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    2019.07 Early Access 2 (EA2) installer now available! Our sincerest thanks to those of you who have provided feedback on Early Access 1 - your support this week has been fantastic! We've addressed more issues and found opportunities for additional refinements as well. We invite you to try out the latest updates in EA2. Please note that Early Access installers are update installers, which only update from a specific version. Please choose the installer that applies to you: If you are updating from Early Access 1 (EA1): Download Cakewalk 2019.07 EA1 to EA2 installer If you are updating from 2019.05: Download Cakewalk 2019.05 to EA2 installer If you haven't already done so, please read about the Early Access Program before participating. Thanks again for your participation! The Bakers New in Early Access 2 Improve Time Ruler marker/loop/punch/selection handle feedback while dragging User reported crash on launch Change title capitalization in Preferences dialog If Notifications are turned off, Check For Updates menu item does nothing Regression: Using 3 monitors causes notifications to stop appearing Edit Filter not set correctly after writing automation Dragging audio to time ruler to do ARA convert audio to tempo map does not prompt Dragging audio from browser to MIDI track to do ARA MIDI extraction does not prompt Dragging multiple audio clips from browser to convert to MIDI stacks MIDI on same track Nudge causes MIDI notes to change lanes Automation selection not working correctly in lanes in attached project Regression: Crash dragging empty cell in Matrix View Tab to next/previous note in the PRV can cause crash Preview not working when cropping a track folder composite clip Draw tool mouse cursor flickers rapidly when moving mouse over envelopes Snap Module Displays Whole Duration When Creating New Project Projects with edit filter set to clip automation load with only one envelope visible Clips drag drop or paste across lanes can lead to inconsistent clip envelope visibility Pasting take and automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results View list of updates in Early Access 1
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    I buy strings libs like drums libs, gotta have them all because, well, just because.
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    https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/17-Reverb/108-MReverbMB Complete no brainer.
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    Pete Best probably has no regrets, either.
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    Thanks Chuck, indeed, except that it was the demo mode of Vegas and its plugins rather than TH2/3 as I had mistakenly thought! 🙂
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    That's coming in the next update.......
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    The beer (or bear) can do anyfink he (or she) wants in the studio.
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    This is gonna have to wait. At the moment, it doesn't appear to work in bB or SO4. I tried and tried to get it to do something and just couldn't. The manual is essentially what you see on the website page. Went to the site to look for videos and found none. So I just took a chance on the FB page and that's when I saw that another person was having the same issue as I was, except he was using Studio One. The only reply we got was "We are shooting a video tutorial Monday" which ain't helping me now. : ( So my recommendation right now is hold off on your purchase if interested.
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    The most smooth version of all times... Thanks guys..
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    Watch the video on the site below and read the information Waves Provide about WUP. Take a pillow with you, you may fall asleep. WUP Video
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    Melda is doing a 10th anniversary sale, 50% off everything. https://www.meldaproduction.com/
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    Awaiting craigb................
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    I been in the wrong place but it must have been the right time I been in the right place but it must have been the wrong song I been in the right vein but it seems like the wrong arm I been in the right world but it seems wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
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    Haha, the same happened to me working with vocalists the last 6 month, plus I did all the work (except the Vocs) for the tracks but all of the vocalists wanted to have this tracks under their name, crazy....😈 Hope to meet a vocalist who knows his place . Seems to be science fiction these days.
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    Finally Dave Banned hissownself.
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    Use code : MELDA5622285 Get an extra 20% off
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    Yes, Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh aso, wow.. I m a fanboy and very proud to have recorded Magma 1983 during a concert in the Fabrik,Hamburg. The Band perforned ca 4 hours in front of a total enthusiastically crowd. Magma is touring this year and there is a new CD on the way. Hope to get a ticket.
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    I was looking into what it would take to replace my ATH-M50X headband and found this reddit "guide" if you can solder you should be able to do it. Assuming you can actually get ATH to send the parts/etc. A video of the repair: Image guide:
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    Another Magma fan! Woot! What would the world be without Seventh Records in France? I own dozens of Magma/C.V. albums, lots of boots and some videos, too! Seventh Records Butt-ugly website. Great tunage!
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    I'm in the same boat with a mix of v9-10 plugins and had nothing but headaches when Waves first "updated" to v10. It seems they have mostly worked it out now and my mixed versions are happily residing side by side. Also, I've never "WUPped".
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    If you don't mind me offering my unsolicited and somewhat off-topic opinion... Unless I needed to actually compose a soundtrack for a video, I'd always pull the finished audio track(s) into the video editor (especially for something like audio alignment). I use Davinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design. If you don't know about it, I highly recommend checking it out. BMD bought Fairlight awhile back and integrated it into their video editor. It's a really advanced audio editing suite that comes with a lot of plugins, but the best part is that it also supports VSTs (64-bit only, no VST3 yet), even parameter automation. You can essentially mix and master your audio in the video editor because it supports multiple tracks and busses... and it's arguably one of the best video editors on the market. Best part is it's free! There's a $299 version, but most of the features are related to multi-user collaboration and stereoscopic (3D) video editing. IMHO, the free version should cost $299. I know it's a pain to learn yet another piece of software (the manual is 2,937 pages), but this one's definitely worth the effort... and there are a ton of videos on YouTube to help you out. <End of commercial 😁>
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    Chandler made a video about this plugin and the asking intro price was a good deal. This is really good!! I put it in the cart and it was $29.
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    I get fast and good results using the free ffmpeg to convert video, split out audio and merge new audio to video. Much faster than my copy of Vegas Pro 14. The latest release 4.1.4 is available here. I use the 64bit static release.
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    Running well here too. I had been having a lot of crashes changing songs/projects that contain the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, but it has not crashed since early access 2....
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    H Grem , Yes your playing over the B T came out very good . I'm glad you went for it , Kenny
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    Thank you ALL. Took a little advice from a few of you and because of this, this issue/situation seems to now be resolved. Everything is now running through my PreSonus Audiobox USB. Realteck is out. Increased my buffer to 512. Have not had a dropout event in a couple of days. By my handle you can guess my age...so thanks for your patience and support. This is more than a hobby. To me I could not live without music in any way shape or form. I'm not good ..I'm not an expert but......I enjoy. Thank you again. I am posting an other issue...ha..ha
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    The Labs stuff is all good. Looking forward to getting this one 🙂
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    I hear you on that one ...That Bear has some home studio Kenny
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    I have never had a problem with Waves. I recently built a new computer and all I did was 1) on my old computer, move my licenses to "the cloud", and 2) on my new computer, retrieve all my licenses from "the cloud". It worked without a hitch.
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    No chatting up some birds over a few jars. I was watching from the corner with me mates. Larfing our arses off we were.
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    Users have a 50MB image quota. The forum downsizes images. To avoid the quota and downsizing use an image hosting service (ex. imgur.com) and embed links to images in your posts.
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    This summer is becoming Black Friday
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    I've got this, and like it very much. Also don't forget you can get an additional discount if you own any of the other GEM plugins.
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    all of the above, I like the old country sound.
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    Good tune Rex. I must have heard the remixed/fixed version because it sounds good to me as is!! I thought the harmonica was a good addition. Helped create a folky vibe. : ) The vocals sounded good, fit right in with the song. And to me they stood out well. Didn't have a problem hearing them. Which means they are out front! In a good way.
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    Plug-ins that scan as synths like Instachord usually need to have a complete synth routing to work even though they do not generate audio. This is a good case for adding them with an instrument track. Their audio output settings do not matter through. What does matter is the "Enable MIDI Output" setting in the VST2/3 drop down (an image in the link above shows the setting). This makes the MIDI data they generate available to the DAW and causes the plug-ins to appear in other Instrument and MIDI track inputs. These are the tracks where the synth(s) need to go.
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    Hi Paul. I'm sorry that you got the Blues. Apparently I should put you on the list of those who can relate also. I view the picture as being happy that I made it this far! So look at these as the happy Blues not the sad Blues. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Thank you John! I will also add you to the membership list of those who can relate. Your comments about the Gen X'ers is spot on. Also it applies to the Millenials and for all who follow. It seems as if your are young and then blink and all of a sudden you got the Baby Boomer Blues. Thanks very much for listening and for the kind comments! Hey Kenny. Welcome to the club! Yup that is how I want to be when I'm 93. Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your comments. I will try and find the lyrics for this song and post them if I am successful in finding them. Thanks again. Hi Wookiee. Thanks for listening and I very much appreciate your comments. About the vocals --- you know me, I have a penchant for abusing reverb. Maybe some day I will kick the habit and get it right. Thanks again.
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