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    Puns n’ roses.
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    Surely that's the Col legno articulation 😁
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    Fathers Day, and Make Music Day 2020. So I used two new instruments from the Pianobook roster to re-work a scene I wrote for a small film that never got made. About returning soldiers from the 1st WW. Using from Pianobook - Micah's Choir and Hunter's Ampex Ecosystem / BBCSO Discover / Cello Textures by Ben Osterhouse. I hope it works for you.
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    I've never had to go crazy, even on modest machines. The solid set of standard advice here will get most people most if not all the way there: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/pc-optimization-guide-for-windows-10/
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    Actually, this extended download option is a bit of a joke. All this gives you is the ability, for an extended period of time, to download the Microsoft Media Creator from the PCWorld store. The joke is that the Microsoft Media Creator is available any time from Microsoft, and does not even contain the final media you need to install Windows 10. Microsoft Media Creator downloads Windows 10 from Microsoft and either creates an ISO that can be burnt to a DVD or a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to install Windows. In this case, the extended download option is a waste of $3.95. I suspect that this option is available for all their software purchases. In some cases, it makes senses. In this case, it does not.
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    "The Lady Wants To Know" - Michael Franks an old jazzy thing I haven't heard in years
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    Coincidentally, I was gonna make a video on how to use loopcloud on Cakewalk this week. Hope the video helps.
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    Tom was drinking?:-)
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    And the Bands Played On > and the band played on (lyrics)
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    Hopefully, tomorrow will renew the voucher again. 🙂
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    What do you call a one-legged gold-digger? Heather Mills
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    "Jet" Wings What do you call a dog with wings? Linda McCartney
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    @cclarry It seems like they really "slashed" the price.
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    Ooh-rah! Next on the lobbying list: if there could be an option setting for "Open Instrument UI when Replacing Synth." And of course the perennial addition of "Replace Effect" to the Track Header context menu. 🤗 Ha, give us an inch and we want....more inches!
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    UPDATE August 10 - Deal seems DONE - Finished - All Through I got this from PC World - 80% off of a regular RETAIL not OEM version of Windows 10 Pro $39, instead of the $199 normal price, available through the PC World web site: PC World Windows 10 Pro Retail $39 through June 30 Bob Bone
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    Hello again! I can't figure out if this mix is tilted towards the bass, away from the bass, or both! ??? I can't see the forest OR the trees . . . can someone point me in the right direction? many thanks for the time and the listens, any comments are welcomed! -Tom
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    This seems to be a deal in there store section so it doesn't have a time limit like the 2 main deals they usually have but I am not sure how long it is going to be there for anyway. Great deal at $20! https://vstbuzz.com/store/87-off-transfuser-2-by-air-music-tech?raf=ref9633843 I got it myself because I already have a lot of AIR products and just really only wanted this one and not have to pay full price or triple the discount price to pay for the AIR complete pack just to get it.
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    Rautalanka version of the traditional folk song
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    Check if Cakewalk.exe is still running in the Task Manager when it closes like that. If so, create a dump file for us to see why it's exiting like that. I'd also check to see if it happens with just a new blank project or if it's related to the files you're working with. If a new project closes okay, try opening one of your projects in Safe Mode by holding shift when opening the project from the Start Screen (or File | Open), then hit No to All when prompted about plugins. See if it then closes normally (just be sure you don't save unless you want your project stripped of plugins). Details on generating a dump file can be found here:
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    Untick Digital Output in Audio > Devices, and set the Playback Timing Master to Speakers 1/2 in Audio > Driver Settings and I'd say that'll help. I'd also suggest putting a tick in Suspend Audio Engine When Not In Focus in Audio > Playback and Recording too.
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    Well, had you listed it, I would have bought it (and saved the sales tax). There's a dearth of used cards in the market right now, which I think is attributed to the sale. Throw in some desirable plugins and, and as you say...it's a "no brainer". But I'm good now. Looking forward to it's arrival...Juggling plugins and freezing tracks with a solo card is not the greatest experience..
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    Both are nice. And both at a good price!!
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    You know those voices are in your own head, right?😁 Besides, I'm sure that both myself and Bapu could make a crowd disappear on our own, so no point in fighting over who gets to be in charge.
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    @ひび 最新のものにアップデートしても問題なくプロジェクトを開くことができました! 本当にありがとうございます!
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    Off topic ... @synkrotron This is one I think you'll enjoy (a "remix" of Chapterhouse):
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    MXR Chorus is what I use most from that package.
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    Sure - did that help get you straightened out on that? Are you all good now? Bob Bone
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    FX Chains are not plug-ins. An FX Chain a container for one or more plug-ins. They are not listed in the plug-in manager. They are listed under the effects plug-ins in the browser. Starting with CbB 2020.01, FX chains are including in plug-in browser searches. I found Monitorizer.fxc in C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\FX Chain Presets\Anderton Collection\Processors Not sure if CbB installed it or I copied it from the Platinum FX Chain Presets folder. The Anderton Monitorizer is listed in the current CbB documentation https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.37.html#1788004 but relies on Channel Tools, a plug-in not included with CbB. Make sure the plug-ins from SONAR Professional/Platinum are installed to use this FX Chain. The FX Chain Presets folder is set in preferences.
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    MeldaProduction announces availability of MONASTERY GRAND free ‘instrument’ for market-leading MSoundFactory modular plug-in platform https://www.meldaproduction.com/MSoundFactoryPlayer
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    The Doors - Riders On The Storm
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    The only way to really turn updates off is to disable the network!!! And that gets more and more impossible with all those software providers that really don't support real offline installation! So in fact those software providers (no names) cause such issues! 😡 I don't wanna total all the hours that I have spent/lost to fix such Microsoft update problems. And each time when I look at the changes protocol of MS I get angry, because there is almost nothing that I really wanted! Just annoyance for nothing at all! I hate MS (but Apple is surely no alternative)!
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    And while we're at it...replace synth on right click in synth rack!
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    Check this one : check also this one , clean tones and at 16 min he put the overdrive pedal into the clean amp , you get that old school sound imho pretty usable !!
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    That's a cool song Makke - it sounds like surfer rock to me, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wish it were a bit longer.
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    FREE Cassette Roads is the sound of an electric piano recorded on cassette. It's the perfect plugin to create lofi beats to study to or even better, lofi vaporwave lullabies. Best of all, Cassette Roads is free of charge! Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows and macOS. Get Cassette Roads here and enjoy your weekend!
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    Does that work in the free player ( oh no it’s the kontakt player problem all over again 😀)
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    One thing I noticed is that unless I remove a synth from the synth rack, it continues to load while the project is loading. It seems that you can delete the midi and instrument track but the synth will remain in the synth rack. If you don't want a synth in your project any longer, if you remove it from the synth rack, you will be prompted if you want to also remove the associated tracks. That's how I remove them now so my projects load faster.
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    I’m in. Evolution Hollowbody Blues, come to mama.
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    I guys, this is my first post on the BandLab's CakeWalk forum. I did post a few times on the old Roland/Gibson' CakeWalk forum, but after the Gibson fiasco, I lost interest in Sonar and started to use other DAWs. However, I've kept coming back to this "Deal" sub-forum as I've always found it very up-to-date with the latest bargains. I want to thank Robert Bone for this great deal for Windows 10 Pro, and also tell you how I got the absolute best price for us Canadian users (this may also work for non US-based users) After going to the PC World page which advertise the Windows 10 Pro, follow the link to the CleverBridge W10 Pro page and from the top right of the page, change the currency from CAD/Canadian ( 69.99 CAD charged by CleverBridge!!!) to USD (39.99USD or ~ 54$ CAD charged by most Canadian banks, including PayPal). Then instead of clicking "buy now", look at the top left of the page and switch to "Microsoft" to browse for other Microsoft products that CleverBridge sells. You will see a link to buy Windows 10 Home, click on it and then click "Buy Now", you will then be given a choice to continue buying W10 Home or to buy the "upgrade" to W10 Pro for 34.99 USD. Select to upgrade to W10 Pro, continue the buying process, and that's it; you now have a full retail version of Windows 10 PRO for 34.99USD or ~49 $ Canadian Dollars (That's what PayPal charged me). That's ~ 20$ CAD saving compared to what ClerverBridge is charging by default. Note: You will be able to use this "upgrade" trick only once. If ever you want more copies of W10 Pro, CleverBridge will "remember" you and will not offer you to "upgrade" from W10 Home to W10 Pro so if you want more than 1 copy of W10Pro at 34.99 USD, you will have to do it the very first time you buy from CleverBridge. Hopes this help. Again, thanks for Robert Bone and all the others who have contributed to this thread. Also, a huge thanks to cclarry for all his great work on this "Deal" sub-forum :) Chuck
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    To clarify, you only need to keep the key safe, you can at anytime download the media creation tool and build an install image. A home windows version cannot be administrated by a domain or be a part of a domain, although you can login to a fileshare or a printer. This is mainly an issue for those running the domain. I would personally never buy the Home version, but many cheaper laptops have that version preinstalled (non retail version) It is still possible to upgrade from Windows 7 and onward to Windows 10 https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/ Non retail version licenses are bound the motherboard they are first installed on. It's not a good choice for a homebuilt PC that you might upgrade later. There is no reason to buy a retail key for a computer with preinstalled non retail version unless you want to upgrade from a home version to pro. The home version lacks bitlocker, but still has device encryption (well, if you are interested, google it). The enterprise version is the third version. You only need it in large domains/companies/corporations. Some grey markets (not all) will sell you a key that might have been sold to others. It might work for a while but you can later get in trouble.
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    Yes, the rule should be "display as many characters as there is room for, the note, the accidental, then the octave in order of priority." There is never a reason to display an ellipsis, if there's room for an ellipsis, there's room for the accidental or the octave that is being truncated.
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    That is really nice of you doing this Bob.
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