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    Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKII Half Rack EQ 2 of them arrive on Friday. My new hardware bass recording chain will be: LA-610 -> EQ 81 -> KT 2A (LA-2A clone) -> 76 KT (1176 clone) - all patch in bay so I can reconfig easily and of course I have two sets of that chain so my Alembic and Rick, which have individual outs for the bridge and neck pups, can be recorded with the utmost of options in the mix.
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    New version of Ripchord, only vst3. It's free. https://trackbout.com/ripchord
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    Ozone 9 elements free until June 5. https://splice.com/plugins/38774457-ozone-9-elements-vst-au-by-izotope
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    BandLab has been listening to us for 2 years, and I think they still welcome our suggestions... as diverse as they might be! Of course they will still do what is best for them, but with consideration for our feedback.
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    Thanks Larry! I'm wondering how much of this I'll actually use especially with what I have. I mean, there can only be one Bapu rooooight?
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    It kind of falls somewhere between AD2/EZD and SD3/BFD3 Mesh, IMO. One of the beauty's of it is the footprint! It's 11 GB total. ONE KIT in SD3/BFD3 is 5 to 10 times that size. Also, AD2/EZD kits are from 1 to 3 Gb also...So for the Number of kits, the tweakability, etc...I'd say MODO is a decent buy....however, that's just MO...YMMV...ABC...easy as 1,2 ,3...simple as...oh got carried away!
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    I really like this library....so much movement with excellent sounds. SampleLogic makes some very nice instruments.
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    Man Makes Noise releases Puro for Omnisphere 2.6 today! Puro (finnish); a stream, brook. (spanish); pure Puro is all about atmosphere. It’s about modern cinematic textures and pads. It’s a search for beauty in ugly places. Built from bits and pieces of organic sounds Puro, like the water is a stream, is built to be constantly moving and evolving. And like a stream turns into a river and rivers run into lakes and oceans Puro grows from small to vast. Puro contains 200 patches that are divided into four categories: NOISESCAPES (22), PADS + STRINGS (108), TEXTURES PLAYABLE (41), TEXTURES SOUNDSCAPES (29). Puro also gives you 494 brand new soundsources for Omnisphere. For Puro I recorded a variety of traditional and custom built instruments as well as hardware synths and a large selection of found sounds. 14 Instruments: Piano (the on in the lobby), Seagull M4 Dulcimer, Maika’i Soprano Ukulele, A Broken Souvenir Ukulele (a busted cheap thing found in a dumpster), Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Toy xylophone, Djembe, Metal Bell, Tambourine, Wind chimes (Koshi model), Recorder, Male Voice (my voice. Yeah, sorry about that), Small Gong. 3 Custom Built Instruments: PVC Bansuri (built from cold water pipe), Bassboard (custom wire instrument), The Jumalauta (custom single string instrument). 2 Hardware Synths: Arturia MicroFreak, Arturia Matrix Brute 40+ Found Sound Sources: a dog’s water bowl, metal pot, metal bowl, a kettle and lid, door handles, glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal pipes, metal radiators, a wooden box with a rubber band, metal hinges, metal hits, a wok lid, an eggslicer (mandolin style), a large wood saw, natural water sounds (streams and sewers), a toy car engine, a rusty barbecue, a plastic water jug, a vacuum cleaner, a metal rake, a metal scythe, sneakers, glass plates, incidental bird recordings, trees, a travel size didgeridoo, a water barrel, a kitchen knife, Jaz Amsterdam trash can, broken glass, a shovel, a toy car, glass shower wall at Jaz Amsterdam, a punching bag, a crowbar, a wooden door frame. Puro also contains two simple percussion instruments as a bonus. These are presented in Kontakt 5 (5.1.8) format. The sample content of these is unlocked so they can be loaded into any sampler. Puro requires Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2.6. The bonus content requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5 (5.1.8). As usual I'm offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what Puro is. Get the patches here. The price of Puro is 49€ (excluding VAT) with and intro offer of 29€ (excluding VAT) until the 31st of July. Get it here! - https://www.manmakesnoise.com/puro
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    I wish these guys luck but it seems a tiny bit too good to be true.
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    Your projects will retain all their settings as those are all kept internally within the project file, you just need to make sure you have all the same plugins installed. If you're using custom presets, you'll want to export those, and that will depend on what plugin and how you save them. When you're on the new system, you'll probably want to install SONAR Platinum and all of it's plugin content to have first, then install Cakewalk by BandLab after so you can keep using all of the extra included content there (as well as any other 3rd party plugins you're using).
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    Bandlab has an opportunity here to offer plugins, free, trialware, and otherwise, from the assistant...kind of a VST marketplace. I more or less assume thats a business model they've already considered. So far as "Bundled freeware" I personally would be skeptical of everything in the package and would prefer to pick and choose rather than have to take a bunch of stuff together to get one steaming nugget of value.
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    Interesting story this is (or maybe not). I had already got Piments2 back in December and liked it so much, I bought the V7 collection in Feb. For some odd reason, I thought Pigments was included in the V7 collection and sold my copy of Pigments 😬. Luckily, this sale came by and now I'm reunited (and it feels so good). Got it for about the same price I sold it. Mum always said I wasn't the sharpest spoon in the shed.
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    From what I understand, the cymbals are not modeled - they're still sample-based, and so they're still a sizeable footprint.
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    Yes it's certainly going to get a lot of use here. Some of those multis are killer.
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    love the "sloppiness" of this, like anti-prog 🤣
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    This is an excellent album and played with such fluidity....a true master (CGP).
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    I've been using Alesis Active M1's since 1999...still going strong. Most of the time though, I'm on H-Phones.
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    Nah, you'd never be able to play the guitar with those fingers.
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    Hey Erik! Just wanted to let you know -- since you're sounding a bit wistful about it -- that I find both your freeware threads super useful and I have bookmarked them and check them periodically. Bookmarking or searching seems easy enough to do, but you're right: they scroll down to oblivion if not bumped from time to time. For the most part that's just going to be your cross to bear, but... no good deed goes unpunished in this rotten, beautiful world. Thanks for your fine contribution to the forum. Your impulse to make this a better place is much appreciated!
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    Id say, go for the dirty install (Since you have a backup machine anyway) and see if everything works as it sould. If not, then blow it away and do aclean install. Im skeptical of dirty installs going back to Win98 and how bad that was if you attempted a dirty install but M$ seems to really have their sh!t together on this one.
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    Since Little Richard just died, I thought listening to his pre-rock 'n' roll blues album would be a nice tribute.
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    I went ahead and got it also, figured it was a decent price. At first blush it reminds me a lot of Addictive Drums 2. Similar drum sets.
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    While you're in a Windows 10 configure-y mood, a suggestion of mine that has worked well for many on this forum is to go into your Security settings and exclude certain folders from Windows Defender's realtime scan. The reason this is extra important for Cakewalk is that Cakewalk's playback engine reads every audio file associated with every unarchived Track as it is rolling, and Defender scans every file that is accessed by every program. That means that every time you load a sample, loop, plug-in, .dll, .WAV file, vocal take, guitar solo, whatever, Windows 10's built-in malware scanner is running it through its filtering engine to make sure it's not carrying a malicious payload. And Microsoft makes it difficult to disable realtime scanning. Not so bad on Pro, but I think it still gets switched back on every time you get an update. So, I exclude all folders associated with DAW work, including my plug-in folders, sample folders, loop folders, project folders, audio folders, and the Cakewalk program folders. Because, you know, otherwise Windows Defender would be doing its duty to protect my computer from potential harm lurking within "Luna 2020, Snare, Rec (95).wav" and "iZotope Iris2.vst3" by adding another layer of computer processing to the disk reads. And....speaking of privacy and disk activity, I found another wonderful Win 10 thing it does. This was after I put a new SSD in my main system, yay, and I switched it over to UEFI booting, which, BTW, if yours is still doing it the BIOS way, look into it. I found that not only did it speed up the boot time from "what I remember as being standard Windows bootup time from about 2005" to "holy crap I looked away and it has the screen with the baby elephant on it!" but it somehow made it so that Windows 10 recognizes my hardware better somehow. It sounds odd, I know, but I was able to run newer versions of my graphics drivers and so forth once I made the switch to UEFI. It's not for the fainthearted, and for sure have an image backup ready, but I found it to be worth the trouble. Anyway, after I switched to UEFI, I checked to see what all the disk activity was about with the computer just sitting idling. Using Process Monitor, I looked at exactly what the file activity was about and saw that the SYSTEM process was responsible for dozens of log files constantly being written to the Windows\system32 directory. Dusting off my decades-old Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer training, I launched Event Viewer to see what that was all about and in addition to the usual Application, Security, and System logs I knew from the Windows NT4.0 days, under the hierarchy Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows there was this HUGE list of log files just logging away all day long. When I opened some of them, it was just mundane stuff like this service stopped or started or something occurred, and none of it was information that was of any use to me whatsoever. It's not like I'm going to troubleshoot my system by going into the logs subsystem and reading them, so what they are basically is Microsoft checking on how well my computer is running for their own purposes. Which, hey, I don't care about that in and of itself, happy to help if that's all there was to it, but they are degrading the performance of my computer and shortening the life of its components by doing so. If they asked me "would you like to help us improve the product by sending anonymoust weekly reports?" I might consent to that. But instead, without asking me, they set my system up to do writes 24/7 and then spew the results to their data collection servers at unknown intervals. Um, no. Here's how to turn those logs off. In the Event Viewer, click the >'s until you've opened Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows. In all of those you will find logs. Click on them and you will see whether they have been active or not. Right click on the log icon and you'll be able to disable/enable the log. There are hundreds. I know of no way to disable all of them at once. I just go in every so often and do a bunch. Oddly enough, I found one category, Audio, that had logs I wanted to enable. One of them, Glitch Detection, seems to log about 4 of them a day. The others say the usual "audio device state changed" like I'm going to have to look for my Firepod in Reno or something....
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    "Blue Rondo ala Turk" - Dave Brubeck Quartet When I was a kid we played at a Muscular Dystrophy telethon. We played right before the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Backstage after the gig, Paul Desmond the sax player was very kind and encouraging to this teenage sax player just cutting his gigging teeth. We played during the commercial break so we didn't get on TV (mom was disappointed) but we loved the experience anyway. This tune for me is infectious. When it goes from 9/8 to 4/4 it makes the swing seem even more intense, and Paul's alto sax lines are just brilliant (the rest of the band excels too)
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    I mentioned earlier that I thought the Freeware threads should be stickies. I think it might be worth the mods reconsidering this?
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    LOL!!! Figured that would draw some feedback! 🤣
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    Welllll, we're now getting into the territory of armchairing the parent company's marketing plans/strategies, which I try to stay away from in this area of the forum, but since it's sort of on topic at the moment, I just discovered a site called splice.com because they partnered with iZotope to give away licenses for Ozone 9 Elements (go go go, it expires on June 5). They're in the business of peddling loops, and maybe getting their feet wet in the plug-in business. They intrigued my because of their resemblance to BandLab, although coming from it from a different angle. Building a community where people can collaborate using the tools that the company provides to them. Splice's revenue stream is, shall we say more "front facing" than BandLab's at the moment, but I keep in mind that there are large companies that spend zillions to just keep their brands out there via television commercials and sports sponsorships. If BandLab, who sell musical instruments and electronics, are just building their brand by giving away DAW's, it's still way cheaper than sponsoring the Rose Bowl.😊 BandLab attracts users to their site with their DAW's, the iOS and Chrome versions of BandLab and CbB which is a work in progress as far as integration. And let me mention that the perspectives of @E-Wolf Music are very interesting and welcome to me because I think he's the first user I can think of who has explicitly mentioned that he's experienced with the existing BandLab platform and coming at it from that side rather than the other direction. Splice has a curated list of free plug-ins on their site, all of which are included in our freeware threads.
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    In my case, toggling power to the USB MIDI interface off/on after booting also reloads the driver properly. So it's not necessary to reboot. But I suspect your issue is different. Here's thread that might help you find the cause of that error message, specifically: http://forum.cakewalk.com/quotthere-is-not-enough-memory-availablequot-prompt-when-utilizing-samson-keyboard-m3595932.aspx
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    Great deal on these magazines. I bought a handful and will probably buy more copies of CMM. Hard to go wrong if you see an article you like. What's BitWig 8 track? Is that their trial version? That looks like a free download.
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    They ARE considerably smaller. You figure that's around 1 Gb per drum kit, and there's a LOT there for being 1 Gb...
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    Gee!... I thought those physical modeled drums would be way smaller than conventionally sampled drums.
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    Loooooove SugarBytes. Egoist is the first one I got from them. Came with a large library of sounds. Pretty good indeed.
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    50% off almost every plugin and 20% off all bundles The sale is valid from May 11th and will last only until May 12th at 21:00 (Italy time). Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for half the price! Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com to get the special prices!
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    Yeah, those are the ones, Jesse. He wanted the Adams though but I could convince him
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    I started to watch this Richard Thompson last night as a live stream but the audio and video was totally out of sync so I will watch this on demand version later which seems to be fine.
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    Sorry, I should have checked the name. "Aidan O'Driscoll" plenty of hints on offer, a fine Irish name it is. I'll check out that site because I'm a big Thomas Dolby fan, and that's what we do.
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    beautiful guitar tone. Easy to listen to.
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    Felt like it took too long to get going and some parts were too drawn out, but have to say I was impressed by how all the tracks blended together. Nice job.
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    Last question - "What does BBC Music Mean To You" I put "Expensive"
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    Well, that was embarrasing... I had already downloaded and installed the Assistant, but for some reason it seems that it didn´t want to open it when I clicked the shortcut for it. Only noticed when I closed the webiste. So I had to restart the computer and voila, the assistant launched. That´s why I thought the website was the "assistant" at first So today´s lesson for me...don´t start messing with stuff like this in the middle of the night..."I will just do this and then go to bed"....Yeah right Thanks a lot for the help!!!
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    Completely disagree with the OP In 20+ yrs of using Cakewalk in one form or another I think the ONLY bundled VST / VSTi plugin(s) that was worth my while was Z3TA+ and the 2nd version ....the rest was just bloatware to me. Tried briefly and then discarded. Personally when I want to find the best free plugins ( or paid ) for a particular task, l just Google it and see what options there are. I can't say I've ever used anything on your list because they don't really suit the way I work. Or I already have something similar that works for me. Whilst I've a ton of paid for stuff I've acquired over the years I'm not knocking the free stuff as some of it is great. I love OTT and ADSR Sample Manager and Zebralette But I don't particularly want or need anything off your list. Because it's your list. And I'm not you . And how I make music is not the same as how you make music. And why I write music and where it ends may be completely different to what you do with yours. I say let the Devs concentrate on the DAW. Keep in the installer lean and mean. And let the users find their own free or paid for stuff that fits the the music they make and how they work. It's a big world out there.
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    Thanks, downloading them now...
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