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    We had a filmteam and they made it on the spot. Church and hotel is in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines. And yes, I am sooo happy. PS! Had to log in with Google because I have a new phone and didn't have old login at hand. https://youtu.be/z0QBpk6ZU58
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    I picked up the Simon Phillips packs - but regret it sounds are reasonably decent but I forget have clumsy groove agent is compared to other drum samplers (superior 3). The downloaded clunky and the interface is pretty poor. Edrum/hihat support is circa 1997. Spend that money on S3 packs ....or (a buggy) BFD3 expansion just my opinion obvs but file under “things I will never actually use”
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    Hi folks! Recording yourself in a comfortable environment with good acoustics is crucial - but how can you control your DAW? In this video I show how to control Cakewalk by Bandlab using an Android phone! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/6ndfakrS6Gw
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    Nice! I got Bass Fingers, Bass Slapper, Clavinet, Electric 200 Piano, Electric 88 Piano, Flow Motion FM Synth and OVox Vocal ReSynthesis for $66 (about £51)! Even less than I thought it would be 👍
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    Got Ovox, Clavinet, Bass fingers and Morphoder for a total of 30$ at Everyplugin!
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    Sure, is - just select everything you played on the track, then go to Clips > Bounce to Clip(s) (this is in the menu above the track pane, not the main menu at the top of the screen). And that's it
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    This is my aggressive, all-brass nonette "Brassilia". (three trumpets, three 'bones, two Fr. horns and one tuba.) Larry Graham Alexander
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    As @cclarry always says: everyplugin.com for ANYTHING waves related, including upgrades etc etc etc you might be very pleasantly surprised worth an email.....just sayin'
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    It depends on how many, and what kind of vibe you're going for. If it's just a couple, I'd treat them all like a lead vocal - compress, EQ, possibly de-ess and add a little hair with saturation blended in. It's all really to taste. I'd usually go Compression > Saturation > De-esser > EQ, but if it's a particularly "woofy" or bright mic, I'll add an EQ first before the compressor to get rid of the junk I know I won't be using, so it's not affecting how the compressor "hears" it. I'll usually pan each one a little off centre just to give them a little bit of space. On the other hand, if we're talking Queen / Def Leppard kind of layers, the first thing I do is aggressively clean up between any phrases. Those little breaths or lip smacks on the vocals? Multiply that by 50 and suddenly it's super loud and super distracting. Cut it close, crossfade, get it clean. I'll typically separate each harmony part into its own Aux track so if I have, say, 10 layers of vocals singing a particular harmony, I'll run all of those into it's own Harmony 1 sub group Aux track, and I'll pan those fairly wide. I'll repeat that for each harmony part, and then run all of those combined Aux tracks into a Choirs master Aux track. On that, I'd EQ first to remove the crud (there'll be a lot with so many voices), compress, add saturation (being careful not to go too nuts since it's already pretty thick), de-esser (you'll get a lot of sibilance build up) and then an overall EQ for everything. One big tip is to also do a "whisper" track, where I'll dedicate a few layers to whispering the vocal. You'd be surprised what kind of air that adds to the mix. For each of those situations, I'll treat them like a lead vocal with reverb and delay to taste, and I'll usually add some kind of slapback with chorus to fatten it out a little (not too much), each running in sends rather than on the tracks as inserted effects. It's rare but sometimes on the big choir stuff I might add extra chorus or stereo widening effects, if I feel like I'm not getting the size I'm after. A couple additional tips is don't be scared to aggressively high-pass everything. There'll be a lot of stuff you just simply don't hear in context. Adding a little bit of high shelf boost from around 6khz up can also add a nice sheen. If you're finding it's swallowing the lead vocal a little, try dipping the EQ on the choirs around the point where the lead vocal is mostly sitting (say 800hz?). It'll let you keep the loudness of the choirs but give the lead more room to stand out. And finally, if you're planning to do the 60 layers of backing vocal choir thing like I regularly do here, stop and have a word with yourself before you begin. Do you REALLY need this stuff? It's a crazy amount of work that gets old realllly fast when you're doing it! It sounds amazing, but it's not something you want to do "just 'cos"
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    do you mean service center or native access ? I'm not sure service center is still supported. I ask because I find native access one of the best (the best!) of the downloader manager type things. When they introduced service center many years ago I was a bit hesitant but now i really like it. Only negative for me is all the auto-startup apps it installs without telling you - and you have no real idea what they are for. if you are running service center then definitively try native access
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    Normalize by its nature is a look-ahead process - in fact it has to look at the whole of the clip before deciding its level. While this doesn't make it impossible to make it a VST, it would add an incredible amount of latency. The easiest workaround for this is to either: 1. Tracks: Make a copy of your track, normalize the copy and archive the original; or 2. Lanes: Flatten your comp, normalize the comp clip and mute the other lanes
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    I was being a little unfair 😀 - the consoles were $49 last year but as @cclarry and @Piotr point out, if you have a 50 or 75 voucher it’s almost impossible to get a decent deal - the situation is even worse for us in the U.K. as we have to add tax at 20% on top of that not finding them particularly crash prone though ? also if you are gonna buy just one - buy the lindell 80
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    The whole NI Service Center is a major hassle if you have to update libraries. It doesn't remember the install locations while Kontakt does. It makes Waves Central look brilliant.
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    12 months ago these flash sales were $29 - how times have changed
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    I installed cakewalk, tried to activate via bandlab assistant, nothing happened. I uninstalled everything, then re-ran the installation as an administrator, same result, it won't activate. wtf is going on?
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    Buy through a third party dealer, to pay less on top of no payment problem.
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    Become a vegan? (Too soon?🤣)
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    John Too bad we all need to be reminded to get along with our fellow humans, but that's the way it is I guess. Nice to hear some positive words now and then. The jazzy accompaniment fits the lyrics very well. The "disagree/World War 3" pairing is wonderful. (Well, just one of those lyric things I appreciate.)
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    Got several ProductionVoices piano library already. They’re top notch, exquisitely sampled by a Canadian guy called Jason (if I’m not mistaken).
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    Synthesizers and conventional instruments combine in my "Speednik". Larry Graham Alexander
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    Truth. Every woman I've ever been intimate with was introduced to me via my saxophone. I wouldn't know how to meet a woman any other way. My first gig was when I was in junior high school. I was in the school band but after school I got together with some friends and started a rock band. We were terrible, but everybody was back then. We got a gig playing at a junior high dance. There I was on stage, with my best friends, having the time of my life playing the music we tried so hard to cover, and when I looked up, much to my surprise I noticed that cute girl who wouldn't acknowledge my existence in English class was "making eyes" at me! And at the end of the night they actually paid me for that!!!!!!!!! That's when I said, "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life." After being rejected (4F) by the Air Force I went on the road with a rock band. 2 weeks to a month in a different college town playing singles bars (this was before DJs got the youth market). It was the dawn of the free s-e-x age and before the AIDS age so anything you caught could be cured. So let's say I had a lot of fun. I've been playing music all my adult life and I eventually married another musician. She's the best and we have fun on and off stage. All thanks to my saxophone. Just livin' the dream I guess.
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    What are to do without our nuts?
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    Hi Larry, Great playing as always. Thanks for sharing. Good Job! regards paul
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    I don't mean having it as a plug-in. It can still behave like an offline "process," just one that doesn't mess with my audio file. Other DAW's do it that way. The same way that volume automation, edits, phase invert, EQ and most other processing is handled: the audio file sits unaltered on the disk and the DAW applies the processing during playback/mixdown.
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    Fantastic Øyvind. Brilliant video and the color grading was excellent. A memory to cherish forever. God Bless you both in your new life together.
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    Unless you are going to create or modify a theme, the theme editor is not needed. As mentioned above, copy the theme (user themes are files with a .sth extension) into Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes. By default this path is in the root of C:. Once copied they should appear in the theme drop down in preferences.
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    As long as Meghan doesn't try to sing like Yoko, I'm ok with it. 🤣
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    Very nice, enjoyed it.
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    That's the way I do it.
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    I'd like to see a non-destructive normalization function as well. I guess it shouldn't be too hard to calculate the right amount of clip gain increase to set the level curve to the right height...
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    Hey JohnB . . . yes, I remember that Rodney King LA moment, seems so long ago now, and I really appreciate that your lyrics are so positive. Musically , it swings a lot more as it goes along, nice touch with all the horn parts, a very well detailed arrangement.
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    Same here. I'll be fine with Melda, IK, and Izotope. Those are also the most license friendly plugins. Also very little confusion updating unlike Waves.
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    Your songs are so well constructed and sound beautiful.
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    I just found this after watching a video on youtube. I am working on a cover of Peg, and this is what was used on the original. I'm hoping it will work out. Here's the great video on that guitar lead.
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    My product is compost. Is that close enough?
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    The thing is.....I have heard some great composers who didn't have mixing/production chops. So no, production is not composition but in this day and age composers need either someone who can do it or they need to learn to do it. Makes all the difference online (where most music is heard nowadays). Also, it is possible to change composition with production now.........they pretty much go hand in hand IMHO.
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    As a vocalist, cant hep feeling absolute respect ... this work ( and what I've heard on the Tube etc ) pulls me back to the times I was young enough to feel free ..... Thanks ..Great job .. ( and count me in for a fan )💜 ATB Steve
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    Most ASIO devices will auto switch to the sample rate requested by the host when you load the project, but some require you to explicitly change it via the ASIO driver control panel or via a physical switch on the audio interface. Also note that changing the value in preferences only changes the sample rate for NEW projects. i.e if you load an existing project that is already locked to a certain sample rate, changing the default sample rate value will only affect NEW projects not the currently loaded one.
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    There should be no changes in audio quality at all - the audio should be exactly as it was. It just looks zoomed out if the tempo is set to a slower amount.
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    All true. And I guess that everybody works differently. Personally though, I found just going through the whole of Groove3's SONAR tutorials was a huge eye opener for me. Even if you only watch the first few minutes of each chapter, you get an idea of what's available, and idea of what tool does what. Then when you have a particular need for something, you know what tools to delve into it deeper. But even with basic operations... for decades I've been using more or less the same methods of editing that I did back in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9... these tutorials showed me a bunch of stuff I didn't know was there, and has radically sped up my workflow.
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    For the sake of folks who may at some point in the future find themselves in a similar pickle, perhaps you could share how you resolved the issue?
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