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    With all these deals & freebies, especially sample packs - Where do you store them? At Bapu's house...
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    Here's a new VST instrument based on that router ! Kenny
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    I guess I bought the Orange Rockergain amp for $29. I guess that's what happened.
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    Mark, that was..beautiful. I don't have any suggestions for you except maybe post some more like this one.
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    In my opinion the best there is. I think they may have made a mistake with the Kerry King model by using the term 'Thrash Metal' with it often, it is much more than that. Just de-beastify it and it becomes a much more versatile beast. The plexi is heaven on a stick, they are all very very good, just depends what you are after I suppose.
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    Here's the last song in my "hold" file to finish up. It's time to turn my pc off and my pa on and start writing . Pretty laid back jazz blues style song . I like working in Maj 7. I'm not really sure about a lot of it though, any suggestions would be great. Thanks .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/the-blues
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    Hey everyone, I'd like to share with you my new piano-orchestral composition In the City of Hope: https://soundcloud.com/adam-matejko-698390533/in-the-city-of-hope DAW: Cakewalk by BandLab Libraries: BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover by Spitfire Audio, Labs by Spitfire Audio, Cinematic Percussion by Spitfire Audio, The Free Orchestra by ProjectSAM Noob question: how to put a soundcloud iframe directly in a post (instead of the usual link)? Regards, Adam
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    I've been working on this video for weeks. I'm taking the step of posting it here because I know many of you are very interested in both of these instruments. As it's long, here's a list of the chapters. I don't think the hyperlinks work, but the ones in the YouTube description do. Importing Music 1:28 ujam Virtual Bassist User Interface 3:31 EZBass User Interface 7:13 Making a Song with EZBass 12:50 Exporting MIDI from EZBass 21:50 Making a Song with ujam Virtual Bassist 22:49 Playing Live with ujam Virtual Bassist 28:27 Fretboard Logic 31:47 Effects 35:36 History of the Virtual Bass 39:18 Final Thoughts 44:10 As part of my research, I even took Eli Krantzberg's Groove3 course on EZBass, which I recommend. So I feel confident that you will learn a thing or two about these instruments if you check out my video, because I share what I learned from him. EZBass is complex, so I do a deep dive on it. The best part for that is "Making a Song With EZBass." ujam instruments are deceptively simple, so I do my best to paint a picture of the amazing artificial intelligence inside them. If you watch all of this, I believe you will have newfound admiration for what ujam has achieved My favorite part of the video by far is Playing Live with ujam Virtual Bassist. This is a duet between ujam's Dandy and NI's Picked Acoustic. FULL DISCLOSURE: THERE IS AN AFFILIATE LINK TO UJAM IN THE DESCRIPTION UNDER MY YOUTUBE VIDEO. BUT NOT HERE!!!
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    I have Amplitube 4 MAX, which includes the Ampeg SVX 1 kit, but not SVX 2. When I checked my personal offers, SVX 2 was $50. But...this sale offers the SVX1/SVX2 bundle for $40. Using JAM points, I only paid $28 for SVX2. Woot! Best price I've seen, and don't think I'll ever see it lower.
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    - only for a few days - some products are discounted to a couple of quid, others that are normally a couple of quid are free, and there are a lot of permanently free products. Mostly sound packs, nature sounds, drum packs and some plugins. https://www.edinburghrecords.com/products/
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    The initial "download" is just the download manager for that particular installer. It does not install itself as a software manager for UJAM. Just installs the specific product. I have several UJAM titles and each of the new items have a separate "installer".
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    Paulo + Strummy. We could call ourselves Plummy. That would be the nuts.
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    Well, it's a bit like Kotter really, . . . welcome back
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    ...and my hair has never been so full and luxurious...
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    the next issue is ready for you! Beat issue #177 brings you 100 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews and scene buzz for producers as well as 15 GB of sound and software. Our plug-in highlight Ozone Elements 9 is a real game-changer when it comes to stereo widening and - of course - mastering your tracks. Available through Zinio
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    It looks like the new EZBass will be a Fender Precision. Do you agree?
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    Thanks for the response. I understand this is more of a Cakewalk forum so I was just taking a shot that someone might have known since BandLab is now coupled to it and I'd seen a few of the Songs forum with links there. Meanwhile I discovered that you can upload your own mastered track on top of the stems for the same revision, and that seems to be the best solution for the presentation I'm looking for. Problem solved.
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    Had a similar problem with an Eventide plugin (registered on a dead computer) but their support fixed it rather quickly.
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    abacab, you've just described exactly my own experience, and this is why I've avoided iLok ever since. Once upon a time, Eventide was the only company doing what they do. Fortunately, that's no longer the case. I can't think of any H3000 trick you can't do with alternatives that use friendlier copy protection schemes.
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    Kind of difficult to use a promo that excludes sale items when all the good stuff is already on sale! 😉
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    Izotope Vinyl - free and it can add those imperfections, erm, perfectly. https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/vinyl.html
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    Unfortunately, as of today os - 1 actually means windows 10 1507 which was released in July 2015, around 5 years ago. This isn't really the choice of the developers either. Management is the one that decides which OS versions are supported. The update for the C runtime can be found here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2999226/update-for-universal-c-runtime-in-windows It will help a lot of programs install under windows 8 and 7, but it might also not be enough.
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    Look at Used Heritage Guitars "LP style models" made in the original Gibson Factory, and on the whole they make better guitars than Gibson does, including the custom shop. the new ones are well out of your price range, but the used market takes a major unnecessary hit. I've seen them go for close to what your OP guitar price range is in. No way would I buy a made in Korea model for ~$1000, I have owned a Schecter before and it looked fantastic, but the electronics and play-ability were not anywhere close to the order of what Heritage offers. The guitar sat virtually unplayed for about 6 years until I sold it. Had noise and grounding problems...and yeah, likely could have spent a few hundred fixing that, but not really worth it. As for versatile tone...not exactly sure a LP qualifies for that. And since you are looking for a Floyd Rose, not sure a LP is really what you are after either. Other option is Eastman (made in China). They have have options that sound and are made better than Schecter's made in Korea lineup.
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    I suppose you could use something like this https://codefn42.com/notemapper/index.html If you set it up and route it properly, you could do a live MIDI bounce to get all your snares/hats onto their respective single notes.
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    I thought this was brilliant Mark. Love this laid back music... very nice mix and vocals are great. Well done mate... love it.
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    Good song with great vocs and backing vocs. .. arrangement and mix sounds well balanced.
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    Any of the Lindell plugs are good. The SSL console strip is another good one. Console N is also good. Opticon comp another good one Black Box good. Townhouse... excellent. Maag.. either one I could go on!!
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    Mark - this is really chilled - loved it Thanks for posting, Nigel
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    I tried to stack a survey voucher on that but it wouldn't allow it as the survey voucher required a $39 purchase, but I was totally ready to make off w/ that Rockergain for $4
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    I'm not even sure if I know what the ACT window is. The reason I've not asked for help about this is I'm so clue challenged that I don't know what to ask. I've had the thing for years without knowing that it was possible to control plug-ins with it. The only thing I've done with the nanoKONTROL in Cakewalk is follow Mark's instructions. I think I need to watch a tutorial before I go any further.
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    Btw: you can STILL get Waves' Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth (and Thorn Solo) for free through July's issue.
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    *Thinks back to when Gibson owned Cakewalk...* 🤔 😜
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    This is one of the moodiest songs I've heard from you in a while. You have a wide palette of styles and the right gear to express them. Variety is truly the spice of life! I look forward to you next creation, my furry friend!
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    I'd like to thank each of you for your kind words! I'm happy to hear that it works for others, and I'll keep experimenting with different time signatures.
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    I use a CS a Mackie Control. I do because some things are easier with a CS and faster. Also, some DAWs can loose focus but with a CS they are always in focus to it. If you do a lot of automation on multiple tracks in real time a CS is a very good way to do that. Further a CS gives one the feel and ergonomics of a mixing desk at a low price. I have been using a CS going back all the way to Pro Audio with a Cakewalk Studio Mix by Peavey. The MC (Mackie Control) is for me the best CS around.
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    The 'You Save' bit almost looks like a PA subscription sales pitch 😜 On a slightly more serious note, do the instruments tend to move into the 'lesser' editions as they get older? e.g. ARKHIS is only in CE - if we wait long enough, might it eventually get included in Ultimate (and then Standard after even more time)?
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    Hey Zo you will be know as ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZO before that happens 😆
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    I just downloaded it this evening, and really enjoyed what I have experienced so far. Here is a short clip of one of my first plays, they had me at Gypsy Jazz Guitar. More is sure to come 😎 UVI World Suite 2 - Gypsy Jazz Guitar
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    If you have plugins in the master bus that load the system a bit, you'll get this. I tend to have Izotope Ozone in my master bus effects, and unless I deactivate it during monitoring of a VI, I get the latency you are talking about. Same if I have effects in the soft-synth's channel. That's always been the case, though, when monitoring realtime soft-synth input within Cakewalk or Sequoia or Nuendo or ProTools. My reply here does NOT address your point if you truly are experiencing a change that is simply due to software update, of course. I have a Lynx Two audio interface (PC card).
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