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    Run Native Access to Update....
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    Husker may have got there first, but I provided more pointless details that nobody cares about. 😃
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    6.3.0 - 2020-07-07 GUI Performance and UX improvements FIXED With certain libraries Kontakt would cause the DAW timeline marker to stutter and lag IMPROVED Performance of libraries with heavy user interfaces IMPROVED Rendering improvements when changing a UI control IMPROVED Instruments from non-activated libraries now display and store the library information after Demo Timeout IMPROVED Loading non-Player content in Player now informs the user that full KONTAKT is required after Demo Timeout ADDED KSP: New constant for handling release velocity ($EVENT_PAR_REL_VELOCITY) ADDED KSP: New constant for hiding the value display of ui_table ($HIDE_PART_VALUE) ADDED New script in Factory Content to transpose across multiple instruments in a multi (Multi channel MIDI Transpose) ADDED New script in Factory Content to map velocity across multiple instruments in a multi (Multi channel MIDI Velocity) FIXED When a UI control would be in MIDI learn mode and the script generated a MIDI event, the learn state would pick up the internal MIDI event FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI errors
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    ...run the Spitfire Audio app to update
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    You should put "Requires Kontakt" in the subject. 😂
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    If I was experiencing this problem, before opening a ticket with support I would try to create a recipe for the failure using plug-ins bundled with CbB. Here is a test I might try. start CbB (if the machine has not been booted today may want to do that too, I turn off my machine every night and cold start the machine every morning, no sleep/hibernation mode used ever.) create a new project with the "-- Blank Project --" or an unmodified BandLab supplied project template. (Make sure to specify exactly which template was used to create the new project when reporting to support) using the add track menu, add "SI-Electric Piano" as an instrument track to the project (I selected this synth because it is supplied with CbB and part of the same family of plug-ins as "SI-Drum Kit", one of the plug-ins reported as a problem) record enable the track and record some MIDI notes using the keyboard controller making sure to include notes in the range documented for SI-Drums (roughly MIDI notes 35-59). verify the notes are recorded and play as expected on "SI-Electric Piano" with the cursor at the end of recorded MIDI, replace "SI-Electric Piano" with "SI-Drum Kit" by right-clicking the small icon to the left of the track name and selecting "Replace Synth" from the context menu then selecting "SI-Drum Kit" from the available synths. repeat step 4 verify the notes are recorded and play as expected on "SI-Drum Kit." If step 5 fails, the problem is not a Drum VST issue. If step 8 fails, this is a recipe to report to support. If step 8 does not fail then try steps 1 though 5 using "SI-Drum Kit" instead of "SI-Electric Piano." Make sure each step is performed exactly as the initial test all input settings must be identical to the initial test. If the second test fails, this is a recipe to report to support Include the info about the test that passed and the test that failed. When supplying information to support include as many details as possible. Include info about the OS and release level of CbB. Details about the keyboard controller and audio interface. Include how the controller is attached to the PC. Include the test projects.
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    On behalf of my people.. who gives a s#!t
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    The new Mandolin lib was automatically added to me LABS in Spitfire audio . Only have to install. No need to order like before.
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    I do think I've seen some new LABS instruments show up in the Spitfire Audio app that I don't think I added to my account on the website -- which you did have to do. But I'll admit after a while all the LABS stuff starts to blend together and I might have added something and just forgot to install it. I've not seen anything formal about it.
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    Still prefer Plini for cleans, though I love the funk tones in the Cory Wong amps. I find that all their amp sims have a few things in common: great, mix-ready tones out-of-the-box or with minimal tweaking, very good effects and hands-down the best interface. But there's a caveat; in order to get those mix-ready sounds, there's a lot of tone-shaping going on by default, and which you can't configure, it's built into their algorithm. I was intrigued by this and tested just the preamp against some of the other plugins I use. Cab/effects off, same IRs and 1-2 external effects. And sure enough, Neural's sims are less transparent to the direct sound of the guitar (tried with strats, les pauls and an archtop) than any of the other plugins (S-Gear, the Nembrini amps, even IK's Fender collections). The easiest to notice is the baked-in compression, but there's more to it than that. This may or may not be a factor to you, depending on your gear/taste. Throughout testing and playing around with them, I came to appreciate the value they provide, even at full price, just for the sheer-quality of the tones and effects. I managed to get very close to Plini's clean tone(s) with S-Gear plus external IRs and a nice compressor, eq and reverb, but that's a lot of fiddling at $200+. On a sale, they're a steal.
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    I'm scared to try it. It read my mind, but not my wallet!
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    That would be a very nice special price.
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    ...for all the help and advice I've gotten over the years. I am moving over to Studio One, but I have to thank this community for all the support I have received. I have always thought that this forum is one of the major advantages of using Cakewalk. Best of luck to you all.
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    Presonus started by making audio hardware. Portastudio???
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    "Hello World!" is the most intuitive program I've ever written or used. After that, it *always* get less intuitive and more likely to have bugs.
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    Consider yourself as shot. Ridiculous.
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    Take responsibility for what you post.
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    You may want to change the title to "Starting at $9.99" as several are $19.99
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    I remember having this problem a long time ago. I only had the problem on certain projects. Seems to me empting the Pic Cashe folder use to solve many issues. Also if I had too many clips that I used audio quantization on. The solution to that was bouncing all the audio clips or freezing audio tracks.
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    Not likely. Like most DAWs, CbB cannot use mp3 files directly in the project. All audio in a project must be wav (or wav64) files using the project sample rate. The conversion to wav along with sample rate conversion happens when importing the audio into the project.
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    I figured out what was happening. I would open a project that had tracks set to a synth I no longer have installed. I would then add Cakewalk TTS-1 as a synth. The tracks would have a bank number that doesn't exist for that synth (like bank "1" instead of bank"15488 Preset Normal 0"). As soon as I change to a proper bank setting, the note names appear.
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    This is the key imho , neural dsp and stl tones , have this approach of narrowing moves tone wise based on professional tastes (or like you would do) so in fact those are like starting presets already from start .... and this is where it shines , it sounds already the way i would try to make it .... i like dry (no cabinet resonance) in your face well balanced sounds to be able to easily mix post prod .... PA stuff are a pain in that aspect ...ik is exellent but i had to make my own presets for each amps as a starting point (cabinets , speakers, mics ) ect ...neural and stl tones are just Time saver and fun provider ...witch values the asking price .
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    Hopefully he'll turn up soon. Could have been a rough weekend maybe. The 4th and all that. I'm a little concerned about appearing at his door because he doesn't really know me and firearms are legal here.
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    Sweet Southern Comfort - Buddy Jewell
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    The free Amplitube Custom Shop is also standalone, so your collections would be standalone as well, even if you don't have the full Amplitube 4. You just need to stay within the menu/options of the collections you own, most of the other stuff will be disabled. That's what I have (the Fender collections, which I bought cheap; as mentioned by Craig, they do come up for sale every now and then). I have no intentions of getting the full Amplitube since I barely use the Fender collections, which are supposed to be among their best amps (they're not bad, I just prefer other sims most of the time).
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    Can't find out anywhere what amps it comes with, just says the new ones that have been added. When I tried the demo sometime ago, every preset I tried, I was bombarded with nag screens telling me I had to buy a particular thing in order to run the preset. Is this the same? I run an offline DAW and have no interest in products that want to continually phone home, the custom shop feature doesn't appeal to me. I just want to load it and play, without nag screens and crippled presets. EDIT: Sounds like it is from a review: Cons The standard version only comes with a selection of gear Most included presets are useless due to missing gear Annoying warning messages when selecting presets with missing gear
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    Yes, that's pretty nice, been messing around with it since the Email turned up a couple of hours ago.
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    Never heard of Stripe. Sounds good. : ) And looks good too!!
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    No way I'm looking for Larry...I might leave him with more discount codes than I can afford.
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    sorry for mking you suffer
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    Certainly sounds lament-ish and a bit direction-less too. Could use more of a theme but that's just my expectation. I can relate to the mood though - nearly every morning the past few weeks.
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    Made some notes while listening: Love the guitar dissonance (reminds me of the Doors' This is the End) Echo-ey drums very good. Sounds like being in a chamber Sudden quiet part surprised me but effective. The abrupt complete silent part seemed gimmicky to me. It's a tad too long but just my opinion. In some previous songs of yours I've heard one about pond scum and then something about frogs and then ergotism and now the Giza pyramids. Looking forward to what you'll come up with next!
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    Yup! Exactly! 🤣🤣🤣
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    Underneath the video is the actual document from the Rockefeller Foundation. But yeah... enjoy the deals while you still can. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
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    Lee, I get it. There's a fine line when reviewing, its easy to say too much. That's why I always add "Your tune, your production". Most important thing for an artist; stay true to your convictions. I have a "Dead" story, but then I would be guilty of: Another time maybe, over three fingers of tequila? uhmm... I fight this all the time, I hear it in others work; another "fine" line we all walk. Structure is important in poetry and song writing, rhythm, meter, and message; but in what order? Depends... Again, Great Tune! t
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    Hi Paul Vocals are good but the drums are so top end on my system they sort of get in the way a bit Otherwise fun tune Nigel
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    Lee I made some notes while listening: Love the piano in the intro, not only the playing but the melody. Voc reverb seems just about right Wonderful lyrics and not just because I agree with the sentiment. crashes/Fascists, Trump/dumped. You have a good feel for words. That guitar solo is great. Maybe could have had it come in earlier? The song is arranged really well. I'd put it at a professional level. Overall I'm pretty impressed with your musicianship. I really hope 2020 part 3 will be way more upbeat!
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    I bet if I post a Deal, Larry will suddenly show up to tell me that it was already posted by him!! Grrrrrrrr, Darn that Larry 😠
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    And good music too! Only question is on that page I don't see how it is setup to actually aquire the music other than to search for it on another platform.
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    Before you guys search too hard for an alternative solution... there will be a key binding in the next release.
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    Our journey into the VSL Big Bang Orchestra universe was an amazing ride indeed. I want to thanks to Ben from VSL for joining me and assisting in answering questions and helping me navigate a few things. I will be editing the replay and uploading soon but the full live stream replay is available below. Thanks to everyone for their support and I hope you enjoy being a part of my journeys to all of these incredible destinations?
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