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    Here: https://sounds2inspire.com/sektor_wavetablepack/
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    I picked this offer, because I am also interested in such plugins. The ones I have now: ERA4 Voice Leveler, TBProAudio DynaRide, Waves Vocal Rider, SonicAnomaly TriLeveler (free) and SonicAnomaly VOLA2 (free). I demo-ed some others above-mentioned, too. I made a lot of tests in Audacity, because there you can see the result very quickly in a visual way and that's extremely interesting. With some settings many of those plugins increase the esses and such stuff immensely and that's not what you want! That's why I compared "usual" compressors to them and with some of them I got better or equal results (TokyoDawnLabs Kotelnikov (free), PSP FETpressor, Lindell 254E, Nomad Factory LM Amplifier LM-662, Cakewalk CA-2A). One of the positive surprises was TriLeveler of Sonic Anomaly, although free it is one of the best Levelers around IMO! Though I have to do deeper tests once more, because the results are extremly setting dependable and I am not yet satisfied with any of those plugins. Yes, you are able to match one short phrase with some of the above plugins, but it is rather difficult to have generalized settings that match the vocals of one song or album, even if you first adjust the loudness (LU) of the phrases. The best levelling is still "doing it manually", but it is so time-consuming! 😟
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    Just a quick tip on a much more functional marker arrangement alternative to what's currently offered in Cakewalk. The marker situation that's been offered in Cakewalk since forever isn't as useful as it should be imo; too small a font to read, text from one marker within proximity will actually superimpose on the text of another.. I found this video maybe a year ago and I'm sure many of you are already hip to this, but for those who aren't.. The guy in the video explains it well, but in a nutshell you use track 1 as your marker track, you input a MIDI note on bar 1 where it's only function is to give you a MIDI clip to stretch, split, color-code etc - it's not set to trigger anything, and in the track view on that MIDI track in that gray bar area immediately before the clips pane (don't know what it's called) where you see some numbers listed vertically.. you click and drag up in that area as far as it will go until the numbers become an enlarged piano roll and this will hide the MIDI note so you just have a clean clip to manipulate into markers, similar to the built-in marker feature in Pro Tools. Just thought I'd post this here real quick because.. well there's no Techniques section. Start @ 1:02:20
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    Sweetwater already has a place reserved for it! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EZBass--toontrack-ezbass-download
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    There's also a 100+ preset freebie called Darkscapes for Sektor available from them. https://sounds2inspire.com/darkscapes/
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    Included in CbB, is the Sonitus EQ. It has been in SONAR for a while. It has a nice 50 and 60 cycle hum setting.
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    I've found using a simple filter or eq plugin can work, with a very narrow eq. Basically knock out everything at 50Hz (or 60Hz if you're in the US). The free Melda MEqualizer is perfect for this. With bass however, it can get tricky... you may need to add automation to bring some of it back in on certain notes (low Bb / B for 60Hz) so you don't get quiet spots. If the bass doesn't have a low B, you might be fine tho.
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    Superior Drummer 3 is so good, that I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on Modo Drums. But Modo Bass? Woo howdy, that's sweet. Sweeter still will be building the bass line in EZ Bass and playing it through Modo Bass. Or CoreBass Pear. Or one of the many other bass VIs, sampled, modeled or synth.
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    This beats October's National Sarcasm Month by a long shot.
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    I used to get this a lot with old CRT monitors and laptops. I ended up having to turn CRT monitors off during recording, or in the case of laptops run them on batteries. In either case, moving well away from the PC helped tremendously.
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    +1 You might even be able to narrow down the frequency using the QC EQ (Pro Channel)./ Just set a very narrow notch and start sweeping. Mark has the sweet spots above (50-60 cycle) but I find with active Basses, it's higher. 50-60 is what I typically see in "Stratocasters". Single coil pick ups.
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    If the bass track has a region of the waveform which contains only humming noise (no electric bass sound), Noise Reduction in Audacity may be works.
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    Pretty sure that both patience and forgiveness will be required, whether it's cheating or shitting 🙂
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    Life is good again.
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    You can record the audio metronome to a track. This may be useful, for example, if you plan to work on the project in another DAW, or if you simply want more control over the metronome signal. By recording the metronome to a track, you can export the click track as a separate track when you export individual track stems. The first step is to create a new stereo bus that is dedicated to the metronome. Most of the default Cakewalk project templates already contain a Metronome bus. If your project already contains a Metronome bus, you can skip directly to step 5. If your project doesn’t contain a Metronome bus, go to Insert > Stereo Bus to insert a new stereo bus, then rename the new bus to “Metronome”. Click the Metronome icon in the Transport module to show the metronome settings (or go to Edit > Preferences > Project - Metronome). In the Preference dialog box, select Use Audio Metronome, and make sure the Output field is assigned to the Metronome bus. Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box. Right-click the Metronome bus in the Track view or Console view and select Insert Send > New Aux Track. The Metronome bus is now sending its signal to the new Aux track. Arm the new Aux track for recording and disable Input Echo . Make sure the metronome is enabled during recording (press F3 to enable/disable the record metronome). Click the Record button in the Transport module (or press R) to begin recording. The signal from the Metronome bus is recorded to the Aux track. When you are done recording the metronome, click the Stop button in the Transport module (or press SPACEBAR), then disarm the Aux track . Note: If you re-arrange the project or insert meter changes or tempo changes after the metronome has been recorded, you should re-record the metronome in order to be synchronized with the timeline. Post recording: Disable the original record metronome (press F3). This way, the metronome will only be played by the recorded Aux track. If you don’t need to record any additional metronome signals, delete or disable the Aux send on the Metronome bus. You can even mute or delete the entire Metronome bus if it is no longer needed. Assign the Aux track’s Input control to None. Finally, rename the Aux track to a more descriptive name, such as “Metronome”. That's it! You can now mute/unmute the Metronome track as needed. In summary: Create a Metronome bus and send it to a new Aux track. Record the Aux track. Mute the original metronome. Mute/unmute the Aux track when a click track is needed. For more information about the metronome, click here. For more information about Aux Tracks and Patch Points, click here. Aux Tracks & Patch Points tutorial
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    Finally, for the month of November, we have a special Thanksgiving MiniPak bundle at 50% off. This gives you all seven drum-set MiniPaks (including DarkSide) for just $29! www.rayzoon.com
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    I have 2 basses. Maybe I should spend some time playing them. The only cost is time. With today's software you can edit the suck out of your playing.
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    I will probably wait till the next TS MAX upgrade sale, then I'll get it. *This was the question I was watching this thread for. Thanks Larry. Haven't really got into MODO Bass yet, so I didn't know if it came with any midi. Bee using ST4 for my bass sounds lately. And ST4 has midi loops with it. To use them is a PITA though. But it does work. You have to work at it to get it to fit in your song. Groove Monkee has bass midi loops too. And they are not bad. use them with ST4 and get good results. But there is nothing on the market that will do for your bass what EZD does for drums or EZK will do for you keys/piano parts. Glad to see this really.
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    I ended up getting Modo Bass on the $99 deal. When Modo Drums hits that price point I'll probably bite too. BUT, EZ Bass seems to be far more appealing. The ability to pick from preset MIDI to build a song is IDEAL. Modo Bass COMPLETELY missed the game on that. But it does sound good for being such a small footprint, which is one of it's only advantages.
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    It works well for me. I don't have any other "leveler," vst, so I'm pretty happy, for the cost of one craft beer in NYC. (tip not included)
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    This is the message thrown by the permissions problem. Either run CbB as administrator or perform the registry edit detailed above.
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    An alternative to EQ is a FIR filter plug-in, a decent free one is available in ReaPlugs.
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    I actually found it quite good on sung vocals, also it`s quite good for leveling out frequency differences. As a real life example, I`m currently working on a remix using a home made acapella (Rx7`s music rebalance) although the extracted vocal sounded decent, there were some areas that had tone changes because of frequency differences, obviously due to the nature of the extraction, but by using Voice Leveler I was able to minimize that effect by using the "Emphasis" button, which leveled out the tone quite nicely. All in all for the price of the Voice Leveler is well worth it. To me the compression part of the plugin sounds similar to the compression in Waves R-Vox, but with a couple of extra features, namely emphasis and breath control.
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    Still available here : https://web.archive.org/web/20190429113503/http://sonic.supermaailma.net/plugins
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    i want Pa vauchers !!! more .... and more !!!
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    I was hoping for something else instead of having 72 copies of Nectar.
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    Haven't used Oracle, but the reviews are honestly suprisingly poor (not the ones on plugin boutique). I have Nebula, I tried it out a couple of times but not sure if it ever actually was used on a project. Unrelated, I've used both Firefly and Glitch on final projects. Other bus comps are better than Firefly but the fact I can install it on multiple machines I own can make transfering projects much easier than some of the alternatives. Glitch was indespensable in getting this "lead/melodyish track" I thought my guitar take was pretty much mundane and worthless without it.
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    And now you’re feeling veeeeery, veeeeery, veeeeery sleeeeeepy... When this clip ends you will go to the Cakewalk Deals forum and buy plugins you don't need and will never use, until your credit card limit is seriously overdrawn or someone hits you in the head with a persuader.
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    Hi! Here's my cover version of the 1972 Spinner's hit I'll Be Around - one of my favorites. @elizabethdarcel on vocals and myself (@steve2k2) on instruments, mix and master. Hope you like it! http://baselines.com/?p=4783
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    Yeah you would have thought the bakers would have seen the value of this and gave us a marker strip that is above or below the timeline. The shortcoming of this example is it will disappear as you scroll down far enough to hide strip 1 and it won't show up in the marker windows of the control panel which is how I navigate markers. But the select-a-section function is real cool so I'm going to have to try this. Hey bakers. We want this.
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    An advanced install of SONAR X3 and older permits installation of individual plug-ins. No need to uninstall anything. It is necessary to run the 64bit advanced install to get the appropriate plug-in as Pentagon I is a DX plug-in. Bridge tech only works with VST plug-ins.
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    You're welcome. 😊 When you said you had used something years earlier, it immediately made me think of the Sonitus plugins. I wish they would update them as they are really nice.
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    Also, check to see if there are noticeable harmonics of the hum frequency.
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    Think they are nice effects on synths. So far I have only tested them on synth but they can add some intresting things to mono synths in particular. I have not tried them on vocals so I can't comment.
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    Thanks for your kind comments John. Glad you liked it.
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    Good deal you got in on there. I like that plugin. Sounds really good.
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    I laugh at that in Live's forum. That's basically what their software is all about. Years ago someone mentioned they like Acid for mixing because of the GUI. People forget there's many people out there that picks something up for their own personal pleasure instead of "you'll never be a producer using Acid". There are hobbyist that can play the shit out of a Squire or Epiphone. I still am amazed the music cranked out using FL Studio, 3xOsc, and stock plugins. Modern Reason users never heard stuff cranked out on Reason 4. I admire those who don't have the arrogance and the gear insecurity.
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    I got the two new EZXs and the SDX. SDX needs to download overnight. Claims 4 hours to download. It's HUGE.
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    Without VAT it`s €29.17 https://www.timespace.com/pages/search-results-page?q=ezx&page=1&rb_collections=All+Products+On+Offer
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    Idk. It is business, but I don't know that they're playing us so much as they're reacting to what was probably an ill-thought out decision with undesirable results: price the product way beyond its actual value and provide vouchers to lessen the sting of the price. They may not have framed it that way but that was the function afaic, and which has now amounted to a little PR headache because people got a little clever w/ the vouchers, but only within the means allowed for by PA - and now PA doesn't like it but this isn't the customers' fault; just not well implemented by PA and now both PA *and* customer will be unhappy. Great. If Dirk wants to put the kibosh on the resale market he could simply end the license transfer ability, and that could be next. I don't doubt it was at least discussed but decided against or postponed as that probably would've been too hasty, maybe even with irreparable alienation because now I can't ever sell my plugin nor can I buy it resale cheap anymore when I used to be able to do both. In that case it'd have been better to never have had vouchers and license transfer ability to begin with, but I wouldn't be shocked if PA ultimately goes that rout anyway so as to "start over" despite the cat already being out of a bag. It's unfortunate this whole voucher deal should alienate a lot of people from the company, but I'm having a hard time sympathizing because afaic the whole idea of this voucher to begin with only existed to help bring their outlandish prices down... you know, maybe reconsider charging $300 for a *flanger* and this nonsense probably wouldn't be happening lol but that's their prerogative. I mean even Waves got a clue a while back. That's testimony to PA lol. And I ain't subscribing to s#!t. I hate that.
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    The craziest thing is that i told them , i want to use my vaucher !!! lol not somebody else one lol I'm not pissed off at all ... i don't like when people give something on one hand take some from you on the other .... and think we're 5 years old dudes ... at least he said "unpopular" , he knows but be like "let's try it anyway and see how it's doing , we will change it later if needed " ....lol it's like a man shitting on a woman , patience and forgivness have limits lol (i know it's extreme as a comparison ) .... anyway i'm really full plugin wise to a degree that some crazy stuff , cheap are released and i don't even dare to get those , MU being an exemple , it sounds better than 50 % of my comps but i don't mind since the other half is solid as f.... !! I 've seen people selling and dealing with their vaucher , if i knew one second it was not working to have several , i would have not tried it and even worst , emailed them to know why it doesn't work lol ... and even worst , as a beta tester that has them as limited NFR for free , trying to buy plugins i use and support someway the devs !!
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    I did try it. In conclusion, ".Instrument Definitions" section is necessary. So the minimum configuration of .ins file for importing is ".Instrument Definitions" and ".Note Names" sections. Now, I can add "Note Names" what I made to the drop down list in the Note Names dialog box! Thank you so much!
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    I was going to say something similar. I know I JUST updated it recently (I was still seeing the "No internet connection detected in my Cubase startup screen) and it was a pretty recent update. I still do hope for something new, especially a new version of Cubase instead of some other tangential product I'm not as interested in. Edit: Also, https://www.elicenser.net will redirect you to the longer URL, I found it easier to remember when I want to check periodically myself. Though this reminder was good to see because I wouldn't have checked for weeks if not months since I just updated.
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    Well, I finally updated to BandLab Assistant v5.10. Thanks for all the suggestions. Here's what finally worked for me. (1) Find where BandLab Assistant is installed; run the uninstaller. (2) Using Opera (which I hardly ever use, but it seems to be a bit "lighter" than other "full-featured" browsers), I went to BandLab and downloaded and ran the current installer. (3) When "Windows Defender" protected me (just one of several pieces of protection software/apps I use), I allowed it (as Administrator of my PC). That seemed to solve the problem for me as it allowed me to OK the new/newest "consent" and now BandLab Assistant seems to work again (without the nag to update/endless fail loop). I had no need to turn off various other protections (which can sometimes be time consuming). Also, no need to power-cycle the PC!!!!! 🙂
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    HI:) You have to make an ins file and name the note numbers like your keyswitches. I'll try to explain the whole process: 1. Take an existing ins file and copy and rename it. In the ins file the note names should have the names of the articulations. Delete all of the rest note numbers or just let the numbers exist. Save it. Important is the name and the instrument definition names. (Just an example) .Note Names [Session Strings Pro] 0=Sustain 1=Staccato .Instrument Definitions [Session Strings Pro] Control=Session Strings Pro Patch[*]=1..128 Key[*,*]=Session Strings Pro 2. In the midi track select the correct output and go to the PRV 3. Right click in the keyboard at the left and choose configure 4. Choose define and then import 5. Choose your saved file and open it 6. Click on your saved instrument definition name and then on OK 7. Close the next window 8. Now you can choose your file in the instrument list. Doesn' matter which Midi Port you use. 9. In the last opened window choose "use this note names" and search the list for your file. 10. Click on OK and your articulations should appear on the left side instead of the keyboard. Sometimes it needs to open some windows twice to make CbB recognize your file. Works for me! Bassman;)
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    They all seem to have a way to try and collect from you in the future. I really like Waves plugins. I'll admit some of the marketing seems a bit confusing sometimes. I'm pretty much invested in the Waves world right now. No real need to update WUP at this time. I don't consider a 240.00 ish price every 4 or 5 years unreasonable to keep all of my plugins up to date. Likely they will have a Black Friday sale, maybe on WUP. I'm not paying a large sum every year. Just because a plugin is expired doesn't mean you can't use it. It only means that it probably has an update or will be due for one. Same as people are still using CW Platinum on older computers....non WUPPED plugs will run for a long time. For me, it's all good. Just depends on how you see it I guess
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