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    Who's gonna need us, guitarists, with instruments like this? /*gone taking piano lessons...*/
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    I love AiR instruments. Been eyeing this upgrade for a while. This instrument sounds so good, it seems I can stay awake all night, going through its great presets and playing... Worth every cent.
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    https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-loom-upgrade While the item says "upgrade from Loom Classic", I installed and activated it successfully without having Loom Classic beforehand. (At that price, I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work, I'll just buy Loom Classic for another 9.99, but didn't have to in the end.) There is a regular Loom II product for 19.99.
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    Get the authentic sound of a vintage steel-string acoustic, expertly recorded with a session pro. PICKED ACOUSTIC expands the acclaimed SESSION GUITARIST workflow with 194 new picked patterns and a much-requested option for single-note melodic phrases. And as a thank-you for using one or more other instruments from the series, here’s 10 € off the latest addition. Just enter the code below when purchasing: (code in email) https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/session-guitarist-picked-acoustic/pricing/?uuh=c5dbbd29a7fc828b97f58e3fd7f87a4b&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=Picked+Acoustic+(Sessions+Guitarist+owners)+c%3Dpickedacoustic+b%3DKomplete+t%3DRelease_PD&utm_content=owned Sounds nice. But I probably will for the Cyber Sale, to get it for 50% off. Or wait until I upgrade to Kontakt 13.
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    I've read in a book for my daughter. The behavior is a little different than audio recording. It's like having 1 and only 1 instrument. You are reading and may discover annunciations or inflections that work best as you read. So you double back and read the same part again better. I hit M to mark every case where I want to remove a false-start. When I remove the false starts, it moves the audio to the right. So when I clean it, I work from the end to the beginning, fixing each case and deleting the marker. To do it efficiently, you don't want to have to re-wind and restart every time you want to re-do a section. Hitting M at each case ensures you will revisit them all. The same thing basically works for pod-casts where you are free talking... you want to talk casually and not in a rehearsed way, but this creates a lot of content you don't want to post. You have to have efficient methods for pruning the cr*p.
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    Since it's first DOS release, -when we open the application- Cakewalk always send "turn Local OFF" message (MIDI message CC 122, value = 0) to any connected MIDI device. It's totally fine, considering -when opened- Cakewalk will act as MIDI "soft thru" , bridging the keyboard part and the tone generator part of our synthesizer. Almost every MIDI sequencer software will do the same thing. However, after years of using Cakewalk, I'm a bit tired of having to manually turn the Local ON after closing Cakewalk. Specially when we have many synthesizer connected to the system like I do. FYI, I use my keyboards not only to work in my studio, but also to do gig every now and then in a week. I can not remember how many times I forget to turn the local ON , and the keyboards didn't make any sound on stage πŸ˜… . When the band started playing, and I kept messing with the cables & PA system figuring out what went wrong. Sometime it takes few minutes to reach that moment of "aaah, I forget the Local ON". πŸ˜™ So, my request will be, is there any chance to add an option in Preferences that make Cakewalk send "Local ON" message automatically on exit? I asume it wont be that difficult to program the feature (like automatically sending MIDI CC122 value 127 to every connected synthesizer) on exit. I would be very thankful if it can happen. Regards, James Argo
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    I would not be afraid of that For home producers it is rare anyway to hire human session guitarists but in bigger productions when every minute count it is much faster for producer to hire approved session musician than try to do it with help of libs. Especially skilled guitarist can provide her/his own ideas to extend tune And nowadays many guitarist are prepared in her/his own home to record perfect track and send through net even not seeing destination studio... I am not sure if piano lessons will help anyway I think piano players are in bigger danger. Guitar has so many articulation nuances so in many situations any existing now lib cannot help
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    That does sound really good. At some point, I'll need to get Kontakt6 but it's good that the Kontakt Player will work with this.
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    FREE at Plugin Boutique : Tapestry for Loom Expansion Packs by AIR Music Technology 64 presets. I know nothing about them. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/70-Expansion-Packs/3399-Tapestry-for-Loom
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    Personally I can't listen to anything without a heap of 24k-26k! Everything else just sounds so lifeless. 🀣
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    I couldn't pass up the cheap upgrade to Loom II. 500 new patches, including some great new sounds from Richard Devine. https://www.emusician.com/gear/air-music-technology-loom-ii-modular-additive-synthesizer-defies-the-limits
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    Hi friends! I just wanted to make you aware (in case you aren't), about a series of videos I have made aimed squarely at beginners I hope you will find it helpful, and you can get going on your Cakewalk journey! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ylp_4AhfKtyYYRWyp9B4v2CLm32__9P
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    Curious if anyone is using CbB for recording audio book narration? If you are, any insight into setup, etc. that you found was different from recording music. Thanks
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    I'm sure your dog enjoys the 10 Hz sub sub
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    What I do is when I configure and save a lense, I use Lense Manager to deselect Windows layout for that lense. That way, Windows layouts are solely handled by Screensets. Because I do this, changing Lenses has no effect on Windows layouts.
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    Okay, been watching this. Because I have everything TrackS but the Leslie, it seems a bit guitar-centric for me. Not being a "real" guitarist, I question the freebie option value (although I do love just having stuff!-). Other than the Leslie, of interest is the Lurssen MC and ARC 2.5. I'm wondering if IK would let me get ARC without the Mic since I already have the shh SonarWorks one as I would love to update my ARC which shows as $49 with the Mic but isn't a freebie option. Thoughts?
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    Here's what they list as the features MXL Revelation Our flagship all-purpose mic-superior quality and detail Variable control that lets you blend pickup patterns EF86 pentode tube that brings out a warm vintage sound Flat response that gives pure, natural recordings Mogami cable and wiring for exceptional audio fidelity
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    Here's a review at Recording Hacks http://recordinghacks.com/2010/02/17/mxl-revelation-review/
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    While not official, the support team has been known to reply on weekends. If a case is time sensitive, I strongly urge users to PM me their ticket number. On the topic of reactivation credits, these are only required for those who do not back up their sounds. If you do lose your backed up sounds due to a hardware failure or something of that nature, our team is more than look into each case, they've been known to be very helpful in cases where users loose their backups. Below is the support contact link. Not to be redundant, but anyone who opens a ticket can feel free to PM me their ticket number. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/
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    3 FREE Plugins! XT-ME, XT-TG, and XT-EQ Plugins all with Harrison's Proprietary DSP! There are 2 ways you can get the free plugins. Simply use the appropriate blue button below to download the latest free plugin, the XT-ME (note: go back to your old emails for the previous free plugins; XT-TG and XT-EQ), or for your convenience, we have bundled all of them with our 10 Year Anniversary Mixbus/Mixbus32C offer. Either way, you get free plugins! Get The Latest Version of Mixbus on Sale with 3 Free Plugins Mixbus v5 Bundled with FREE Plugins Upgrade Your Sound to Mixbus32C While You Still Can! Due to popular demand, we have extended our Mixbus32C offer. You spoke and we listened! Mixbus32C v5 Bundled with FREE Plugins Get XT-ME FREE Here
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    I'm posting this response on the 23rd October 2027, but have travelled back in time and altered the date so that it appears to come to you within a time frame that is more agreeable to you. My reason for posting is to congratulate you on getting an actual useful answer on a Microsoft help forum. How did you find someone who actually answered the question that you asked?
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    Nice tips here, @Gswitz and thanks for raising the question, @Mandolin Picker. On my overly long list of potential projects are several specific and general music + VO narration projects. Even though the topic asks about audio books specifically, it seems these (and maybe forthcoming tips, including tips/suggestions from others) would apply to many forms of "spoken word" projects.
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    After that I think you need to put this on and relax πŸ˜‰
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    Behringer are like the Borg. They probably assimilated CE πŸ˜†
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    Oh Nooooo to Mellow Smellow !!! 😎
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    Thanks to everyone who weighed in. After much research, and patient, generous support from a couple of (non-Dell) guys on the Dell Community board, I'm in good shape. Finally! TVR, yes, I agree, it should be simple! WTH!! I had previously done this exact thing on a Dell 8500; only difference is it was a SATA SSD, while this is an NVMe form factor. Had no problem with the 8500. It was six generations old, and the only thing I can figure is that Dell BIOS must have been configured differently back in 2012. The 8930 BIOS does NOT have a way to change the boot order. Everything seems to be locked in a black box called "Windows Boot Manager," and it seems inaccessible (at least at my tech skill level, which is beginner/mediocre at best. I go into a cold sweat when someone mentions "registry" values!) I could see no way to access the in BIOS. Long story short... was able to boot via the cloned SSD -- a Samsung 970 Evo Plus, via Samsung Data Migration software, and installed Samsung Magician and Samsung NVMe driver -- in F12 environment. This is where I COULD manipulate the Boot order, but it's a one-time deal. Booted into the SSD, so I could tell it was working if the machine could FIND it in the boot sequence "tree." Detached the original HDD (which would ALWAYS boot first) and rebooted. It then found the SSD and booted up fine. And is it fast! Shut down and rebooted several times and it found the SSD every time (with the HDD detached). I'm letting things stabilize to make sure things are good. The HDD is sidelined at this point. At some point, I'll re-initiate the HDD to use it for storage, once I'm sure the SDD is rock solid. (I also have a USB Restore stick I created before going down this rabbit hole. The maddening part was... brand new machine. 8930/i9. Couldn't figure it out how to set up the SSD as the main OS drive, and the installed HDD as a storage drive. I KNEW it could be done. Everybody does it! But, at my wit's end, I called Dell technical support, and TWO of their techs told me I couldn't set it up this way because it was factory-set-up as RAID (the Samsung drive required AHCI mode). Whaaaat? That was the first hurdle. Figuring out how to changing the existing setup from RAID TO AHCI. Hmmm... speaking of which, I may have to create another Restore USB, because the one I have was created off the factory HDD with its devilish RAID set up.) Anyway... Finally poised to start making some music again! Was pulling out my hair! IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD, DELL! Thanks again to everyone who weighed in! -- Billy
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    This is a CAL script that I wrote that should do the task. After selecting all the notes, run the script. It asks the nth number of notes to select - in your case , you enter 2 Every nth note will remain selected. (do (int note_number 1) (int even 0) (int nth 2) (getInt nth "Please enter nth note" 2 50) (forEachEvent (if (== Event.Kind NOTE) (do (= even (% note_number nth)) (if (== even 1) (do );exit do (do (delete) (insert Event.Time Event.Chan NOTE Note.Key Note.Vel Note.Dur) ) );exit if (++ note_number) );exit do );exit if );exit for );exit do
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    Thank you! Really glad you like it! 😁
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    Wild Sounds for Games & Picture https://puremagnetik.com/products/filmscape
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    I thought this was hilarious. Unfortunately it's also telling about how social media can be abused. Or maybe it's actually good news, since the fraud was found out. Maybe we're not all as gullible as was feared. Then again, I'm sure you can all cite exceptions to that hypothesis.
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    Still on the original Loom myself and liking it too.
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    There seem to be only two reasons people stick with older versions of software: Technical issue, like not having a compatible OS, not enough RAM, etc. The "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" maxim, and concerns that updating will reveal that there is a technical issue. BUT that problem isn't relevant here, because you can use the two side-by-side. If CbB doesn't work, uninstall it and carry on with Sonar. I kept Sonar on my system after updating to CbB. There was one time I had to use it, to deal with a plug-in issue that was resolved in a CbB fix. Since then, I haven't opened Sonar...kept it on my system only to take advantage of the bundled goodies.
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    They're listening to their bankers lol ahaha
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    I haven't been around for a while, but what a great way to get back in the groove. As usual, your phrasing is just... fantastic. You've got big pockets, Ken. πŸ˜‰
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    Hi Kenny! Really enjoyed that one! Loved your playing (especially the 2nd half which the tone was right up my alley). Although I'm not a guitar player, I always enjoy a good guitar solo (and you had multiple).. Yeah, not a total fan of the ending, but that just means start the song over and keep on funkin.. 😊
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    try instead to left click that little tiny arrow in the corner of the tool. This lets you choose the tool while still keeping the HUD open.
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    My kid said with such disdain, 'this isn't a gaming pc.' But she runs origin with lots of games on my daw. Madden 2020... Fps games i don't know the names of, Sims. My wife and kid can both log in to my daw. I have oracle express and visual studio installed. I don't know what messaging apps people use. We might be short on those. We use r studio to oracle. I use atom for working in text files like sql, xml, json, ts. I run git bash. Daws are cakewalk, mixbus, and rme tools. I don't dual boot. I watch college games with my dad on it, using the internet connection to stream and my alpha track as volume control. In the end my kid has been quite happy using my daw. She still prefers her Switch and that is just fine with me. For my wife, my daw is a printer.
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    1. The feature gap that is obvious when you use other DAWs and then use Cakewalk. It exists, it doesn't mean CbB is "bad." Yes, CbB is fine; maybe even AMAZING for the people who have sat on SONAR for many years and are used to just working with what they are handed. However, there is a pretty sizeable disparity in feature set in core areas vs. many other DAWs due to their superior development momentum and investment from the parent companies. This leads to a product that is less dependent on plugins and/or external applications to work productively (if we can say that). People have been doing Orchestral Composition in DAWs like FL Studio and Ableton for a decade or more. Typecasting DAWs is for the 1990s. Most of them are pretty well-rounded and "generalist" these days - even if they still retain clear historical strong suits - because there is only so much you can do within one niche, and sitting within a niche is not good business. And if you aren't delivering the goods, then users see no point in paying for upgrades (or subscribing/moving up from perpetual to subscription). They will just use their old version, and keep on trucking. There is a decent amount of disparity between CbB and LPX. Just look at the Staff/Score editor that [paying] users had been begging for the developers to fix for probably a decade. Logic is in a completely different league, there. Logic also has much better audio editing than CbB. Cakewalk feels the base of an amazing package, but the developers shifted away from shoring up the DAW itself to bundling Plugins, Instruments, etc. instead 2. Read the forums? Instruments and Plug-Ins aren't worth complaining much about, except for the fact that it is not great for getting newbies onto the platform . Those users tend to prefer to get a decent "package" out of the box so that they can at least have fun making music without having to worry about what they need to add onto it. Stability fixes and small things here and there are nice... if CbB - as it stands today - were a $200-250 upgrade from SONAR Platinum... how would you feel about that? That isn't to say the changes they've made aren't good (and bug fixes are always good). I just think they're overrated, and the development rate is such that the product is still seen as stagnant by most people. There's a reason why the mad rush of cross grade offers after the Gibson announcement was so successful, and most of those people did not come back after the BandLab announcement.
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    In the meantime, you can do this: create a short midi clip, open the Event View and place a single event (cc 122 val 127) in it. Place copies of it in the Matrix view stacked in the same column, make them One Shot, and point each cell to a midi track that goes to a different synth. This way you just need to click the column header to send Local On to all your synths at the same time. It is still a manual solution, but it just takes a second.
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    Thanks for posting
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    If we look closely at the versions of the software featured in that bundle we will see much of the software in that deal are a few numbers back .. ex Studio One Producer 2.0 The thing is ....I do remember those deals ...I think they go back to my SPlat days FWIW . they gave me GAS back then at the time .. Yikes now I'm having GAS flashbacks from the ghost of deals past .. As usual , I wanted that deal back then and didn't have the money ..like I still don't ....πŸ€ͺ Kenny
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    Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying my new role as a Baker. It's a huge change after being in software development management elsewhere for the past 20 years, but I certainly won't miss the politics of my previous job. I've joined a fantastic team of incredibly nice and talented guys, all who are passionate and focused on continuing to improve and deliver the best experience we can for all of you. I'll try to keep as active as I can here on the forums, but I'm still getting to grips with 30 years worth of Cakewalk code, so I may not be quite as active as I once was in the short term. There's a bunch of exciting new things in the road map (as well as some bugs to fix), so I'm hoping my being here will make them a reality a bit sooner.
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    Current setup: I need to redesign the whole top of part of my studio desk. I'll be removing the 2nd Mackie C4, and adding a Yamaha 01X and Alice 828... and I still need to find somewhere to put my GA Pre 73 & Joemeek preamps. And at some point I need a decent electronic kit, rather than my DIY one.
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