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    I held out until this morning! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Will make a perfect stablemate for my IK, Waves and PA versions.🤪
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    DAMMIT. $49 gone. What does a compressor do again?
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    I spend way too much time dragging the scroll bars around in the Piano Roll just trying to find the notes I want to edit. It would be great to have a command that would adjust the horizontal and vertical zoom so that all the MIDI note information of the currently selected track were visible (or at least centered) in the window. We have a couple of commands in the Track View that work great for this, I'd like to have something similar for the Piano Roll. (I know that there is already a command in the PRV menu named "Fit MIDI content." The times I tried it, it seemed to function similarly to the shuffling algorithm in Minesweeper. I don't mind if this command stays for backward compatibility, although I seldom have use for it myself.)
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    The best Bandlab videos are Why pay for them?
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    That's always been my story, and I'm stickin' to it! t Boy did I get lucky! Deals over, saved me $50...
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    Just chiming in to say that although this may be glib hucksterism, I really do appreciate and learn from Huart's mixing vids on YouTube. He makes things easy to digest.
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    Great. 10,000 more new users who are sure, on day one, that they've found a bug everyone else has missed.
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    In the Key Bindings function, you can define the "Open Soft Synth on Current Track" shortcut key. Whether it is in the Track View or Console View window, you can open the Synthesizer GUI smoothly.
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    these are not plugins but plugs, close enough?
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    It is indeed the best FREE DAW...however those of us who had Platinum really lost about $500 on the deal...for our Lifetime updates...but I guess, in a roundabout kind of way, we're still getting those updates! Perspective!
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    Couldn't hold out LAGinz? We all fight this battle and loose.
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    Like their HD, I bet you that you'll still have to download the whole thing anyway.
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    6. Can Everton hold on to their half time lead against the Red Shite?
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    Typical... Not a female in sight...
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    Just for the sake of accuracy... The Retrologue, Padshop, and Halion SE plug-ins that come with Cubase Pro do load into other hosts. [Edit] And Spectralayers loads to in ARA-compatible hosts. PreSonus Hub works with some of their plug-ins, not all of them. (BTW I'm very glad that some of the Sonar plug-ins load into other hosts. As just one example, the Vocal Strip remains a fantastic vocal processor.)
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    SPL Passeq The first hardware passive EQ with 3 separate frequency ranges for both boost and cut is available as a1:1 plugin emulation! JUST $39.99 TODAY!* PASSEQ-3999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends February 21, 11:59 PM California Time This is a fixed price offer! The price for this product will not change if you add more plugins to your order. But you will get dynamic discounts of 20-60% on any additional plugins you may purchase. *Local VAT taxes may be added for purchases made in Europe, only if applicable by EU law. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/spl_passeq.html
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    Just to let you know, I did grab it and I was not disappointed. I was considering getting Cinematic Keys instead, but space concerns nudged me into this deal. Great find!
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    Wrong, after using Cakewalk products from PA9 through Platinum (and REAPER) I jumped ship back in 2015 to Studio One and have never looked back. "Why are you here?" - "The deals sir, the deals and only the deals" (the chuckles as well)
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    Even though i purchased my Waves plug ins before they started their massive discount strategy, which means they cost a LOT of money, I have dumped all my Waves stuff as well. I miss just a couple of their plug ins, I think only because I had used them for so long I knew how they operated very well, but apart from those I am glad I did it - so no more WUP for me either!! FREEDOM😄 Now with XLN stuff I do use Keys now and again, but drums - these were my go to drums for years but now they sit there all on their own in the corner - they desperately need an update - the only good thing is that they are not alone in the corner - they have BDF for Company!!!!!! Nigel
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    Telecode, After updating the IK Product Manager to version 1.0.3 and Amplitude to version 5.0.2 , all is working fine on my end., but that's not saying much. 😎
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    The sound difference is awakening based on which plugins you've used. I love the sound these two plugins add to mixes I've substituted previous EQ and bus compressor plugins I had in the mixes before. You can't beat this deal no matter when you decide to use the plugins .
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    Perhaps you should be using separate machines for your DAW and development environment?
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    Just got in on the deal for $49.99 plus tax makes it a nice deal at $52.99 Last day is today, February 19 at Sweetwater
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    FYI: These expansions are FREE for Everything Bundle Users, Here's how our SynthMaster One users can download them inside SynthMaster One: 1. Click on the 'Browse' button to switch to the Preset Browser page 2. Click on the 'KV331Audio Shop' button to switch to the KV331 Audio Shop page 3. Right click on the products list, select "Refresh my licenses" menu. 4. Right click on the products list, select "Restore my expansions" menu, SynthMaster One will start downloading the bank(s)
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    Feature request for a more smoother and controlled scroll, to all "scrolling functions" in Cakewalk. It's impossible to scroll to the next chords or bar in Cakewalk. It's currently doing this extremely aggressively with a step scroll and taking the window to unnecessary empty space in the timeline.
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    He is not only a user but also the president...cakewalk plugins for men (and women since it’s 2021)
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    Run the IK PM to auto update both the PM and Amplitube!
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    All my collaborators are here and 3 of them still use CbB (not that it actually matters when we're only exchanging full length .wav files). This is a great community, always was and always will be imo.
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    In case anyone is hoping for a last ditch chance at these, as of this post, 10:30am EST, it was still up at https://store.solidstatelogic.com because I just bought them...
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    Get 50 Free presets for ADAPTIVERB and their sampled versions (+discount code) at: https://www.spektralisk.com/frozen-drones
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    Can the dead boost the main vocal up a tad? I think you should shine the light on the experimental vocals, there's a lot of coolness going in there! all wookie synths are in excellent spots and are as creative as usual. A pleasure for the ears. Maybe they dance on the ceiling with Lionel Ritchie???
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    You can also use Ctrl ⬆OR⬇ in conjunction with the ⬅➡ Until a dedicated command key get's implemented. A center command key would be great though. For now, this is the fastest workaround for me to navigate in the PRV and had been so for a few years. That scrolling bar movement is too aggressive when zoomed in - Urgh! I sometimes gets lost in my own work when I scroll with the bar. It needs to get smoother.
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    Oh Boy ! ...what a thread ..... T Racks throttles the extra headroom on my machines into the Red ...I play Blues ,Rock and Jazz ...I don't need to be louder than a Heavy Metal Band . Thankfully the Lurssen does not do that over here ... That KRV dude may be hitting the bong super hard if that is happening to him .... With IK I have taken a Rag Tag approach on buying their products ...If it goes on sale and if I think I want ( need ) it I will buy it ... Yeah I bought some Artist and Amp collections ...they are nice ...but as people say ..it don't win me any Jam points or better upgrade pricing ... I haven't done the group buys ,So when I want to buy something ...IK may think I'm gonna pay full price if its not on sale ... Forgetaboutit ...I was fresh off the boat 30 years ago . No Ken Do No Ken Do Kenny
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    If I believed everything that I read on KVR... well nevermind... 😉
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    Well, I went for it. Will I regret it? Maybe... But I haven't bought a new plugin in awhile!
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    Or who can't be bothered to take a look at the documentation for the most basic things. Like how to get sound to come out.
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    And...The IKM doesn't update itself. You have to manually download it and install from the zip. Why do you have a product manager again, IK?
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    Yes, and I'll set the license to expire in 180 days so that I can charge them $10 to renew it! 😁
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    That's a pretty good price, but it was a TOTAL no-brainer $79 bucks around Xmas which is when I picked it up. 🙂
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    In your screen shot I see an instrument track with SI drums and some midi data it looks like it is set properly Your guitar track looks like you are in recording standby but your signal is to hot so your going over turn down the gain on your interface only your interface can adjust recording levels Download the latest ASIO drivers for you interface otherwise your tracks won’t sync up properly There are lots of good tutorials on basic set up of Cakewalk try the ones from Creative Sauce first Not sure which M Box you have but on the support web site looks like last driver update was either 2011 or 2014. So chances are that your going to have issues. Time for a new interface. I have the Fast Track Pro of similar vintage and the drivers won't even load into W10.
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    Please let us know if you isolate it to Ozone so we can follow up. Could it be a gainstaging issue?
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    @AdK Studios I have implemented changes to automation that greatly improve the sample accuracy of plugin envelopes during playback and bounces. The following is new: VST automation rendering now directly handles all the automation curves natively. Irrespective of the setting of AutomationDecimationMsec it is guaranteed to be buffer accurate. For VST3 plugins Cbb sends intra buffer changes to the plugin when automation curves intersect with the buffer. Depending on the plugin this will be sample accurate. AutomationDecimationMsec default has been reduced to a default of 5 msec. The permissible range is now 1-30 msec. For the greatest accuracy you can set it to 1 msec (it will come at a minor CPU cost) These changes should also improve accuracy of automation for DX plugins. VST3 plugins will have the most benefits (with plugins that actually fully support sample accurate VST3 automation). The Plugin in your test project doesn't support sample intra buffer automation so it will only be accurate to the buffer boundaries. Known VST3 plugins that support sample accurate automation are those from Fabfilter. Also the Kilohearts plugins support this. I have tested with a massive audio buffer size of > 300 milliseconds and the plugins still render sample accurate automation. So filter sweeps will sound smooth independent of the buffer size in VST3. Here is a build (updated to build 102) that has these changes. Could you (and anyone who has an interest in testing this) check it out and let me know if it solves the problem. Please report any issues specific to this if you notice anything. Thanks.
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    The easiest way I found to do this in TTS-1 (without a MIDI controller) is to open the EDIT button for the channel you're using (see highlighted button in first pic). This opens the edit window. Then hover your mouse pointer over the name of the preset (see highlighted area in second pic). Now scroll your mousewheel up or down to change through the list of presets. Works best if you have a short midi loop playing continuously while you scroll through.
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