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    Ok, the Bounty for this year... Thanks to the EXTREME KINDNESS of Grem, and a HUGE DOUBLE HEAPING of THANKS to the EXTREME GENEROSITY of many of you here in this forum, this is where my Black Friday landed...and I can tell you, without a question, right now, it has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER, barring NONE! And THAT is SINCERE! Here are the items that were at the TOP of my list: Studio One 5 Upgrade w/FREE Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica - $98 at Best Service (THIS was my only "Must have" BF Item) Virharmonic Choral Bundle $99 ($700 value) (way too good of a deal to pass up!) SoundIron Insane Bundle $99 minus $10 coupon = $89 ($650 Value) at APD (way too good of a deal to pass up!) The Rest of These are all "Icing on the Cake-walk" (see what I did there?) Loom II $1.59 at Best Service Corel Video Studio Ulimate 2020 $26.49 75% off at Corel Synthmaster Player $5 at Plugin Boutique (already had the free version but it wasn't good for upgrades) Rigid Audio Loops Bundle - $6 at Plugin Boutique (had Rewards) Rigid Audio Drums and Wavetables Bundle - $15 at Rigid Audio SoundSpot Evade for $3 at Plugin Boutique Black Friday Items Received for Free There was a plethora of Free Stuff this year, and we're quite fortunate about that! Free Udemy Course - Music Composition - Guidelines for a Professional Sound IK T-Racks EQual FREE from Bedroom Producers Blog Preparato Piano LIte FREE CLA Echosphere from Waves FREE Slate Fresh Air from Slate Digital FREE Slate FG-2A from Slate Digital FREE (AA) Synare From Mars from Sounds from Mars FREE Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Synth FREE D16 Drumazon FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase Eventide Quadrovox FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase Master the Mix Animate FREE from Plugin Boutique w/purchase Cymatics Memories FREE w/ a lot of other freebies Noizefield Warrior FREE from Noizefield And all of that is FAR MORE than I ever imagined I'd be able to get! And, from henceforth, unless it's FREE, I ain't gettin' it! This party is over, and it was a GOOD ONE!!! And I'll most assuredly enjoy the "Hangover"! Have a LOT to dig into now! And, most importantly, I am TRULY and HONESTLY blessed to dwell here, amongst the giants! So I graciously bow to you all, and am humbled to be able to serve you all in your quest to "make music", Enjoy it, and do it as cheaply as possible, and to be of any help that I can, when I can!!!
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    I pretty much have everything I need (and more). It's unlikely I'll be spending at my past rate for the foreseeable future. 2021 is the year I intend to pay off my interest free debt purchases. But will I leave this place? NOPE!
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    And a VERY special thanks to a very special someone for a very special something...you know who you are!👍
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    PluginFox offers the Omnipressor ($149 value) compressor plugin by Eventide as a free download for a limited time only. https://pluginfox.co/collections/plugins/products/eventide-omnipressor
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    Thank YOU Larry!!!!!!!!!! Now that my wallet is empty, I no longer walk with a limp.
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    I've already added two more freebies...Eventide Omnipressor Mistake Freebie, and the Embertone Ivory Winds Freebie!
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    Love Jamstix - the developer is deathly slow at releasing fixes and updates but he's promised another update before the end of the year ..... edit at that price just get the full package, you'll thank me later - although you'll be too busy dealing with the MASSIVE learning curve
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    Well of all the people that deserve it, you are at the very top of the list. ðŸĨģ
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    You all know where waves is.. kind of saw this coming :). 4 delays and 4 reverbs all CLA setup to feed like he does. You too can be a one plugin to rule them all hero :). 29.99 for Cyber Monday!! https://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-epic P.S yes I broke my no new paid plugins rule for end of year for this one... lol. Tony
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    Run the SAA and select "Labs" then "Not installed" to download or go here https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/guitar-harmonics
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    Found this one that I didn't have.. https://www.embertone.com/instruments/ivorywind.php
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    That's the hangover talking!
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    Word. ðŸĪŠ Is there a code for everyplugin.com? (Yes, I'm asking again on this thread like Fleer is dropping his WUP-hate. I would too, but Fleer is doing a bang-up job!)
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    Boy ya gotta wonder about marketing: We are going to make it more attractive to WUP by giving you a voucher to help defray the cost of WUP'ing! But, you can only use the voucher in certain circumstances so that we don't give you all your money back!!!
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    They have a Buy 2 Get 2 Deal going on too - TODAY ONLY!
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    If you've been enjoying the free version of Jamstix 4 and have been debating stepping up to the full version, this is your time. Jamstix is now on sale with deep discounts. For example, 'Jamstix 4 Studio' is just $99 instead of the normal $249 price. If you already own Jamstix 4, now is the time to get those expansions you've had your eye on. All of them are on sale, Jamcussion is only $29 instead of $69, MetalPak and BonzoPak can be had for $19 each instead of $49 and the big MiniPak bundle, which is already a great deal at $59, is on sale for just $39. The sale ends on December 31st. Secure Online Shop Please note that the macOS version is still in Beta. We recommend that you delay any purchase for macOS until the official release is out. There will be similar discounts available at that time so you are not losing out on the holiday sale.
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    You're really just asking for someone to post this, aren't you? 😜
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    Summary of the things that RR is trying a bit too hard to sell now....... UJAM. 😀
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    For people who just need the non-orchestral samples ST4 is more than enough. The sounds are actually pretty good. The issue I have is that the software is not set up great for browsing and finding the sounds. The folder view is not as good as the docked browser in ST3 (which works like the Kontakt Browser). You're constantly having to jump between screens. With ST3, setting up multis, etc. is far quicker. For Orchestral Libraries, you can easily just buy something else and it isn't really much of a loss. The other stuff in TSM2/ST4M easily is worth the price you pay for it (esp. during these promotional periods). You can just ignore the Philharmonik 2 stuff 😉 Beyond that, no, you don't need to supplement SampleTank with stuff like Addictive Keys, etc. unless you simply prefer the character of one of those instruments. It comes with everything you need to make music. That's the biggest selling point of the package - similar to NI Komplete. Once you get it, you can [largely] stop wasting time looking at other stuff.
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    what about those new ToonTrack products that are in the pipeline ?
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    I spent 100 bucks this month but the only BF sales I got were the ARC3 upgrade and the Hypersynth editor. I don't know if that means I have become wiser or poorer. Probably both 🙂 Wedge Force Matcha - $25 with my monthly PA coupon Cherry Audio CA2600 - $21 IK Multimedia ARC3 upgrade - $40 Hypersynth Alesis Ion Editor - $19 Eventide H9 Plugin Collection - FREE!!! (as I own an H9 Max pedal)
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    I got my Serial # email....so was one of the lucky one's I guess!
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    The library requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. https://wavelet-audio.com/trailer-ambient-tools/
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    My list is long so I have categorized it 1) The "I prepared this wants list before BF" XLN XO (audiodeluxe had the best deal after considering bucks) Spectralayers upg to 7 (from Steinberg) Soundforge 13 (I was waiting to see what Magix would offer, in the end their deals weren't interesting enough so I got the "cclarry special") Audiority Echoes T7E (from pluginboutique) 2) The "I would have bought them anyway sooner or later" AAS Chromaphone 3 (from dontcrack) Virtual Bassist upgrade to v2 (from JRRShop, I thought it was a 3-to-3 upgrade and I got the very pleasant surprise that it was 3-to-4) Orb Producer Suite DDMF LP10 (from JRRShop, nice to see them there, DDMF has some really useful plugins) Harrison AVA bundle 3) The "maybe I should stop subscribing to deals emails and reading this forum" Samples From Mars complete bundle Virharmonic Choral bundle OpZilla Sampletekk pianos, organs & flutes (various purchases, from APD & Sampletekk directly) Gain Match Ina GRM Creative bundle 4) The "Freebies, which I would have missed if not for this forum and the deals emails" CLA Echosphere Surrealistic MG-1 Quadravox Animate NOS Audio Roomer Slate Fresh Air Shortnoise 1 RA Granulat Audiothing SR-88 Sonixinema Medicine man One Man Tribe HandPan Entertaining mp3 song from ZincT 5) The "they were on my list but I already spent too much, I'll leave them for some other time" Magix upgrades (Acid, Vegas, Samplitude) Arturia V Collection upg and FX Collection crossgrade Cherry Year One collection Reason upgrade Presonus Upgrade Realivox
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    But two plugins and get 2 free of equal or lesser value from THIS list https://www.waves.com/free-plugins-cyber-monday-2020 http://everyplugin.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result?manufacturer[]=6
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    German version is out, English is usually a few days later. https://www.falkemedia-shop.de/search?p=1&q=beat&o=1&n=12
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    FREE - just sign up to their mailing list https://neovst.com/piano-one/
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    Yeah right like that is going to happen with us.
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    I've been using it for a few years, and honestly still don't feel like I have any idea what I'm doing. But even still, would not want to live without it. I get a good amount of use from Jamcussion too which I didn't pickup for at least a year or two after I purchased the inital XXL Package. I own it all now, including the minipacks Another thing of note, I initially only used the Brain to drive other drum software, but after I had to download everything (if you want Jamcussion to work, you have no option), I found the main drum sets to also be usable with some post processing. Not saying the are the best, but better that a lot of people give them credit for.
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    They must use really bright monitors in a very dark environment!!
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    the contrast is terrible - that seems like a really easy fix. When I first got it I emailed support because I thought it was a bug....apparently not - they like it like that ?
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    This is the funny thing about coming from the old 8 track days as I still tend to think of my projects as only needing very few tracks to sound good. It scares me to death to read about folks who have 120 tracks on a rock and roll song! At most I think my highest track counts are 20 and a lot of that is midi most times. If it's real drums that adds 6 tracks right there, but most of those are still well under 20. I'm big on not keeping bad takes. I delete whole tracks if I make more than a few mistakes. I tend to play through the song, delete, re take, delete and over and over until the entire track is right. You play the track better and better each time anyways. If I suck that bad I give up and leave it for a better day or come up with a part I can actually play I do this for everything including midi parts. There's no bad takes lurking in my audio folders.. About the only thing I use a extra tracks on is guitar. Bass is always 1. Vocals will have 1 lead track and then 1 harmony track. I use take lanes sometimes but mostly I do the big delete as I work my way through in segments. I like my vocals to be in sort clips. This is also handy if you find a clunker and resort to Melodyne. Melodyne loves short clips. I like to have about 5 or 6 busses, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and midi, and Vocals. Then usually 2 effects busses. Reverb, Delay.
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    Oh you won't have to leave, You'll be banned! Pull it together man. 😆 Rocky
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    I moved closer to Melda everything by getting the MMixing Bundle for $132. Part of me thinks I shouldn't have bought it but it is a one time purchase and no WUP or having to pay for upgrades.
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    Ed, thanks for creating that site when you did. It was a time of need, and you rose to the occasion with more than just words and hand wringing. I believe I had the temerity to post the very first song? I can't remember, but it was an intentional sonic dumpster fire, and you understood its humor value . . . so thank you for that as well. RIP and to the Great Beyond.
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    I think the upgrade is $99...but can't swear to it... You'll be better waiting until Class A makes it to the $29.99 (or even $14.99 with voucher) market
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    Offhand, here's what I recall purchasing this weekend: - Beautiful Void Audio - A synth library, I forgot the name - IamLamprey - Some really cool sample libraries from a very creative independent developer - Izotope Excalibur - multi-effect - Frozen Plain Artic Strings - SampleTekk - various upgrades to my old piano libraries and a couple of new pianos - Sample Fuel - various synth libraries - Sospiro Strings Ben Osterhouse - maybe the best deal of all this year. A beautiful KONTAKT sample library featuring bass, cello, viola and violin for under $35 USD. - Sound Dust Flutter Dust - Splash Sound upright piano library - Synthmaster One - Miscellaneous small libraries and synth patches from independent developers at Loot Audio and elsewhere Not for me, but I bought my teenage son a gaming PC, which I'm also going to install Cakewalk, Reason Lite (which I picked up at Plugin Boutique for free, and various VSTs and sample libraries for him when it gets here tomorrow. I'm contemplating whether or not to upgrade to the latest versions of Melodyne Studio and Studio One Pro (opinions of users is welcomed).
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    I read "WaveWorm" and thought: "Wow, that's a really cool name for a plugin. I wonder what it does?"
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    Alright, thanks- it's the price of impulse buying.
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    ðŸĪĢ Oh boy ! that ain't the half of it .....according to him , he gets upset if I'm on the computer for to long ......no problem lets jump on top of Kenny and knock him off the chair . Kenny
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    It's the contrast between the controls and the background (or lack of) that is the main problem IMO. ST3 is better in that respect, although still somewhat lacking in the looks department.
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    The Youngbloods - Darkness Darkness:
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