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    Get iZotope Ozone Elements 9 FREE at sweetwater USA only https://www.sweetwater.com/feature/ozone-elements/
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    We gave 30 JamPoints if anybody was making purchases anyway, to defray cost for those folks. Otherwise, we realized we had just released 4GB+ of free sound content (not a demo) and have free versions of our flagship software products for guitar/bass, mixing/mastering, etc that have gear to be able to make music completely free during this time. Having our headquarters in Italy made this hit home really hard and fast and we're definitely not taking it lightly nor trying to profit off of a crisis by any means. We give a realistic status via this news item on our site as well as what free software people can use while they are stuck inside. We also live stream daily and we field questions about how to live stream for those who are trying to stay making their living with music whilst their gigs, lessons, recording at a studio, etc are cancelled. We do have a surge of interest in our iRig Stream and such because tools like iRig Stream do help people give lessons and stream their music online but that surge was organic and not having to do with anything we would ever do to exploit such a situation that has hit us very hard (and I know it has hit everybody hard - just imagine the worry we had when Italy's cases and deaths grew multiple times over one weekend, worry for our friends and families... and then it just continued to get worse across the world - that's not the kind of "we are not alone" that we want to see we want to see things get better). Honestly, the streams are also a nice diversion and it is nice to see some of the artist guests talk to fans while they can't do so directly on tours etc. Of course my colleagues and I want to stay in business and that will be challenging for just about everybody on our planet at this point, we enjoy what we do and want to keep doing it but also want everybody including our friends, family, IK users, any human beings and creatures of all sorts to pull through this with their health and livelihood intact.
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    Wellllllll .. lets say, IF you were living in the USA what address would you like to be living at for the purpose of this 😉
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    Now why can't every site work like that one - clicked on Buy Now for Oriental Toolkit and it downloaded straight away! 🙂
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    https://www.httmusic.com/orientech-k.html https://www.httmusic.com/htl1.html It is also running an "indefinite" 50% off sale on all products and bundles. The sale is applied at checkout. https://www.httmusic.com/index.html
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    Just really getting into my Apollo Twin recently since I finished my new build. I really am surprised at how good these plugins sound. Been playing with the 55 Fender Deluxe. Man that thing is sweet!! With the Unison Technology, my Les Paul plugged into the Apollo... one of the best amp sims I have ever played!! Agreed Zo about the 10 bundle. But also agree with Craig! Man if the ol lady found out I spent $1k on plugins.... I might not be posting anymore!!
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    Beenbeta testing this , now i can say it's beautyfull
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    What sold me for UA (because like you @jesse g I stayed away too!) was the Unison Technology. I knew what it was suppose to be, but until I got it and started using it, I really didn't understand the length that they went to to get it right. Example, I can plug my guitar into the Apollo and it knows it's a high impedance instrument, and then it automatically sets the input impedance to match the amp sim that I am using! And I get the same gain staging in the amp sim that the real amp has. And that works! It really feels and reacts like a amp. Now take this same interface, plug a mic into it, load a console strip plugin, and presto... now the impedance has changed to match that console sim! Along with it's own unique gain staging. I haven't tried the console strips as much as that Fender amp, but if it works the same (as I expect it will) I'm gonna love this thing!!
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    Yeah, right! And I just had a small piece of turkey and a salad at Thanksgiving.
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    ...and my mix will be perfect!!! Larry, please help!
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    The main plug-ins I use at the moment are 1) The Glue 2) Arturia Compressors 3) Arturia Pre Amps 4) McDSP Compressors 5) 2CAudio Aether Reverb and Valhalla Reverbs 6) Eventide delays and processors including Ultrachannel 7) Arturia delays and reverbs 8 UAD Neve EQ 9) Soundtoys various 10) Kuassa Amp Sims 11) Sonnox Oxford Envolution 12) Various Nomad Blue Tubes EQ's 13) Izotope Ozone8 I have others but these are my first port of call sort of thing. Pseudopop - you can hear our music at this link https://www.youtube.com/user/DevineLie/videos Nigel
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    I need 1,000,000, more plug-in and then my mix will be satisfactory! 😆
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    And yet another: MADONNA Presets attached .. INTO THE GROOVE Madonna Arturia Presets.zip Yummie .. that BASS is nice in the Jup
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    Do they emulate musicians too, or just bass players?
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    Spent a bit of time extracting the ARTURIA presets from various free downloads at: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US I have attached a zip with all that work done for ye. IF you want it .. feel free to download, of course at own risk, check with your AV .. fine this end though but check for yourself I have not checked them all .. so take as it is given .. SCROLL DOWN A FEW POSTS AND I ADDED 2 ZIPS WITH SYNCLAVIER PRESETS ( SYSX ) Reverb Arturia Presets.zip
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    Don't eat spicy Korean meatballs. When someone tells you that they really are the dogs bollocks, that isn't a recommendation.
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    This just popped up on the PA Facebook Page
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    Haven't had a chance to play with this but it looks like another nice tool for the electronic musician's tool box. I use programs like this for painlessly authorizing/licensing my plugins before I run Cakewalk's VST plugin scanner. I'm sure there are other free VST hosts but these are the one's I'm aware of: SaviHost: https://www.hermannseib.com/english/savihost.htm 32bit, 64bit, VST2 & VST3 versions available. As well as versions with or without virtual keyboard. https://www.hermannseib.com/english/vsthost.htm can load/chain multiple VSTs One of the first free Stand-alone VST host programs that has been updated multiple times. Still viable and useful. Image-Line's MiniHost (has been in perpetual beta but solid program) Download: https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1919&t=123031#p893663 Details: https://www.image-line.com/support/flstudio_online_manual/html/plugins/Minihost Modular.htm VST2 - 32 & 64 bit versions, no VST3 support. Has virtual keyboard. You can also create/test plugin chains Also has a VST2 plugin version so you can use your chained creations in your DAW. Currently this is my favorite standalone VST host because you can create a desktop shortcut and then drag&drop a VST (*.dll file) on the shortcut and it'll load it up. Quick & painless way to test or authorize a plugin. Carla (I haven't used this one, but have heard it mentioned on multiple occasions) https://kx.studio/Applications:Carla Carla is an audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats. It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI CC and full OSC control. Currently supports LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, VST2/3 and AU plugin formats, plus GIG, SF2 and SFZ sounds banks.
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    https://curiositystream.com/ If you like your documentaries, your discovery channels and all that, this is a no brainer ... Princely sum of $12 for THE YEAR. Was keeping an eye on this for a while .. so jumped for it last night. Watch on your phone via the app, stream via app to your chrome cast or smart TV, cast via Chrome Browser on your desktop and so on Go Here to see the categories and click on them to see shows available under the respective category: https://curiositystream.com/categories Once in a category keep scrolling down and more shows will come up as you scroll down
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    Enlisting a youthful chamber group made up of male & female vocalists, V CHOIR by design is a creative and affordable add-on to any composers audio tool box. Powered by advanced scripting features within Kontakt, V Choir does not incorporate sampled vocal phrases, but a selection of sustained vocal elements – Sah, Tah, Voh and etc. Special features include - Mod controllable sample start (removing all constants) Sample offset polyphonic legato Creation and storage of custom vocal verses Attack and release control per vocal step real-time playback sequencing In addition, Bela D Media has included a free copy of Scoring Noise Pro to add realism to all your MIDI performances.. FULL VERSION DOWNLOAD FOR KONTAKT Price: $49.99 USD To learn more, please visit https://www.beladmedia.com/v-choir-by-design/
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    If you're a dog person, check out "The Science Of Cute". It's fascinating. 19 minutes. I get CuriosityStream free through my cable company. I'm dropping them for straight streaming, so we'll see if they figure out I quit Suddenlink and want me to start paying (which I'd be OK with). CuriosityStream is great later at night when you don't want to start a 2+ hour something.
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    I will add, this still may be too small. My projects are on a 7200 rpm drive and I recently had to bump my playback buffer to 1024 to handle a problem I was experiencing. My guess is the laptop is using, at best, a continuously spinning 5400 rpm.
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    You click "Subscribe" which will give you the 3 issues for $0 option...but it can only be used one time... and it might be over IDK...
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    You pay peanuts you get cart filling monkeys! 🙂
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    True , but the sad truth is that we easily soend this a year on 29 euros plugins and other updates , upgrades ect ...
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    Daryl / Lynn Great stuff guys, enjoyed this a lot You should do some more together Cheers Nigel
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    Just got it for ÂĢ5.86 after using ÂĢ3 of virtual cash. There were no crossgrade checks that I noticed, it just used an iLok activation (although I do have MPS 3 installed including R4 and Nimbus).
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    THAT is exactly what I said in the support email I sent...LOL
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    If they can't even run a website, why would you trust their plugins in your DAW with your music?
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    Starting from April 4th and until April 8th every HoRNet plugin (except the new Total EQ) will be available with 60% discount, all the bundles will have a 30% discount. Have a look on the countdown on our website to not miss the change to get our plugins for less than half their original price. The sale is valid from April 4th and will last only until April 8th at 21:00 (Italy time). Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for more than half the price! Just go to http://www.hornetplugins.com
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    Having bought a coronaload of plugins for mixing, here's the ones I actually always use. . . EQ = Fabfilter ProQ3, Maag 4, Oeksound Soothe Comp = Waves API2500, the Glue, Softube Drawmer s73. (Limiter = Fabfilter pro-L 2) Specializers = Softube Tape, Zynaptiq intensity Modulaters = Waves Brauer motion, Soundtoys echoboy and filterfreak and Microshift Reverb = Seventh Heaven, Breeze 2, Spaces What am I missing out on???
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    I can't even help myself..... ðŸĪŠin that department
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    Yeah...I was trying to get the ones I don't have and after I add the 5 to the cart and go to checkout they've changed. So I try to delete the ones that are wrong and it adds like 12 more... Not good...but I would like to get the ones I don't have for 5 GBP...
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    Absolutely Cart is automatically filled and emptied by something random
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    Danger! Danger! I refuse to demo FF because there is no way I can afford to buy them...
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    This is what I want to listen to when I'm in the outer bay airlock preparatory to my spacewalk to go pry the Neptunian Squid off of the starboard sewage port. sonically, 10/10. cheers, -Tom
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    For years, these drum machine samples were free at this site: https://samples.kb6.de/downloads.php I've seen a lot of these "developers" repackaging them to "commercial" libraries. Even sold on eBay. Bunch of rip-offs. I donated most of the E-MU stuff.
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    Nice to see @ChernobylStudios happy with Cakewalk again. Scott, I posted a comment (as Euthymia) on the video regarding bus strip width. I thought the video implied that it wasn't possible to narrow bus strips, but that's only true when you do it from the pull-down menu. It's doable if you use the right click context menu, you do know that, correct? The way you rip around in Cakewalk it should only take you half a second to narrow and widen all of your bus strips if you use shift-click to select all of them.
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    Hi guys , heres a track from last year I had on samplitude I transfered it using wave fills and then mixed it on bandlab adding a few bits`n `pieces , its inspired by a Ken Loach or a Mike Leigh film about a disfunctonal famliy a down to earth great film, I didnt really know that this film had inspired me untill it the song was finished and after about four or five months later I realised .hey its about .....that film If only i could remember the name of that film , its driving me nuts
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    Just a bit more - it turns out his laptop was built to support Intel Optane, but that slot is not populated. So the slot is there, it's just a drive and a screw to boost the disk throughput and drop disk latency firmly down into the "Silly fast" range. Great chat, BTW!
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    And use it to get your crossgrade Excalibur for $9.99
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    @emeraldsoul Thank you Tom, nasty things them Neptunian Squid's, sorry for the delay I have been trying to arrange food deliveries.
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    I usually install them in a folder with the company's name. Helps me keep track of them. Keep in mind that 32 bit, and 64 bit VST, and VST3 plugins go in different locations.
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    I have done this for quite a while converting commercial tracks to MIDI files - using a yamaha MU series module as the playback synth. To do this, you gave to listen intently to each instrument to get the right sound. Of course, it helps if you have deep knowledge of the synths that your using to reproduce the track. If you are using hardware synths, as well as getting to know the patch list, be prepared to scrutinise the SYXEX commands and controllers available for that synth. What I try to include is, obviously the correct sound - but you may need to apply LP or HP filters to get the sound even closer. This can include individual drum sounds (If the synth is capable of that) I have noticed that most commercial tracks track have subtle tempo changes throughout - so be sure to include these. I have a program that grabs a tempo of a section of a commercial track at a time. By the the I have completed the track, it includes a tempo map that pretty much matches the original. Also, layers can help get that fuller sound. Then there are effects - reverb would play a prominent role here. Note: I usually do not put much reverb on the base track. Also, if you have a strong base drum - lose the reverb on that as well - otherwise the track can get a bit muddy. One last thing I can suggest is never quantise anything 100% (Unless the genre calls for it - like most EDM)
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    I'll see your Waylon Jennings reference, and raise you Gordon Lightfoot and Bruce Cockburn. Vocals are really good! The guitars shine as well. Lyrics keep you in the song, to say the least! cheers, -Tom
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    Loved all the various musical performances. I couldn't really understand the lyrics, but I've never understood *her* either.
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