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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. There needs to be a Wikia with all these helpful Cakewalk GIFs.
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    Here is a wav that I made with EZ Bass, EZ Drummer, EZ Keys. This is waht EZB can do.
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    I was working with the Drum and Keyboard tab last night. In combination with the Audio Tracker and the Grooves that come with EZB, I am starting to piece together some really good sounding bass lines with lots of variety and flash!! I have found with the keyboard midi dragged into EZB you can use the left hand or right hand. Each one gives different results. Now also add the midi drum to EZB and you have three choices that can cover almost the whole song. Now look for grooves based on those generated clips and you can slice and place little fills all over the place. Yep, they hit this out the park!!
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    I haven't seen anybody mention how stretchable the interface can be.
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    lol it was the wikest resistance i saw James ...come on !!
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    Definitely worth it IMO! There is also Sore, Plethora, and Cinematrix for $15 and Felicity for $4 a little farther down the page http://www.rigid-audio.com/index.html
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    I decided to get this but forgot all about it because of EZBass. On Saturday, I went, "oh no, I missed it again. " But they extended the deal until today. I've spent a few hours with the ADSR sample manager checking it out. For me it is well worth the money. Lots of great world percussion, for one thing. Many, many instruments I don't have, and I have a lot. Of course the one-shots don't compete with multi-sampled instruments, but they still are very usable. I could see myself using one of the loops or redoing something similar with a drum replacement instrument. Having spent a lot of time in Brazil, I think the samba school Carnival stuff is pretty great. It has a real energy to it that you can only find in the Cinesamples Brazil library. There are also "instruments," samples that you can stretch on your keyboard with a sampler. Some pretty unusual stuff. I'm definitely going to take a few minutes to throw some of these together. It will be interesting to have a conch shell instrument and maybe layer it with something else.in Falcon. I discovered that I already had some of it, because I had their Ethnic Flavours library, which I got free with another purchase. They didn't bother to mention that. The only thing is that it will take quite awhile for me to sort it out into usable folders, that go with the filing system I've been building for all my world samples. It's really a mess, because they just through all these separate libraries together and called it a "world pack." It would be nice if they just took a few hours put it together into a sensible package rather than have all their customers have to drive themselves nuts doing it one by one. If you don't organize these samples, they're not really worth anything. This is an Ikea library, only it doesn't come with any instructions. 🤬 Here you go, everybody! Have fun figuring it out! But I don't want to complain. It is a really amazing deal, even by typical Zero-G sales pricing standards.
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    The aminated gifs are created using ScreenToGif, LICECap or similar tool. Even though they are fairly small, I do not upload animated gifs to this site. Instead, I use imgur.com and paste the BBCode they provide to embed images/videos
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    I bought this some time ago for $20, but it was a waste of money. The samples are ok, but the VST plugins are horrible. They are *very* memory intensive, and not multi-timbral. So if you score a 12-piece orchestra, you have to load 12 instances and might already run out of memory. The mod wheel should do dynamics (according to the specs!), but it just doesn't do anything. It regularly crashes my DAW (both Samplitude and Cubase, haven't tried it in Cakewalk yet). Sonivox is aware of the problems, but they don't care about it. They just keep selling this stuff for low prices year after year, with the same bugs.
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    So the way the template is routed, all the tracks for each group (Woods, Brass, Keys, Perc, Strings) route to a AUX patch point. These patch points feed into the Stem aux tracks which then feed into the Full Mix patch point. The full mix patch point feeds into the Master bus (so you can hear it). The Stem tracks can be armed for recording (and/or saved/exported) so that you can save a version of the stem without any effects. The print tracks are the same as the stem tracks, but with whatever effects you add on the stem tracks. So if you need to provide clean stems, with no effects, you can record the stem tracks. If you need to provide stems with effects, put the effects on the stem tracks and record the print tracks. It's kind of a waterfall, each level can be recorded and/or output but that won't include any effects added on that level. Splitting the stems and the print levels means you have an extra shelf you can add effects to. Just don't add effects or make any volume changes to the print tracks since it won't get passed. One thing this template doesn't have is any reverb track routing. It's not hard to add that but it's not there. Sections also aren't broken down into high/mid/low groups either. Which might be something you'd want (so you could do effects on all the low strings for example and different effects on the high strings). I really wish there was an easier way to select a track and then connect the synth that goes with it. You can go the other way in the Synth Rack, but you can't connect a synth from the track.
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    First of all, to everyone at Bandlab that was working on this - A tip of the hat, what amazing job indeed. When I first requested this back in January, I didnt think it will happen this year - seeing that the pandemic limits certain area's and departments every where around the world. Secondly: Can I just request another feature to this? I've explained most right here on the other side of the link 👉 Would it be possible to get rid of the envelope with this? Reason for this is . . . When going in to do surgical work it is highly crucial that the overall levels stay exactly the same and intact without the slightest difference in volume. I have done some playing around with this, going deep with the wave and instantly caused the envelopes coming into the nodes to slightly slope down. That is bad, being so used to doing things quick. So by removing the envelope lane to increase or decrease the volume just by highlighting a region "Left click on the mouse while holding down." Think it be a much safer working environment. Even with the already highlightinh of region scrolling up to move the envelope down/up cause problems as it sometimes move the entire envelope. I pray in good spirits this translate over positively. Again - Amazing job. 🍻
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    Hey, I actually tried it with a demo before pulling the trigger - that's a big step for me! lol
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    Leland Sklar - didn't he used to perform with the Smurfs?
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    Just heard on John Lehmkuhl's weekly Unify livestream that he heard from an Arturia contact that they will be including OB-XA in V collection 8 but wanted to give folks access to something new ahead of the release. The contact said that if you buy OB-XA now they will discount the upgrade cost to VC8 (presumably by the amount you pay now, IDK). Here's the bit where he mentions it... https://youtu.be/sG9Le3k7WMg?t=4395 He also shared that they will be doing a Unify patch library using Arturia synths!
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    In keeping with the spirit of the Deals forum, I was proud to use my extra 10% code...
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    Ok, I guess this one might be a bit too much work to build as the staff view is not that popular, but I would love to have a combined PRV and Staff view, like the screen shot below. I like working in the staff view as I'm classically trained. But having the CC lanes in view is quite essential, seeing and changing the velocity and modulation without having to right click each note. Also some actions, like changing the length of a note, are much easier in the PRV than in the staff view. So having all combined would be great. (BTW, this screen shot is from Samplitude)
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    I spoke to Jrrshop via email and they told me this: Thank you for your order. I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, Tracktion sends upgrade licenses manually and it isn’t possible for us to deliver them automatically. Since they didn not deliver them yesterday, I’m afraid that we might not receive them until Monday or Tuesday. Would you like to wait or would you prefer to receive a refund? I'll wait until tomorrow....
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    Joshua Bell Violin is flat out better. Perhaps the most playable Kontakt instrument ever really.
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    I understand. My point was about the same reply. It was easier to quote your post than type it out.
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    before batch renaming files, be sure they're not being referenced by other apps
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    @Skyline_UK you can't change science There are solutions to problems like this but the solution has to be implemented at the plugin level. Plugins are serial processors from the point of view of the DAW - i.e their buffers have to be processed in sequence so a single plugin must be processed serially. So other than introducing techniques that utilize larger buffers in the DAW there isn't anything further that can be done. The plugin needs to partition its work across different cores to have the most impact. Talk to the plug-in vendor and ask them to improve their CPU efficiency.
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    This is the problem lol i'm not at home for now os it might go away the time i come lol !!!! he he ...
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    25 $ PA vaucher needed if anybody !!!! PLEASE .....!!!!
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    Doing a google search for: lurssen mastering console CPU usage ... brings up a post from just about every main DAW's forum complaining about the same issue. FL Studio, Cakewalk, Pro Tools, Studio One... they're all there. So I suspect it's an issue specific to LMC. I get similarly high Audio Processing / Engine Load values to you, and see the same behaviour when making the GUI small. In saying that, I'm running at 64 samples and not getting any dropouts or crackles. That's running LMC v1.03 on an i5 3570 @ 3.4Ghz [4 cores ], 16Gb RAM, 2TB SSD, Scarlett 6i6 1st gen. Interestingly, changing the buffer size and/or using x2 up-sampling doesn't seem to make much of a difference at all to the CPU load, which leads me to suspect the CPU load isn't in the LMC's audio processing side. I've got v1.10 on my laptop running in WASAPI mode, and it's pretty much the same - pretty high load, but not enough to cause crackles or dropouts. [Edit] - Here's what I'm seeing using 2 x oversampling with a buffer size of 64:
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    You say you want a Revolution Well, you know We all want to change the name of Kontakt libraries
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    I thought about it. But I am no good at that! Most of this has been found out here at work (where I am right now). We've been getting some breaks and I was able to dig into EZB a lot more than I thought I would. Let us know what you think of it. I am curious to see what a bass player thinks about it. I also hooked up TH-U bass amp and Amplitube SVT amp to the DI preset of EZB and man that really opens up the sound of that thing!!
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    Everyone has their 'way'. I rarely do any individual window in full-screen since replacing 3x 28-inch HD screens with one 55-inch 4k screen. Here's a picture of my common layout in 4k:
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    That's not entirely impossible. A while back (1-2 years?) I upgraded from VC5 to VC6 for $69, as part of a "buy Pigments for $100 and get VC6 for another $69" deal. Still at VC6. Never saw a VC7 upgrade offer for $99 or less, and probably wouldn't have upgraded even if. The Mellotron is the only thing in VC7 that slightly interests me. Will wait for VC8 (at $99). Hopefully they'll add something else useful/interesting (to me) in 8, or I might skip that as well. Already have a wonderful OB in the form of OP-X Pro II.
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    It's a long story and I'm just glad to be back . Kenny
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    Parboiled! will be her Empty schemes . . . a Fraud! to a venerated Meme! thanks for the listens and I appreciate crits and feedback, oh yes indeedy!
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    Their censorship has gotten WAY out of hand!
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    Updated OP with lower price
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    And now you have to donate some charity.
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    For upgrading from an older Waveform, JRRShop is a considerably better deal than directly from tracktion. As a side note, I found it amusing that according to the picture here https://www.tracktion.com/products/retromod the source for sampling the SEM might be the Arturia SEM V instead of an Oberheim SEM...
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    Could be a workspace setting issue. If so, either set the workspace menu to a different workspace, create your own or set it to None.
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    Done , i will post it if it's not used
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    No problem, Dave. Sorry about the other code. I didn't know they were having another sale this month, but now we're all set. 😎
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    Lou King good Kenny, awesome costume
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    Robert and Steve know this, but for anyone reading who has perhaps not spent as much time at a DOS/Windows command line, if you have a lot of these files to rename, you can do a folder full with "ren *.midi *.mid" from a command prompt. You must of course navigate to the folder that contains the .midi files you wish to rename before executing the command. I find renaming multiple files from the GUI to be very tedious and hope that this may spare someone.
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    Rico - Fantastic work with Kaiko Matsui. It's been many years since I've seen her band Live, hope to again soon, hope to see you then as well. That is my forte style of music, and I am really glad such talented folks are keeping it alive and well and carrying it forward. SWEET !
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    yeah I like this one a lot great recording really in yer face ......dare i say your voice reminds me a little of the great Nils Lofgren and thats a compliment nice one
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    It's real dumb how that is probably a default setting that was from like 2008 and they never fixed it. It should stay once you set it even if the OS updates.
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    I think that's why they reduce the price of this (BB cinamatic percussion) - Sonnivox won't (or can't) work out what the issue is. For what it's worth, I sent Cakewalk support a ticket (with a crash dump) to see if they can do something (Of course, they might just say "not our problem"..... but you never know...)
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    If you can live without the middle mouse button (IOW clicking the mouse wheel) opening the HUD and don't mind running AutoHotkey adding the following to the default autohotkey script will map the middle mouse button to CTRL+right mouse button when CbB has focus restoring the functionality you want. There are other tools that do this as well. AHK is the one I use for a variety of tasks.
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    This ^^^^^ I usually can't watch more than 20 mins before falling asleep. I've said it before, he could make an absolute fortune with a bedtime stories subscription service. "Parents - is your valuable evening "me" time being constantly eaten into by pesky kids who for the love of (insert deity of choice) just won't go to frickin' sleep? For a little more than what you're already paying for Netflix Uncle Eli will take care of it every single day, so do the right thing - give him your card details and go get the corkscrew...... you know you wanna!"
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    Good job on this Douglas.
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