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    We are back again with a blockbuster FREEBIE! For just 2 weeks, get IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube SVX for FREE (normally $99.99). AmpliTube SVX features 18 models including 4 amps, 6 cabinets and 8 stomps, giving you the “Greatest Hits” amps, from the earth-shattering sound of Rock & Roll bass from the SVT – the Grandaddy of them all, to the smooth groove-making rolls of the B-15. It is easy to use even with no musical programming experience. Download here: https://audioplugin.deals/amplitube-svx-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/ Offer expires on August 25th, 2020 KEY FEATURES Industry-standard sound with DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) and VRM™ (Volumetric Response Modeling) technologies offer the most realistic emulation of real world gear and the best sounding models Perfect as a plug-in for studio recording and mixing in any Mac/Win DAW, native compatibility with 64-bit applications and operating systems Also perfect for live performance thanks to the standalone version with instant preset switching Highest supported Sampling Rate: 96 kHz DAW automation and BPM synchronization 5 separate modules Rig of up to 12 stomps, 2 Amp heads + 2 Cabs + 2 x double mics and 8 rack effects can be configured in up to 8 serial/parallel configurations Two movable microphones allow you to mic the cabinet exactly like in real world studio and live environment Stereo signal path makes it suitable for any type of instrument including drums, keyboards, vocals and more Perfect integration with IK’s range of audio interfaces and floor controllers allows for instant recording and performing in the studio or on stage with full programming at the software level 2-track built-in multitrack recorder with DAW-like features enables you to quickly capture ideas or even record a small band in the standalone application without the need to open a DAW and with the convenience of AmpliTube superior quality audio processing Imports any Wav, Aiff, sd2, Apple Caf, Flac, MP3 audio file (Standalone version) SpeedTrainer for speeding up/slowing down imported tracks without affecting the pitch – the perfect tool for practicing and improving your instrument skills or learning your favorite riffs and solos (standalone version) AUDIO DEMOS
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    Thanks for the kind word and thought Ed , I have always enjoyed his participation here on the forum because I know people would rather hear from him instead of me ... emeraldsoul yeah older dogs , that is sure a sweet time in their lives when they are healthy .thank you for wishing us the best . Hey S.L.I.P. ,I have been there in the past myself ...you mentioned having been there means a lot to me ...it reminds me we can get through this to the other side no matter how painful it may appear in the moment . Hi Sheens , Yes it's a tough one having to go here. ( again ) I feel very blessed to be able to spend my days and nights w Duke , hugging him up and giving him kisses all hours of the day and night has helped me look no further then the moment we are both living as the moment unfolds ...when I go into the future and think about where we are both gonna end up I cry ...my poor fella needed a towel for his head because I held on to him so tight while I was crying a few times ... note to self cry in secret ...or at least in a different room away from Duke Hi Andy , thanks for the empathy . Yes I agree w you Our pets are more than just a pet . They are a much loved member of the family ... Duke has been more like a guardian angel too me ... I was slipping through the cracks . When he came into my life I thought I was rescuing him .The truth is he wound up rescuing me . Sorry to hear about what happened to you and your family InstrEd ...I'm there now pre putting duke to sleep ....now everything is starting to make me cry .. I saw Seabiscut for the 10 th time a few days ago ...man when it got to the end of the movie where Red / Tobey Maguire narrates how everybody thought they were taking a broken down horse and making him better ...and how it turns out that Seabiscut took a group of broken down people and they all got better together had me crying a river ...that's exactly what Duke has done for me ... Hey Craig , don't be bummed . Duke and I have been suffering over here in silence ..When you asked about him over in the Pun thread I knew I had to start this thread . One thing for sure is with out taking care of Duke from the very beginning I may not have made it this far ...we got to where we are now only because took care of each other ...I'm doing my best to stay strong and if that ain't enough so be it if I fall apart I hope I get put back together right this time . thanks .. Hi Bill! , thanks for the kind word . Wow going on 16 for a dog is very good and yet I do know how you feel when you look at your dog . My last dog before Duke Lucy lived to be 15 1/2 years old . About the last year and a half of her life turned out to be all about pain management ....When she started going down hill pain wise I felt heartbroken seeing the health changes in her ..I was grateful that a friend helped make it possible for the vet to come to my house and put Lucy down in my very arms ... As far as Duke goes he is almost there now ....yet I notice there is a chance he can pull through for a little while longer before I have to make any final decisions . It seems the meds he is on may not cure him but they seem to be helping out with his pain .He is a little loopy and lethargic yet I can tell he hasn't given up yet . Before the meds he was giving up ..so I have noticed improvement ...will he ever be how he was ? probably not but I will take what little we have left and love him up My best to you and your dog . Hi ensconced , I know exactly how it feels ...at least in my own version of what you mentioned ...My dog Lucy passed away sometime around 2011.When ever I was home after she had passed it felt as if all the life and joy had gotten sucked out of my living space and my heart felt empty and dead .My heart also became disconnected from my memories because I didn't want to feel the pain over and over again on my trips down memory lane One day by chance while on a bicycle ride I came upon 2 horses and I started petting them ...the owner came over to me for a chat after watching for a while I was asked are you any good with horses ? I said what do you think ....I not only started taking care of those 2 horses I wound up taking care of the Gelding across the road ...3 Proxy horses that weren't mine yet I got to love them up every day ...I don't care about riding horses much but I sure love being around them... any way when that whole thing went sour I wound up getting Duke in 2013 ...he was less than 2 when I got him... thank for talking with me . Thank you very much Wibbles ! I do appreciate your kind comments Hi Tim , thank you for the kind comments . Duke was in a lot of pain before the vet put him on meds ...Dukes meds seem to be antibiotics and something to help clear up the bacteria in his colon . I got him to eat again ..turns out he likes the junky cheap azzed canned food over me cooking him chicken breasts ... no jokes about my cooking folks LOL OK Before he looked like he had very few days left . He looked like he wanted to check out ...now he is clinging to me a lot out side the apt on walks ...inside our apt I cling to him and spend as much time holding paws with him or just having my hand close to him ... I sure hope there's a doggie heaven and that I will see him again one day ...because if I find out there is no such thing as a doggie heaven I'm gonna be pissed .. Then I'm gonna have to make a hard ball decision...what color convertible am I gonna rent to drive on out to The Grand Canyon w Duke ? Cause if I have to go there I'm gonna give that gas pedal a good mash with my right foot as I grab Dukes Paw as we aim straight for the horizon and pull our own version of a Thelma & Louise...no red flags here just a tactical assessment of a choice I'm not allowed to make any way here's a couple of Duke Shots when he was having better days ... Duke is whispering in this photo but I will tell you what he said to me Kenny learn how to play in the key of A Minor and The World will be yours I asked him have you been reading Bayoubill 's posts again ? ....he crossed 2 fingers on his paws and Barked out Busted ... thank you all Kenny
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    It might be a logical conclusion if you're looking from only one perspective. I'm looking at Cakewalk every day across a few different machines both physical and virtual, and there is definitely no global issue with how the app or the installer writes things to the registry. If there were, I think this thread would be a lot more busy. You'd be amazed at weird behaviors that are manifestations of odd system behaviors/components. Hard drives fail. RAM goes bad. Drivers stop working. The CbB (or any DAW) is reliant on the platform on which its run. If something behind the scenes isn't right, it's going to impact the app. If there were a fundamental issue with how Cakewalk was handling something, you'd see a lot more than the handful of people who have said they're having an issue with any given update. When we identify issues in the app, we fix them as soon as we can. If there's a system-specific problem, it's literally out of our hands.
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    If someone has just a few plugins I can see how it can quickly become a tedious task. Shouldn't really be on the user.
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    The main thing that stops me using Amplitude is that you can't hide products you don't own - same with t-racks. It's so frustrating wading through masses of presets or amps trying to find out what it is you have....Doesn't encourage me to spend more money - just makes me not use it ! Obviously doesn't affect you if you have MAX but for the rest of us Can imagine if all plugin vendors did this...You buy one Waves product but it installs the LOT....it would soon be total chaos. Or Plugin Alliance. Also you no simple way to check for updates although they are not alone in this. Just noticed there was a MODO drum update - no way of knowing without logging in and checking version numbers against one's you have installed. Painful Still great value for money at £0
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    I'm just glad I could help clear things up for anyone who may have thought that Theme Editor was for film scoring.
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    Inspector Tabs Fixed 6.01 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yl5dr3tcce30x/AC+Dark+Aqua+for+Cakewalk+2021.04
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    I went into the studio on May 18th 1980 to support my friend's first album. I haven't heard this since 1980. I played piano and the faux-flute (on a MicroMoog), and arranged the backing vocals. My pay for that session was a TEAC 3340-S. BTW, that's my old Rickenbacker in the photo. I had just sold it to Lee for $400. He turned around and sold it the following week for $1200. What a dick. But still my best friend after all these years.
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    Yes, Portuguese install. and Wow, problem solved Thanks thanks thanks
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    Yeah. The every mysterious updates by the IKM developers. "General reliability improvements + whatever the latest product they released" We suspect the updates are to insert the demo of the latest product they are trying to sell.
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    In T-racks suite there is a setting in menu to filter presets by owned modules. Not seeing anything like that in Amplitube.
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    A few do this very thing and agree it is annoying. IK does this for the other products to, but at least with the VST effects outside of the "bundle" you can use the manager to not show them. Within something like Amplitube, it is an annoyance to find what you actually own. Nice freebie, but I do agree I tend to not even opening Amplitube with regularity for such a reason (I also don't tend to use in the box amp sims) If you own legacy WAVES products you are downloading a 3+ gig file, it is nuts with them as well.
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    As I have Amplitube MAX, I've got this already. They came out with SVX2 later. That isn't an update, it's a new product. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/svx2/ They do sell both of them in a bundle. IMHO it is one of the greatest freebies IK has given out, and they've done a lot of them. And it worked with me. I bought T-RackS, after I got Black 76 in Computer Music. It's still one of my go-to compressors.
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    I understand the concept of getting samplers from other places but native samplers are a must to keep up with the other DAWs. I make videos and tutorials about Cakewalk. I use many different samplers to achieve something that should be native to Cakewalk. I change out drums alot so just using the waves doesnt work for me so I use other things like Sitala or Komplete Kontrol where I can swap out sample at will. I would say over 80% of all the popular music has samples in it. I know not everybody uses it to make music but even the Bandlab app has a sampler in it so you guys know the importance of having one on your app. It is the same for the desktop it needs to happen. The first thing I reach for to do drums or samples is another sampler and people do ask where is Cakewalks sampler and I have to say it doesnt have one.. 😓They use to have cyclone or dropzone at least but this version has nothing for the people just finding Cakewalk. I know there have been other people asking for this several times and years have passed and still no sampler. Im just here to let you guys know again the we need a sampler in Cakewalk. This is why myself and others request a native sampler. Hopefully this request can be fulfilled. Thank you
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    Humble Bundle - Your Sounds Your Movies (<-- click here) May be of interest to some. ACID Music Studio 11 is included in the 11 GBP tier. Video Pro X is included in the 19 GBP tier (currently 349 GBP on the Magix website). This tier also inlcudes VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 (the cut down versions of Vegas Pro and Sound Forge Pro).
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    Press a string down on fret board and pluck, or pick at that same string rinse repeat Next Lesson: The Am Bass Note, Myth or Mystery Solved?
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    Note: This instrument requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4, or above The “Master Solo Woodwind Bundle” is a dazzling collection of 5 solo orchestral woodwind instruments with an amazing seven mic positions for ultimate sonic flexibility and real time legato that can fool even a trained ear! Auddict’s libraries have already been used on high profile scores for motion picture and video games, with users including Yasunori Mitsuda, Klayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang). The collection is the ultimate woodwind sample library and is perfect for Underscore, Orchestral, Chamber Music and much more! Real value 440 EUR Buy Now 79 EUR Find Out More
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    I have a solution. Maybe the IK Group Buy should be more intrinsically value related. So, if you start with a $199 item, your next item (freebie) could be $199 each or two $99 items, or four $49 items. That way you don’t get the feeling of undervalued freebies.
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    I think of the evolution of win 7/8 to 10 as being like if a still handsome older man got together with a good looking younger woman but somehow they managed to have this ugly, pale ginger kid who constantly misbehaves and secretly spends most his time being very mean to cats and planning to burn the house down while his parents are asleep.
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    Hey @Peter - IK Multimedia, not sure if IK want to rethink their one-line description of AmpliTube SVX on their website - it's probably just me, but when I first read Low-end gear collection for AmpliTube, I initially wondered why it was being described as inferior/entry-level software; then I realised it meant it was suitable for lower frequencies
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    Yes. I have enough to want tot do updates, but enough to NOT want to do updates and sort through them all. I've even resorted to creating a document so I can go down the entire T-Racks plugins in my DAW and check/uncheck the ones I don't have. Looking real forward to this new installer that @Fleer mentioned! I hope IK got some user input and have been taking notes on forum complainers.
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    FWIW they are working on a dedicated installer. This should solve the problem of having to download and install a zillion of separate files.
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    Actually, valid point, the files aren't being installed because the original FX installer did not have a provision for Portuguese or Russian. @Milton Sica and @Patrick Wichrowski, safe assumption your installs are Portuguese? We'll update this for BA shortly, but you can go ahead and grab this 2020.08 Update Installer. You can run it on top of your existing 2020.08 installation. I verified the problem and fix on my end, but please confirm. Thanks!
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    I would love to agree with you but I cant. For me Win10 is a creepy creature that is constantly reshaping itself to something different in front of my eyes and sneaking in new problems every other week. It can't stay the way you set it, it wan't respect your preferred ways of utilizing operating system and if you refuse to creating microsoft ID it will act like an adware throwing a blue screen of 'welcome' in your face. My bad luck is that I'm forced to keep using it. /end of rant
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    And a HUGE deterrent to "updating" what you've already got, because you have to go through the whole mess all over again! @Peter - IK Multimedia * said on some thread somewhere (paraphrasing) that IK does this to make it easier for users to demo other products (??), but it has the opposite effect - at least for me. I barely even look at IK stuff now because it's too much of a hassle. *Tagging you here is case you want to weigh in and set us straight. Nothing at all "personal" intended!
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    For all of my complaining about the IK universe and the unnecessary complexity and annoyances, YES! Black 76 is fantastic and also one of my go-tos! Out of the whole line-up, well, the ones I own, this one has got to be my favorite so far. +1000!!
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    Lovely, some of IK’s best bass stuff for free.
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    Hilariously, Googling "does Cakewalk by BandLab install adware?" brings up this thread, so it's very meta! 😛 But on a serious side, I think we've gotten to the bottom of some really important questions here. We now know Cakewalk uses unleaded code. Finally! (Also, this is actually a really good thread for people with similar questions about the addons, registration, Bandlab Assistant, etc. so I think it's a really positive thing we all had this discussion. )
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    I prefer the AR Plates - but more importantly there is a 20% discount at JRR if you decide to use it: https://www.jrrshop.com/features/the-great-crash
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    I would love to get my van to the point where it is functionally and mechanically sound . Every place I lived since I left Cali had a clause in my lease stating I'm not allowed to work on my vehicles on the apt complex property ....The type of work I would need to get done would mean I would have to take my Van someplace safe away from the apt complex to do the work I needed to do . I hate to say it but in my current position it would take my throwing lots of money at it. The thing is I have a sentimental feeling towards this Van because I became homeless in NYC in 95 . I was given the van by someone who thought it was better than sleeping on the street ( something I know I couldn't have done ) It's funny when I got my van it was on it's last legs and beat to hell ...when it was in NY it couldn't make it from Manhattan to the Bronx ...after working on it a bit I rolled the dice and drove it clear across The United Snakes of America in October of 1997 and to my utter shock w both made it ...I had every musical instrument as cargo in there to boot ... Man talk about taking a chance and rolling the dice ...any way I made a promise to the van I plan to keep ...I promised the van I would fix her up ...if she got me out here ...she did now I have to keep my promise to her .... It's got a long way to go before I even think about doing the body work ...but hey I have been doing the best I can under my current circumstances .. First I heard of him . It's a long ways from South West WA to where Eric is ...as far as the brakes go yeah front disc brakes would be nice ...the thing is just before I parked my Van I had all 4 brakes done including brand new brake drums ...they will have to do the braking for now .. The 2 things I really have to do ASAP besides buying new rubber are pull the gas tank , have it cleaned out and sealed or replaced , and the killer of all killer things that has held me back is this van has 2 power steering pumps. It has the one up front like most cars but in the back end it has a pump w high pressure hoses . To replace that pump costs over 6 hundred dollars and it is a factory part ...Mine sprung a leak and it needs to be replaced ..they only sell this as a whole unit to my knowledge .When I did drive it I had to keep the front reservoir topped off to have power steering ....it all leaked out if I didn't keep checking ... Either way thanks for wishing me luck ( I'm gonna need it ) LOL Kenny
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    I wish the 'Record Count In' had an ON/OFF check box and that on off functionality could be bound to a key in key bindings. For now you have to go into 'Edit/Preferences/Metronome' set it to "2" then go back in set it back to "0" etc... Seems like a small ask...
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    But they’re not “$199”-level great, so getting the Hammond and both Modo’s at $199 each virtually ends the Group Buy fun.
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    OXa is ok. I have the full Syntronik. But I think you would probably have more fun with the free OB-Xd, which was just released as V2. https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ It's actually totally free, and the $49 'Buy' link is just for a donation to help support development. You can right click anywhere on the faceplate of the synth for a context menu to switch skins or banks, and the patches (.fxp) in the bank are selectable from the top of the plugin window in Cakewalk.
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    Um no there is nothing "faulty" about how Cakewalk updates the registry. You make a lot of assumptions that every problem is somehow the DAW's fault. There are plenty of environmental factors including Windows updates that can cause symptoms like this.
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    A friend of mine sent me tracks a few weeks ago of a song he was doing with a female singer. He wanted me to do the guitars on it. I listened and the woman had a very nice voice and sang very well. But hey, I have Melodyne I acquired recently and know how to use it, so I decided I could probably make her singing even better! Yeah! I loaded her track in Melodyne, looked at the gray rectangles, looked at all her orange blob notes. They all, without exception, where dead in the middle where they belonged. I picked up my jaw from the floor, closed Melodyne and went on composing the best guitar parts I could for it. It was a pleasure through headphones to hear that voice as intimate as it could be for hours while I composed the guitars. Great experience. Strangely enough, because of confinement, I haven't even met the singer yet. On the other hand, I do use Melodyne on my own band's male singers to help our recordings a bit. It does a great job there and is needed! 🙂
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    I heard Duct Tape works for these additions🙄 😏
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    "I Want To Be Your Dog" - The Stooges
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    i do believe the klf were the pinnacle of pop
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    Hello All, Waves users can now enjoy a 30 day pass to the entire Groove3 library, featuring over 2000+ hours of comprehensive and inspiring video tutorials, absolutely free. No credit card required. Learn what you need to know about your favorite DAW, plug-ins, virtual instruments, production, mixing and mastering techniques, instrument lessons and so much more. *Must start 30 day pass by August 15th 11:59PM CST. *For new Groove3 All-Access Pass customers only. Current or Past All-Access Pass users are not eligible. Access it Here at ~~~> Groove 3
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    Damn. I was in a good mood, but now I'm bummed... 😕 C'mon Duke! Stick around for awhile! Kenny needs some company during these weird times. Stay strong Kenny!
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    Funny how old hardware is coveted but old plugins are not.
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    I have had the FX Suite and Tools since I can't remember. Not sure if the new installer saw that and didn't update mine. Not critical as I assume the functionality/performance of the newly installed versions are what I had. But, out of curiosity, what are the versions numbers of the ones being installed for those new to Cakewalk? Just wondering. PS: I'm not unhappy that newcomers are getting these for free while many of us have them because we paid for them as bundled software over the years. In fact I think it shows how responsive the developers are to comments/suggestions from users. As a long-time user I just wish that people who have been away for 10-15-20 years or more, people who come from using other DAWs, people who are having frustrations, etc. were to appreciate the continued responsiveness and to all of the improvements and new features and not cop an angry / belligerent / hostile attitude. Yes, sometimes its a cultural / language issue, but sometimes frustration-expressed-as-anger is overwhelming. Kudos to staff and users who treat comments with respect--even when some of us might want to hold up a mirror to the hostile comments.
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    If you continue reading to the end of the sentence you quoted....you see where I say "Quick Grouping does?" I was not kidding. Select the tracks you wish to Freeze (which you can do by swiping, if they are adjacent), hold your Ctrl key, and click the Freeze button on any selected track. Then kick back as all those tracks freeze.
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