies so the studio's option for multiple tracks simultaneously in a single view seems so very inviting.
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    I downloaded it and played it a few minutes. It isn't bad.
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    If you wait, there will be a popup for 30% off coupon for his "spring sale". The code is not universal as far as I can tell by the string.
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    This price is what I’d pay for anything Muze.
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    If they are willing to price match IK, I am in. Would even pay a 30% premium to not have to deal with the IK multimedia installers.
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    I think they've spent too long developing and need to check on the current prices of many excellent amp sims...
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    UVI has just made 3.0.21 available for Windows as well in UVI Portal. I can't find any release notes, but one thing that I'm sure of is that a bug in the Windows version of 3.0.20 has been fixed. Each time you changed presets in UVI Workstation 3.0.20 there was a pretty annoying Windows system message sound being heard. I just downloaded and installed 3.0.21 and the annoying sound is definitely no more.
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    Yeah, pretty, pretty good.
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    For only $47 (normally $59), get the just-released Chordjam, an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomisation by Audiomodern! Create unique and complex chord structures and infinitely evolving progressions. Chordjam is the ultimate real-time compositional assistant for Mac, PC and iPad. Available as VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone & for iOS This is a limited time offer, don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/chordjam-by-audiomodern/ Offer expires on June 2nd, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Generate Random Chords Trigger New Chords with Every Note Played Unique Voicing Parameters Intelligent Sequencer Engine Arp Mode Chord Progression & Pattern Presets Generate Infinite Chord Patterns & Progressions Everything is Synced to your Host tempo Drag MIDI Chord Drag MIDI pattern Pads Section for Musical PerformanceQuick Load preset Section Choose Quantization settings Shuffle & Shift Mode Advanced Infinity Mode Set Sequence range & Motion Settings Set Range for Transposition, Time-Delay and Velocity Save & Load your own patterns Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor No Two Chords will Ever be the Same Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety
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    Solid ,so solid one ....
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    Always FREE https://www.audiothing.net/effects/blindfold-eq/
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    (Dylan cover, had to get rid of the highway reference before steve wakes up) Emma Swift - Visions of Johanna (LIVE) with Robyn Hitchcock
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    Bob Dylan and Susan Tedeschi Highway 61 Revisited
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    Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio is basically the v9 version of Mixcraft 8 Home Studio... not to be confused with Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio which is their full version (which ISN'T in the bundle). The main differences between v8 & v9 are here: https://acoustica.com/mixcraft/new-in-9
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    All Moog apps for iOS are free. And they work on your Mac. Get them while they’re hot.
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    OK, good, you didn't ask for the short version. There isn't one. But I'll do my best to give you the medium version. When a piece of hardware such as a disk controller or network adapter wants the CPU's attention, it's usually critical that it gets heard right away, before the data it wants to share is gone. In order to deal with such unscheduled demands, a mechanism called an "interrupt" forces the CPU to stop what it's doing and take note. In other words, the device interrupts the normal chain of events like a crying child tugging at Mom's pant leg. Because interrupts can be, um, disruptive to the overall performance of a computer, the system needs to quickly acknowledge the request and get back to business, deferring whatever the controller wants to do until an appropriate time. That's the "D" part of DPC; "deferred". The interrupt handler is a short piece of software that does only the absolute minimum stuff it needs to do so that the CPU can get back to its regularly scheduled program. But the controller is now happy because it knows it's been acknowledged and will be serviced in short order. (Some device drivers are notorious about not adhering to this rule, in particular gaming video adapters, which is why a dedicated DAW build probably won't have a fancy high-end gaming card.) So when the CPU finally gets around to handling the controller's request, it runs a more involved piece of code called a Deferred Procedure Call. You can look at DPC activity using a tool such as LatencyMon, and you'll be shocked at how much time the CPU spends dealing with them. If the DPCs are well-written and efficient, they won't interfere with your most important task, which of course is audio. Problem is, systems make assumptions about what's important to you and they may not always be right. A good example is network traffic, especially wireless networks. Your network card assumes nothing is more important than network stuff. But of course if you're trying to record or process audio, that would be an incorrect assumption. If a network driver hogs the CPU for too long, your audio interface may not get its own interrupts serviced fast enough. When that happens, your audio interface's data buffers can get starved for data, the interface cannot guarantee continuous audio, and you get dropouts. Brief dropouts sound like clicks or pops; longer dropouts can actually make Cakewalk give up altogether and stop the audio engine - leaving you fuming at Cakewalk even though none of this is your DAW's fault. Since you and I have almost no control over how interrupts and deferred procedure calls are handled, the best we can do is avoid or disable those devices that are the most egregious perpetrators of CPU cycle theft. Top of that list is wi-fi adapters, but they're not the only offenders. Download the tool I linked above and give it a go. It will give you way more information than any musician could reasonably be expected to process, but there is some good advice on the Resplendence website to help you sort it all out. Bottom line is to identify which process is monopolizing the CPU with inefficient DPCs and kill it.
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    Sounds pretty cool. Congratulations, guys! Kind regards, tecknot
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    Or go nuts - feed the output of Riffer into Chordjam and see what comes out 🤪
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    wow! what's scary is i've seen some guitar players with that number of foot pedals at their feet (in like a 4ft x 6ft tray)
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    UPDATE 17-May-2021: Cakewalk 2021.04 Update 1 (build now available We're pleased to announce the 2021.04 release! This release integrates BandLab library access directly within Cakewalk, introduces a new Tempo track and Tempo Inspector, PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier ProChannel module, automation enhancements, Arranger enhancements, lots of other enhancements and optimizations, and over 80 bug fixes, all in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible. Thanks, The Bakers
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