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    By the way, this just popped into my head for some reason
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    You'll see... I've pushed for Rockman emulations at least, and for a while. Let's see if I can't get some at least maybe into AT5 You won't for the Brian May presets included. We've made sure additional gear is available in AmpliTube CS (free version) for those that buy only the collection to cover this.
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    So how many other products will we have to own in order to use all the rigs in this pack? That seemed to be a common theme in some others I bought before. "Sorry, you can't load this patch because you don't own this, this and this product".
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    This is not very good deal so Waves is shame of it... And there is why it is kept in secret
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    Do not overlook the EQ 73, 81, PA, and PB. These EQ's give a nice smoothness to a distorted guitar in my opinion. Don't over do it, but a little really adds a nice touch. Turn the input up and adjust output accordingly. And don't discount those Quad plugins. Overlooked workhorses IMHO. I almost forgot to mention the 670 comp. I love that thing on a bass guitar. Just gives it an old school richness. Last but not in the least, the one that got me going on old school EQ's, the EQP-1A Program EQ is perhaps my favorite sounding Pultec emulation I have. And I got quite a few. To be honest, there is not a dud in the bunch of modules for T-Racks.
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    If you drink enough of red wine, then it actually sounds like all of them put together.
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    AIEP3 is the new bitcoin. I bought 150 licenses after the subscription announcement. See you at the golf course.
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    The bottom line that they are missing by a light year is that subscription licensing is for software that gets updated, for heaven's sake! It isn't for a company known for having come out with very little new in the past 5 years, for selling instrument plug-ins recycled from having been bundled with Pro Tools almost a decade ago at bargain basement prices. When they do come out with a new version of one of their instruments, it seems like the user base are kind of underwhelmed, and they wind up once again blowing it out for $20 in a couple of years. It would be like "subscribing" to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have it, I'm fine with it as it is, and there's not going to be any new content. This just illustrates how "differently clued" their operation seems.
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    Don't worry about activation we're not going to leave users out in the cold. You can reactivate any version at any time even today by just logging back in to bandlab assistant. The primary purpose of the timeout is for users to get updates that address bad issues and make it hard for us to support the product. We're still evaluating how and when we'll handle Win7 so nothing is baked yet. Its possible that it may stop getting UI and feature updates but stay static with infrequent fixes. Regarding the crashes, if its shutting down the entire app that looks a lot like heap corruption bugs from plugins that we have no control over. Due to the randomness of these issues it might appear more frequent than SONAR. I really doubt that it is related to the age of your PC but rather something specific to the set of plugins that you are using that is triggering it. If you get a crash send me the dump since more often than not it will highlight the cause. Have you already ruled out bad RAM as being the problem? We are literally getting reports from users who run the application doing heavy production for days without even shutting down the app with zero crashes in 07. This doesnt mean that there are no bugs but we are very much more stable than SONAR ever was.
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    ... but that's Heinz sight for you ☺️
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    Includes over 160 RealStyles in the following PAKs* Rock-Pop 7 Jazz 7 Country 7 Americana 2 Info and demos are HERE *Requires Band-in-a-Box Version 2019 UltraPAK/Audiophile Version Xtra Styles PAKs 1-6 are available for $29 each or $189 for 1-7 This is a really nice set, definitely worth $29 if your BIAB is up-to-date. If you're not up-to-date, it's best to wait for December, when BIAB 2020 for Windows will come out.
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    I got into T-RackS on this round. I got T-Racks 5 and the 670 comp and EQP-1A. I like the 670 on the master bus as well as clean and crunch guitar. I like the EQP-1A on guitar as well.
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    No. You'll get full credit when you register at IK.
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    The 432 for Mastering is AMAZING also!
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    Great points all around. I have to say AMEN to the Quad Series comment specifically. And a deep and sincere thank you for that last comment.
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    Went back to PA to try and figure out what I wanted. To put it bluntly, I am trying to figure out a way to get the new flanger for cheap. So I stick it and two $49 stomp boxes in the cart. I get the 30% dynamic discount. But even with my $50 voucher, it's still over $120. Not happening. Even if I still got the $75 voucher that would still be right at $99 and that ain't happening either. For a flanger? You got to be freaking kidding!!! Right? So I think, maybe put a couple of $29 plugins that I already have that will help bring it down some more. I thought, "Yes, I am on to something!! Larry would be proud of me!!" WRONG! Dynamic discount doesn't work with the $29 plugins. That went below lame in my opinion. Check your PM Fleer.
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    Cliff 'em all! I mean get em all... Let Cliff (RIP) sort 'em out
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    I used the 24 on this track...a shameless plug for a great plugin!
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    Yep, 24 and 80. And the other two.
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    As I mentioned earlier there is no need for undue concern. From our point of view you will be able to authorize even a prior version of CbB indefinitely assuming Win7 continues to run.
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    First, the good news: Windows 10 is just as good at audio as Windows 7. You'll be able to get back to your accustomed performance with a little tweaking. On initial installation, Windows is going to set generic defaults that will work for most people with the fewest problems. Unfortunately, they aren't always best for a DAW. Sometimes, even Windows updates will reset things without asking. (One update killed my audio completely by changing my default audio device back to the motherboard's integrated audio that wasn't hooked up to anything.) There are many Windows 10 optimization guides around that can help, although some give outdated or even dangerous advice. Don't make a whole bunch of changes all at once, and test each change before moving on to the next one. Some of the most reliable guides are from interface manufacturers, such as the ones from Presonus and Focusrite. IIRC, RME and Avid have similar guides. If your computer has a Wi-fi adapter, make sure it's disabled. Windows likes to enable it by default, and it kills DPC latency. Grab LatencyMon as recommended above and see how your computer's doing in terms of DPC latency. There is good documentation on the Resplendence site for interpreting what LatencyMon tells you, and what to do if it reports bad numbers. If DPC latency is low, then your issue isn't with interrupts but rather some background process(es) that need to be disabled.
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    Depending on your tier, get the T-Racks Bundle and / or the latest T-RackS 5 plugins like One, EQual, Master Match, Saturator X, Stealth Limiter, DynaMu and Full Metering. Don’t forget the Leslie. I got the T-RackS one as you can use it as a separate plugin.
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    A huge part of his sound is in his guitar. Are they planning on releasing a Red Special emulator?
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    The Korg nanoKontrol Studio also works wireless (via Bluetooth MIDI). The only restrictions are: You need to use UWP instead of MME in your MIDI config (this may affect older MIDI interfaces if you have any); and AFAIK, only Windows 10 supports Bluetooth MIDI Personally, I use the Korg nanoKontrol 2 with a long USB cable. It's stuck to the wall using velcro right next to my vocal mic.
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    I read that in full-on William Shatner glory. INSPIRATIONAL. (still not gonna happen though)
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    $99.99 at NewEgg Promo code EMCTDVU28 https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-blue-1tb/p/N82E16820250088?Item=N82E16820250088&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=GD082119&cm_mmc=EMC-GD082119-_-landing-_-Item-_-20-250-088
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    I got mine direct from IK and it was $250 using jam points.
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    That's true and you actually reminded me that the remake/reboot actually exists. Most definitely meant the original The music was used quite well as you point out. Of course there was plenty of cheese in there too, I especially enjoyed Rainn Wilson's (Dwight from The Office US) brief appearance. I took my daughter to a panel at a local con once with Hollie Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. Was fun.
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    There's your trouble! I'm gonna pass..... T
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    Let me know if you still have issues. Sometimes issues that may show up in older operating systems are actual problems that may be masked in newer OS's so we still want to know about it.
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    Wait, my email said this secret sale was just for me! Did you guys get the same email? I'm upset!
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    So the "blue" SSD's are their "best" SSD then. Thanks Lars T
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    can they only be used for free jazz?
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    BandLab does own the intellectual property that was owned by the now defunct Cakewalk, Inc.,which includes the Cakewalk branded FX and synths. I believe that Meng, the CEO of BandLab said that they would be looking into making them available. Each plug-in is its own little program that can affect the larger program and must be given the same level of support, so this isn't as trivial as it might seem at first. As you can see, much attention is being placed on bug fixing and workflow enhancement. I favor this approach and believe it shows a bright future. For now, look at the "Favorite Freeware FX" thread for a list of what is now hundreds of freeware plug-ins that are known to work well in CbB. There is a corresponding thread for freeware instruments.
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    The solution was hidden away in the Dell Audio app,which discreetly hides in the background adding spatial sounds and room effects. So for anyone else who may be a Dell owner and finding playback of their CbB mixes sounds totally out of whack compared to how they sound inside the DAW,this is the panel for you.
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    Yes, you nailed it. The idea is that at the end of tracking, for each instrument or vocal or whatever, you'll end up with a Track for each of them, with your various takes in clips in one or more Take Lanes down underneath the Tracks. That's what Store Takes in a Single Track is about. (Sometimes I'll be recording 4 tracks at a time in Loop mode, playing drums (mic'd up kick, snare, and overheads), and wind up with half a dozen takes. If I had it set to Store Takes in Separate Tracks, I'd wind up with 24 tracks) Then I use the various comping functions to cut, copy, paste, move, split, mute, speed comp, however I want to do it, the various clips. This work is done in the Take Lanes, and once you get the hang of it, you can really fly, especially with speed comping, which doesn't even require moving clips around. When you have it all assembled, you can take your comped clips and bounce them to a single clip if you want; I just leave it as-is and commence to mixin'. I might archive some tracks with unused takes if I want to keep them.
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    Wireless keyboard near your performance station.
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    Buy 6 packs of serials is what Bapu dews.
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    I always leave my master bus level slider set at 0. It never moves. I have the limiter in the FX bin but bypassed! I then start on the mix on my tracks with a target of -3 to -6 on the master bus output meter. When the mix is close to what I want I then activate the limiter with the output on the limiter set to -0.3. Then adjust the threshold to your preference. This is the way I have always used a limiter on the master bus. Remember to always put the limiter very last in the chain and if you use ProChannel set the fx bin to pre. This way the ProChannel FX are feeding into the FX bin thus assuring the limiter the very last processor of the mix. Everyone works differently but this workflow has been my foundation for many, many years. Even back in the hardware days.
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    Good score. The Axe I mean!
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    Hi, I had the privilege of having the Bakers use a quote from me in the marketing ad for Adaptive Limiter! This by no means makes me an expert on mastering whatsoever. I can only tell you my experience with AL and hope it helps. I try to set my master bus so it peaks around -6. Then turn on AL. The next step I have found to be invaluable!!! For CD purposes, I heard and read that the limiter output should be set for -0.3!! It seems that some older CD players will start to overdrive if you don't leave that little extra headroom. I know that a lot of you are saying horse hockey to this but I and many of my clients and tech guys tried it and there is a discernible difference. This also seems to help with MP3 conversion as well. For WAV digital downloads you can get away with the output at -0.1. But, as you have found, the master bus sounds better at -6 before hitting the limiter. As I said before, everyone has their workflow. This works for me and I master album releases for pro studios all the time. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Good day all. In addition to following @Paul P instructions witch got me up and running Instachord in Cakewalk by BandLab. I fond this YouTube that gives a little more on InstaChord, you can over look the DAW thanks https://youtu.be/D4dvzoeg5M4
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    Where do I sign up? (said no one)
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