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    I can live without all my Waves plugins. And Slate, PSP, IK Multimedia ..... I can live without *EVERY SINGLE* plugin I own. It would be a so very sad life though.
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    You can now get for free hundreds of free patches on the official Vital forum submitted by users. Each months submissions are rolled into a single file. And there are patchs from Nov '20 to April '21 https://forum.vital.audio/t/may-2021-free-patch-sharing-thread/6730 You will find some duplicates between months. But just show all presets and delete the duplicates. These new files are put in the Vital documents folder and then imported/ converted. You can then delete the file from docs.
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    For those of you asking what my alternatives to Waves are: Vocal Rider: HorNet AutoGain / Melda MAutoVolume R-Bass: Melda MBassador Scheps 73: Analog Obsession BritChannel L2: Melda MUltraMaximizer MV2: Melda MDynamicsMB
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    Wup this, wup that, look I'm not doing it and they can't make me!
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    By now, rest assured those of us using Windows 7 have heard all the arguments posted above by various people. We are completely aware that Windows 7 is EOL. I began preparing for it a few years ago, when it became obvious to me that Microsoft was only interested in monetizing me. I started using Linux for my online "work" (checking the handful of forums I visit each day, and deleting the spam email I get, from people trying to monetize me. There's a reason Microsoft wants you online 100% of the time). Please, keep the sermons to yourselves. We Luddites may not be as stupid as you think. There's a very good chance I will be able to use at least Sonar for the rest of my life. One, I'm just a hobbyist. No pressure to perform or produce. Two, I'm almost 70, and it's likely my rig will continue to work as long as I'm around, and still wanting to do music. Three, I have all the software I am ever likely to need. As for security, as I said, when online I'm on Linux. I keep my music machine offline by default. And I run paid AV on it just in case. And I practice safe habits, which is 90% of security. I don't care what operating system, music software or computer hardware anyone uses. and it continues to baffle me that so many people do seem to care, and rather passionately, that a few people have decided they don't like the direction things are going in. We're not subversives, trying to prevent the relentless march of progress. but we do have the right to voice our opinions, participate in the discussion, etc. Unfortunately, a few here seem to lose it when we do. Quite innocuous remarks elicit multi-paragraph responses with colorful prose, and even name-calling. Kind of resembles religious fanaticism. As if our souls were in mortal danger. Again, WHO CARES? Do what you want. I respect your right to make intelligent decisions about how to make your music. please respect mine. Resist that need to warn me that I am about to fall off a cliff. I assure you I am not.
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    Sorry, didn't know that. Next time I'll use a train to draw an analogy.
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    All Plugins $29.99 Use code YNY23 for extra discount https://everyplugin.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?manufacturer[]=6
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    i ain't buying s*&t form nobody unless it's free from now on. 🙂
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    My go-to-s: Vocal Rider, R-Bass, Scheps 73, Scheps OmniChannel, L2, MV2. I do have alternatives for all of these (except the omnichannel), but in general I find the Waves ones much easier/quicker to use.
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    Imagine you and a friend each have to walk home along a very dangerous route in the city. You both think it's a good idea to hire security guards to walk with you, each from a different company. Your friend has a guard from Company W10. After every journey, he sits down and works out what could have been done to keep your friend safe and gets training every few days to fill in the blanks of his knowledge. It's more work for the guard, but ultimately your friend is much safer and the contract is ongoing too. Meanwhile, you've hired a guard from Company W7. This guard only gets periodic bits of training, so any savvy criminals were able to steal your wallet every now and then until he learned new techniques on how to stop them. Then, the guard stops his training contract so he doesn't learn anything past what he knew a few years ago when the contract expired, while the criminals have moved on to newer and more sophisticated ways of stealing your stuff. Which guard would you prefer to have walk with you through the city?
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    Would you consider a car that requires security related fixes 150 times a year to operate properly SAFE? I wouldn't. I'd rather consider it poorly designed (or made). Windows is like living organism. Just like your body needs antibodies, it needs security updates. Because there are too many attacks outside, that's why they call viruses. More care comes more health. Also your car needs some care by time too. But needs are different. If the company stops updates it means if there are some vulnerabilities, you're taking risk. When company stops updates, that doesn't mean it's perfect, they do it because over time it becomes expensive to continue serving for an old app.
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    Get used to it - happens all the time!
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    I can't help it but "analog emulations" are starting to be like piano libraries.
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    There is one important thing missing in your comparison: The Company W10 leads you on a more dangerous route (you often have to be online and most people do other online stuff on W10), whereas the Company W7 takes a route outside that is almost hazard-free (usually offline). IMO this is a more realistic view of a W7 DAW system, because most of the people still using it for music keep it mostly offline!
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    On the other hand there are not so many developers that force you to the newest OS versions, i.e. if you avoid those ones you still have a lot of choice for music software!
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    This is one of the illusions that many "novelty-fanatics" have! I would say minimum 80-90% of the power of new gear is being eaten by new software (included Windows 10, and CbB). And we are not talking about the time lost to keep the software "new"! Regrettably there are not many software developers like Cockos (Reaper) that cherish the users hardware by producing really efficient software and respecting older systems! Yes, it is very different in that a lot of software has become less professional. If I compare contemporary software (plugins, DAWs and operation systems) with the ones of 10 years ago, then I can't see a lot of real improvements, but I see a lot of trouble for its users (bugs, permanent updates, instability, resource eaters, intrusion by online enforcement, authorization issues by system and hardware changes, ...). But you are right, we can't change the world, thus we have to deal with the future (that's often some kind of past!). For this reason I collect a lot of hassle free music software that does not have too many requirements. The image you paint of the future seems to be very dark! Just look at people using happily 20 year old software today (like old Sonar versions)! Most of this old software is still running perfectly. For emergency I have also 2 old harddisk recorders that are running without doubt and you can still buy similar ones!
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    I hate it when Alcoholics Anonymous Support group blame the Klu Klux for issues with the Natives.
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    The waves plugins I keep going back to are CLA Guitars and Bass https://www.waves.com/bundles/chris-lord-alge-signature-series (these make it very easy for me to conceptualize what I'm doing to the sound of an instrument) Aphex exciter https://www.waves.com/plugins/aphex-vintage-aural-exciter (whenever I hear a track that would benefit from a little added "clarity") Manny Marroquin reverb https://www.waves.com/bundles/manny-marroquin-signature-series (I quite like the MM series approach of "dial what you want and let the plugin pick the HW to emulate based on what you dialed") Yes, there are other plugins that do similar tasks but the ones above are the easiest for me to quickly find the settings that I want without much effort
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    Scotch Bonnet Chilli Peppers doesn't have quite the same ring, does it? Nobody has the same ring after munching your way through a handful of those.
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    Didn't have a single software compatibility issue on my Win7 audio system so far. I'm OK to stay on Win7 "forever", 'cause what I have is more than I need, anyway. My only concern ATM is that it may be hard to find a decent Win7-compatible mainboard once mine is dead. but I'm already working on it.
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    I'd like to stay offline with my music production machine all the time but now, with the new Windows 10 system it's not an option anymore. With their feature updates every 6 months they may eventually break old ways of working for some programs and then the developers have to adjust with their software updates to make things rolling again. So, you either stay offline on an older Windows version and won't be able to update other programs or you risk breaking compatibility - like Cakewalk is constantly being updated and maintained but officially requires the most recent Windows 10 version - or you're spending way too much time updating all your software every week and sometimes fighting issues from it instead of just doing music. Bad choice.
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    If the city was that dangerous I wouldn't walk through it.
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    Particularly interesting given the upgrade policy: https://help.reasonstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021575659-Do-I-get-a-free-Reason-12-Upgrade- If you have bought and registered one of the following products: Reason 11 Reason 11 Upgrade Reason 11 Suite Reason 11 Suite Upgrade Reason 11 Upgrade for Intro/Lite on or after May 1st 2021 you will automatically receive a free (grace-period) Reason 12 Upgrade upon product release date (September 1st 2021).
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    if an operating system requires 150 security fixes yearly (let alone hundreds of other ones) it's quite far from perfection. At least to me. As for system updates - it's an arms race, indeed, and that's a good reason to stay offline with a music production machine, regardless of system used.
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    Tarkovsky (The Second Stop is Jupiter) - Patti Smith
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    YES! It's preventive maintenance. There's no such thing as perfection, but it keeps your system as safe as possible. I'm pleased that they are making such an effort to try to keep ahead of the real problems that Hackers never stop trying to cause. And that's never ending story. Just like a 10 year car that wasn't properly maintained, it becomes more problematic and expensive to keep on the road the a new car.
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    Unfortunately there are. Vocal Rider, Scheps 73, Scheps Parallel Particles are the ones that come to mind.
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    On your Mark, get set, . . .
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    I got it, haven't had a chance to really play it much, but my initial impression is good. At that price I just had to do it--I will def use it in my next composition or two and compare it to two other similar pianos, the Una Corda (which I use a lot now) and Woodchester Piano. And sometimes combining 3-4 pianos as layers seems to work great in a mix, too--Pianoteq, Woodchester, Una Corda, and also Fluffy Audio's Scoring Piano.
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    Would you consider a car that requires security related fixes 150 times a year to operate properly SAFE? I wouldn't. I'd rather consider it poorly designed (or made).
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    I see mr Sica gave Marks comment a thumbs down? you are annoyed that they only ask for a donation?? If you like the software then pay for it, a very simple system. If you don't like it, don't use it. And your asking for help to basically Hack/ Pirate the software which is sort of against the rules here. This thread reminds me I haven't un packed my Yamaha DTX kit since I moved 2 years ago! For sure you can trigger any VST even pianos if you wanna be weird. But make sure you bypass all audio effect to bring your midi latency down. I found I played better if I monitored the Brain while recording as there is no latency at all that way.
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    Um.... That's why W10 is more secure: they're still issuing security updates.
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    If Win 10 is more secure than their previous systems (Win7 for that matter), then take a look here: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=windows+security+update+windows+10 and ask yourself why Microsoft already had to release several hundreds security updates for it, and still releases about two dozens every month.
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    Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open:
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    Using the phrase "You make a better Door than a window!"
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    George Formby - When I'm Cleaning Windows
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    Dear TH-U user, In the constant effort to always guarantee the highest quality of our products with the best price to performance ratio on the market, we are on the eve of a new step forward in the development of TH-U. We are proud to introduce TH-U Premium, the most advanced version of TH-U that includes all of the current components and features of TH-U Full, and also supports expansion with future models, libraries and add-ons, both free and paid. We are automatically upgrading all TH-U Full licenses to TH-U Premium for free. To celebrate this news, we’re happy to announce that our revolutionary new SuperCabinet module will be included in TH-U Premium at no additional cost to all TH-U Full users. The SuperCabinet is powered by Overloud’s Fluid Convolution technology, which allows you to easily swap speakers to build your own custom cabinets, in addition to choosing from a huge selection microphones and positioning them to create your own trademark sound. Stay tuned for more details about the SuperCabinet! While the name has changed, rest-assured that TH-U Premium is the same as TH-U Full in every way, only better! Thank you as always for your support and we look forward to hearing more of your amazing guitar tones as Overloud's TH-U universe continues to evolve and expand. There is no action needed on your side. You will find the new features into TH-U as soon as we release them in the next days. Best Regards, Overloud
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    Move to WHERE? Linux? That's an enormous step BACKWARDS. To be perfectly realistic, there are really only 2 really good choices for solid performing DAWs... Windows 10 or Apple OS-X? As far as I can see that's the only realistic answer/choices to your $64K question😂. Do you have any idea how much a decent Mac recording rig costs that can hold a candle to a Windows10 Cakewalk computer workstation? And what are the costs suffered by "the learning curve of using an entirely different OS"? But let's forget learning curves and money, considering updates to Win 10 from Win 7 are remarkably small learning curve as their GUI's are very close to each othe,r and updating to Cakewalk are both FREE. ( and yes you can still update from Win 7 to Win 10 for free). If you get angry with you "freedom of choices" and forced updates from Microsoft, you're guaranteed a miserable life of LIVIDITY moving on to Apple. You only have one choice to run new software on an outdated version of OS-X. And that choice is YOU CAN'T. Apple won't let you. Nor can you choose to run and old trusty beloved antiquated Firewire 400 audio interface that you love so much you want to be buried with on a modern Mac because the answer is simple as YOU CAN'T. Why? because Apple won't LET YOU! I personally know this to be true because I have 2 rather pricy Firewire 400 audio interfaces that were turned into paperweights because of this. My MOTU 8 and an AVID M box Pro. Both tested and work well on a Windows machine running ASIO drivers, just not as speedy as ANY USB 2 audio interfaces. And speaking of drivers, Apple doesn't support ASIO driver, they only support their Core Audio drivers. Windows 7 may not support the Windows 10 dramatically improved WDDM drivers, but it still supports ASIO drivers. I'm not even sure if Win 7 even supports the radically improved wonders of ARA and VST 3 technology at all? I'm not sure about that, but I don't really care. But I am sure about the fact that Win 10 is SO MUCH BETTER, FASTER, SMARTER (due to telemetry), maintenance free, and secure then Win 7 across the board that I don't have to because I no linger have to worry about these and so many others things anymore. With all due respect my friend there was a time when luddites said that about electricity. They argued; "Why do we a light bulb when a kerosene lantern can burn so much more brightly?" But the world kept on turning as electricity came to pass, and people would evolve and realize how much better the electric light bulb was and how much better, cleaner, healthier, and so much less expensive their homes were to live in, and as a result, they managed to save up enough money to by more freedom, as in, in the shape of a new Ford, a.k.a an automobile. But the luddites argued; "Why would you need an automobile when a horse and buggy is so much better? Can an automobile be your friend or find it's way home if you get lost?" But the world kept on turning as mass manufacturing progressed and as the people came to realize that even though a Ford isn't necessarily loving friend, it wouldn't get angry bite you if it thought you were ignoring it and getting a little too slow providing scheduled meals. But a Ford doesn't care how much food is in it's belly and it doesn't have to be fed every day whether you use it or not. The only thing a Ford will do to you to get even is leave you stranded on the road if you forget to feed it, but who's fault is that? And so naturally progression took it's course, and people started to realize that there was nothing inherently evil about automobiles. And as such, saved up enough money to replace their aging local telegraph operator service with a telephone in their own home. Of course what with being a luddite and all, their aging local telegraph operator didn't appreciate this act of treason as much as those committing it, but........... Well your local landline telecommunications providers don't really have any more appreciation for cellular service providers then your broadcast media providers do for the Internet, now do they? But tough tutties for the luddites, because you can't stop the world from turning and evolving, and without evolution there would be no progress, and if the luddites had their way we wouldn't be here right now because we would not only have "None of these things." and it would be a never ending and ultimately improbable chore to try and get the smell of kerosene out of our hair and clothes. And so as the story goes... Windows 7 was freak'in AWESOME for it's decade, but it's decade has PASSED and now it's as silly and dangerous as using kerosene lanterns because both pose extreme security risks.. Windows 7 was never intended to be a life long friend, and now, it not only holds you back from progressing, your standing on shaky, unstable grounds as the world continues to turn and evolve, you are one update away from blowing up and nuking you entire computer and taking Cakewalk by Bandlab with it.. And if that's not DANGEROUS I don't know what is!
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    I recognize more and more professional producers get to know cakewalk, use it and share tutorials on YT. You may find a new guy nearly every week, e.g. this real good one: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pvtchrislee07
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    When I worked with Gibson, I had access to MI Sales Trak, which showed what software was selling at retail. It didn't give total/cumulative numbers, but monthly sales figures. It would have been a major faux pas to reveal any of that data, but suffice it to say there was a period of time where Cakewalk was doing quite well. These days, the data is not as relevant since so much software is sold online. As to Sound on Sound, they stopped running my column because they had done a reader survey, which showed Cakewalk users were a small percentage of their readership. Magazine space is a finite resource, so Cakewalk was dropped. Another magazine said they were interested in my doing Cakewalk-related articles, and I proposed doing either text, videos, or some combination thereof - whatever worked for them. They said in early March they'd get back to me ASAP, but I never heard back. I also checked whether BandLab would be interested in selling my over 400-page eBook of Cakewalk tips, but there wasn't any interest there, either. So I've given up on trying to spread the word through other outlets. When I have something Cakewalk-related that's worth posting, I put it on craiganderton.org. There are currently four Cakewalk-specific articles, but also, several more general articles based on Cakewalk (e.g., about ripple editing, loops, etc.). Unfortunately, the Cakewalk-specific articles are close to the bottom of the most-read list, which doesn't give me a lot of incentive to write more, especially because I can't monetize the time put into them (the site is free). The irony, of course, is that Cakewalk is better than it's ever been. If it ever deserved attention, it would be now.
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    Yep, I reckon this is a big part of it all. Mac has been so ingrained in the industry, the old myths about "you can't do music production work on a PC" is still being tossed around 25 years later. The amount of times that I've posted (for example) "my hard drive has finally given out" and I've been met with the "mate, get a Mac!" "Why? The hard drive would have died on a Mac too, why switch platforms?" ".... because.... .... uhhh ... Get a Mac!" conversation is staggering. I'm not anti-Mac by any stretch but my preferred platform is PC and I've found it every bit as stable if you choose the hardware well. As for professional, just from my own experience alone, the last 2 albums we've released have hit the top10 on the Aus ARIA charts, and the last one hit #1 on the indie label charts, all done entirely in Cakewalk, and I've worked exclusively on PC for the last couple of decades doing work for clients around the world. Not once has a client received a file from me and gone "what kind of computer did you record this on?" It's entirely a non-thing, except for the people believing the myth. Could CbB stand to have a couple of features from "pro" DAWs? Absolutely. Does CbB also have a crap-tonne of features they don't have? Definitely. And you can absolutely do professional, world-class work in CbB. That's all I care about.
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    Yes - make a donation to the developer, and he'll send you a registration key to permanently bypass this.
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    Here's a song that I made. It's an electronic song that took me about a combined total of 3 hours. I would appreciate any tips on my music production skills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V11_qX2RYc
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    this was very well done!!!
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    I somehow misread the sale and thought 50% off landed at $99. Was happy to see it at $50 and purchased last night.
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