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    I enjoyed this. A well written song usually writes itself. One can easily hear a melody without one being there. Great job.
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    $49 is list price, Sale price in cart is < $25 Note: If you already own the Eventide Newfangled Elevate + EQuivocate bundle you already own/have this. Also there are updates release on 7/31 for Windows
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    Hi All, Long time, no visit. I acquired a Yamaha G3 grand piano last year, and have not spent much time with the DAW since. Just having way too much fun playing, and marveling at the expressiveness and presence of this amazing instrument after playing digitals for 30 years! I've not yet endeavored to record the Yamaha (it's downstairs, far from my desktop DAW), so what I'm sharing here was recorded from a Roland RD-700NX. I mostly did this just to capture the MIDI before I forget how to play it as sometimes happens when I improvise something and then don't get back to it for a while. Like most of my stuff, this will probably evolve over time to have a distinct intro, more variations in chord voicing and rhythm, and maybe a proper'bridge' section, but I think it stands up pretty well as is. Double points if you can hear the MIDI editing 'cheat'. ;^) Cheers, Dave
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    One of first my internet collabs from 19 years ago, IIRC Sonar 6. I replaced the drum track, removed the Waves DX versions & remixed using new plugins.
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    Same here Fleer. My account level is "Cheapskate".
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    I've only messed around with InstaChord for a few minutes, but as someone that has played guitar for over 25 years and only spent hours with a Keyboard.....it seems like a good tool for individuals that lack keyboard skills and knowledge to easily play more complicated chords with a more realistic feel. Altering the timing of when each note is hit within a chord that is played takes a bit of time on the "programming side" and quickly switching between some complicated chords (and strum/picking) style patterns takes actual dedication to learning the instrument. To me, tools like this are aimed a little more directly at the non-keyboard players that still want to get some of those parts down, or the experienced keyboard players that want to better simulate guitar parts. I think the Youtuber's I watched fall into the latter that rave about it. The "guitar voicings" with picking patterns certainly gives a feel that from a keyboard player perspective is more difficult to pull off. Those of us that have played guitar for 20+ years, sit here and think, well it doesn't sound that authentic and wouldn't that be easy to play on guitar? That is the crux of a plugin like this, to assist in an area where one's skill might lack in a area. For me, I likely don't have a lot to gain from the guitar voicing piece, but do have something to gain from the Keyboard voicing and chord + action programming. Will see how that works out when I actually invest time with it. Just as I use EZ Keys on occasion to work out an idea from a different perspective. It is easy to fall into ruts when you play an instrument (such as guitar) for a long time and nothing feels new or interesting.
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    OK this is fixed too. Thanks for reporting it. Alright, no more bugs!!! We're shipping it now 😛
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    Excellent moody sounds and nice photos. Space nut's dream come true and then very nice melodies
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    Just reading through all this - as a very basic user I don't understand most of it but what has really made an impact is the responsiveness of the development team to people's comments and issues. Customer service at its best I reckon. I'll probably wait until the issues mentioned are ironed out in the next release / hotfix as I don't even know what the functions referred to are. I'm just happy to be know that the team are on it! 🙂
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    I have it Antler and it's quite nice, and does what it's supposed to do!
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    I was hoping no one would ask that.😁 For many and they are right an RMS of around -12 dB is often used. However, my view is let it be what it is. I see no reason to adjust it up wards or not because it isn't at a proscribe level. To me if the over sound is good and nothing is close to clipping yet it is fine otherwise why doggedly force something where it really doesn't want to go simply to do what some others do? I think we should view any of the target dBs as guidelines not hard and fast rules.
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    Same here! Also note that the Elevate Bundle also includes the Saturate and Punctuate updates so no need to download these separately if you are downloading the Elevate Bundle update.
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    Thanks Joad! The project was originally 16b 44k now 24b 44k. The sax 256 mp3, guitars were 16b 44k, new drum track is 32b 44k, I used Cake's up sampling feature on most of the plugins. Rendered it to 96k 32b, then mastered to 16b 44k.
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    Winter. The Band: The night they drove old Dixie down.
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    Cheepnis by FZ https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/frankzappa/cheepnis.html Frankenstein, Edgar Winter Group
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    Just took another listen and this one sounds cleaner. I really can't remember the details but the first thing that hit me was this version was more up front and in your face. On a side note: Who did the the vocal bkgrd (kinda gospel feel) at the end of the song? That was really nice.
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    Who do those stars think they are smashing a perfectly good piano
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    Run Bandlad Assistant to update!
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    Yes they sure are! Never seen this many fixes in a release in a very long time. Last time I think this many fixes was included in a release was when they did yearly updates!! : ) They must be working their *****es off!!
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    Jesse This is the best song I've heard from you. Great interplay of whatever you did with the vocal track and sterling drums. Really like the drums.
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    https://insessionaudio.com/products/riff-generation-outside-in/ $99.99 - MSRP $249.99, Sale ends Aug 11th. or get Riff Generation Combo Package (Riff Generation and Riff Generation - Outside In Edition) for $199.98 Note: THERE IS NO OVERLAP OF MATERIAL BETWEEN EITHER VERSION OF RIFF GENERATION
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    Very cool. I was happy with the Fender 2 collection for 1/2 price, now I have Amplitube 4 and the Fulltone collection to boot. I think I'll also get Amplitube Leslie.
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    My guess is you used default installs. If this is the case, the installers will tell you where the plug-ins are located. There are a couple of common locations already mentioned in the thread but VST2 plug-ins have no formal standard install path. VST3 provides a standard location but most if not all of the plug-ins you list as missing are VST2. iLok should matter as long as the plug-ins show they are activated in the iLok License Manager. Hopefully you remembers to deactivate the the plug-ins that stored their licenses on the computer as this is a new install requiring new activations. The dongle won't have that problem.
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    I like it Jesse! It almost has a "Bond, James Bond" feel to it!
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    Or 40% off in the December Wish List?
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    The Izotope deal stole my thunder for this one.
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    Well done, Larry. No excuses necessary. A thoroughly excellent effort, and enjoyable listen. Chapeux!
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    All of the above. I really like your style. and the cover picture😁
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    Rex, this is not what I was expecting to hear from you, but I like the way you handled this style. Unpredictability is a great asset for any songwriter, and you didn't let me down. I'm looking forward to your next hit!
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    Ah I see, talking about "Files of type" of the file open dialog window on Cakewalk. Yes, .midi extension is filtered out. It's a problem. I believe it should be fixed easy.
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    RexRed pop rap? whatever, I really like it. voc needs maybe reverb esp to emphasize certain words
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    The fact that you're concerned about this issue indicates you don't want to release your work with this amount of distortion on the CP-30. Nothing suggested so far in the thread will actually eliminate the distortion. I'd say it's time to fire up whatever synth you still have, play the part again, and consider this a lesson for the future.
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    I find that the iZotope Portal, even with their instant 'wait! here's a coupon' always costs me significantly more than JRRShop or other discounters. The same $125ish deal mentioned in the OP is $141.55 on iZotopes Product Portal (that's with a 5% off coupon offered when they got worried about my procrastinating to purchase). Hopefully YMMV, but I've stopped even looking there except to get a base price reference.
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce the following winners: Melodyne 4 Studio • Ryan Sleeper Melodyne Essential • Phil Balliet • Ernest Foo • Michał Gieniusz • Jan Van Schalkwyk • Scott Yap And a huge, heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🎉🎉🎉 Your friends, The Bakers and all at BandLab
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    I don't mind the new behaviour, My idea woud be to have the ESC key as a universal deselect shortcut - I don't think it's used for anything else and is easy to find without releasing the mouse for righties.
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    Grem, I listened to this twice because it just happened to fit my mood. A piano and guitar are like bread and butter to me. Man, I can hear the hours and years in your playing. That's just naked soul. Cool!
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    Thanks for the great feedback and reports all. We now have an early access hotfix build available that fixes known reported problems so far. If you are affected by any of the issues listed go ahead and install the build. Its identical to the 07 release with just these changes. We plan to release the final hotfix a little later after we address a few more issues. Please continue to give us feedback on this release in this thread. New option to enable/disable setting the now time during playback via Track View Options > Click Behavior > Set During Playback @Walter Treppler and @btbrock this new option should allow you to switch back to your workflow.
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    Fix coming up for that Keni. Its related to having the option on for only opening a single project at a time.
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    Noted. I can see the case where in live use you might want to favor safety of not changing playback. Editing workflow can be different which is what I was focusing on here.
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    Apologies, I was using Locked in that context to mean Justified/Centered, not just the order locked.
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    Hi Noel, I can't speak for @btbrock, but for me I always would click in the empty area to deselect as I edit while the file is playing. I edit multi track voice over, podcasts, etc. and will select a section across multiple tracks and then ripple delete them. Once deleted, I always just click in an empty area to deselect AND allow the file to continue scrolling. When I needed to jump to a specific location, I just clicked up on the timeline. Guess we'll have to re-train our muscle memory. Not a big deal ESPECIALLY since you guys are doing superiorly BANG up Job of continuing all the great things that brought us all to Cakewalk in the first place and continuing to make it better "under the hood." THREE CHEERS FOR THE CAKEWALK TEAM!!! Wally
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    Hi @btbrock we added the ability to click to change the position during playback since that is the most intuitive and fast gesture to quickly change playback position rather than requiring the user to click on the timeline. Most other programs also do this. May I ask why deselecting during playback is more important than this in your workflow? Also you can deselect using the select NONE command or any keybinding for it. Currently you can press CTRL Shift A to deselect or press the numpad 5 key (with num lock off) to deselect all. There is no preference for this behavior...
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    BTW....this was all done in Sonar X3 originally and then the additions were done in CbB just recently....so it's been a work in progress for quite a while. I finally got around to finishing it (for now, because a Mix Engineer is NEVER done LOL)
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