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    One of first my internet collabs from 19 years ago, IIRC Sonar 6. I replaced the drum track, removed the Waves DX versions & remixed using new plugins.
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    Hi All, Long time, no visit. I acquired a Yamaha G3 grand piano last year, and have not spent much time with the DAW since. Just having way too much fun playing, and marveling at the expressiveness and presence of this amazing instrument after playing digitals for 30 years! I've not yet endeavored to record the Yamaha (it's downstairs, far from my desktop DAW), so what I'm sharing here was recorded from a Roland RD-700NX. I mostly did this just to capture the MIDI before I forget how to play it as sometimes happens when I improvise something and then don't get back to it for a while. Like most of my stuff, this will probably evolve over time to have a distinct intro, more variations in chord voicing and rhythm, and maybe a proper'bridge' section, but I think it stands up pretty well as is. Double points if you can hear the MIDI editing 'cheat'. ;^) Cheers, Dave
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    MUCH better choice IMO!
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    OK this is fixed too. Thanks for reporting it. Alright, no more bugs!!! We're shipping it now 😛
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    Excellent moody sounds and nice photos. Space nut's dream come true and then very nice melodies
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    Great song nice visual's, I picked a fine time to stop taking L.S.D.😎
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    The thing about Cakewalk being free is that no matter what DAW people like to use, it's almost certain CbB will have features their DAW doesn't have. So it's worth downloading and becoming familiar with it. For example, I don't know of any program that can do the "drag a piece of music to the tempo track to analyze the tempo changes" function, or does virtual instrument upsampling (or mix recall). The biggest issue with CbB has always been reliability. For example I needed to do something with Waves plug-ins last night, and simply could not get all of them to show up (and for the ones that did, CbB insisted on showing only the 32-bit version). I'll keep trying, but had to switch over to another DAW that handles them without difficulty to complete the task. So I think it's important the developers keep trying to nail down the loose ends, and make the most of what's already in there, before adding too much bling.
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    Oh Shure dangle a fred like this in front of me knowing I can't resist This is a true story sad but every word a fact I can no longer wear my speedos It was because of the following incident of which I to this day have trouble dealing with One day I was at the beach trying to find a lady friend but wasn't having any luck at all. I was wearing jeans and a shirt so I must have looked out of place. I ran into an old friend by the water that I knew never had any problems finding girl friends so I stopped and asked him for advice. He wisely suggested I go to the Swim Shop right away and buy a speedo 2 sizes too small! Then go buy a potato and put it in there. HE guaranteed me it works every time! So I did all that. I thought this is great! I even felt like a babe magnet! Feeling empowered I commenced strutting my stuff up and down down the beach and getting looks from EVERYONE. I thought it was working but people looked at me disgusted or just laughing as I went by. I thought somethings just not right so I found my friend again and asked what the hell everyone’s laughing at me for? My friend looked me right in the eye and said "DUDE, you’re supposed to put the potato in the front”
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    Just reading through all this - as a very basic user I don't understand most of it but what has really made an impact is the responsiveness of the development team to people's comments and issues. Customer service at its best I reckon. I'll probably wait until the issues mentioned are ironed out in the next release / hotfix as I don't even know what the functions referred to are. I'm just happy to be know that the team are on it! 🙂
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    Imagine combining a cello, a warm analog synth, a nylon-stringed guitar, a glassy FM synth and a delayed palm-muted electric into the same riff – easily. Riff Generation: Outside In Edition does this. Based around a set of musical parameters that you control, the engine combines electric, acoustic and hardware synth sounds into one-of-a-kind combinations of melody, rhythm and sound design with the press of a button. Riff Generation: Outside In Edition will be available Wednesday, but take a moment today to checkout what it sounds like.
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    The Izotope deal stole my thunder for this one.
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    Welcome @Boutbeats we look forward to your contributions here. @Craig Anderton if your waves plugins are not showing up its most likely due to an incomplete scan. Waves has hundreds of plugins in the waves shell and sometimes one of them will prevent the others scanning properly. Its really not something within our control. Another You just have to keep running the scanner until all plugins scan properly when that happens. The other issue that occurs frequently when scanning waves plugins is that some plugins will pop up a dialog in the middle of the scan stalling the entire process. Its easy to miss that dialog and think the scan is done when its not. If you capture a scan log by turning it on in preferences, you can see if the plugins missing were actually detected by the scanner which is helpful for troubleshooting such issues. I have the full waves plugins set for testing and see this issue occasionally when I need to do a full scan. Otherwise if you see missing plugins it could be an auth issue with your waves install itself. As far as reliability goes we've made huge strides to solve many long standing issues that affected some users. We're soon going to hit a milestone of a 1000 fixes since Cbb started.
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    Nice one, Kenny. The most fun you can have on an elevator with your clothes on. ;^) Glad this happened to be on the 'front page' when I checked in today. Your friend, Dave
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    Rex, this is not what I was expecting to hear from you, but I like the way you handled this style. Unpredictability is a great asset for any songwriter, and you didn't let me down. I'm looking forward to your next hit!
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    RexRed pop rap? whatever, I really like it. voc needs maybe reverb esp to emphasize certain words
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    Still working on vl70m turbo - I wish Patchman would do it!! I would be glad to pay him! Lol
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    https://help.bandlab.com/attachments/token/Z6OoyVcPulPeh0nFkp4dkSTt6/?name=bug+test.cwp here it is.
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    If you install the Early Access Hotfix, there is now an option to turn this behavior on and off in the Options menu for the Track View. The hotfix also allows for CTRL clicking to override setting the Now Time while the Set Playback option is enabled. You can find the download here:
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    @Keni Waoo @Noel Borthwick Thanks a lot for the work you are doing.. Blessings..
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    We've been continuing to put additional stability fixes in every update, so I'd be very surprised if the original 2018.04 release build was working better. There have been numerous optimizations and fixes in the past year+. Beware staying with Windows 7 forever, Microsoft is ending their support for it in January 2020. We've managed to isolate the problem preventing projects from opening in this update and will be issuing a hotfix for it soon, but the temporary workaround is to disable the "Allow Only One Project Open At a Time" setting in the Preferences (which is not on by default).
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    Noted. I can see the case where in live use you might want to favor safety of not changing playback. Editing workflow can be different which is what I was focusing on here.
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    Hi Noel, I can't speak for @btbrock, but for me I always would click in the empty area to deselect as I edit while the file is playing. I edit multi track voice over, podcasts, etc. and will select a section across multiple tracks and then ripple delete them. Once deleted, I always just click in an empty area to deselect AND allow the file to continue scrolling. When I needed to jump to a specific location, I just clicked up on the timeline. Guess we'll have to re-train our muscle memory. Not a big deal ESPECIALLY since you guys are doing superiorly BANG up Job of continuing all the great things that brought us all to Cakewalk in the first place and continuing to make it better "under the hood." THREE CHEERS FOR THE CAKEWALK TEAM!!! Wally
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    BTW....this was all done in Sonar X3 originally and then the additions were done in CbB just recently....so it's been a work in progress for quite a while. I finally got around to finishing it (for now, because a Mix Engineer is NEVER done LOL)
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    Thank you for this manual! Guys it is updated with the new Cakewalk update! 🙂