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    ......It was going to be yesterday, but they weren't ready.
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    What is your ticket number? If you used the Sales & Service form (which it appears you may have) please PM your email address you put on that form for them to get back to you as well as your location and I'll ping whichever office is appropriate as the requests will go to either the US or Italian office depending on your location. Thanks!
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    Well, everyone here is likely to block the ads one way or another. If the ads persist to annoy, people will leave, and valuable help will go with them. The kind of support given here is better than any support I've seen on any other website, and is IMHO is vital for Cakewalk's success if it's going to attract new users.
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    I thought it was against forum rules to put ads in your posts. @Cactus Music should be admonished for this... Or paid.
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    A load of old PC bollocks. Everywhere I look now for news all I see is wimmin moaning, well, the liberal elite variety who have nothing better to do. Give it a rest ladies... 🤐
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    It looks like an extended demo. Not very interesting, IMHO.
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    Less than 24 hrs left to get Memory-V by IK Multimedia FREE! Originally $49.99, now available FREE until midnight (EST). This is one deal you should not miss! Download here: https://audioplugin.deals/memory-v-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/
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    It is about download of sound files (~4.7GB). They keep it for you 180 days. After it you cannot download again unless you buy 'Download Reactivation Credit' and then you gain access for next 180 days.
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    Everyone is complaining about it upstairs too:
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    Ads all over posts now. W10 desktop. That'll kill this place for me.
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    Some ads are overlapping to the posts. So I can't read them.
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    Honestly, I can't see it generating a ton of revenue. Forums are traditionally not a great place to run ads -- too many views from too few unique users, and very few people actually click on the ads.
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    So this answers the question of how Bandlab will pay for the forum
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    Using Safari on iPad and see the ads. so what everyone is mentioning it seems to be happening more so on tablets and mobile devices and not on the desktop as I am not seeing them while browsing on my MacBook using Safari. *Update* Now seeing it everywhere on all my iPad, Mac and Windows devices.
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    I'm not so sure Chuck. On Windows Phone (yes I still use one) with the Edge browser I just had a google ad on the top of the screen
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    I had ads on my tablet this morning. Turned it off immediately. Came here on the desktop and there are no ads so far.
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    If a man says something in a forest and there isn't a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?
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    Likewise. Where did they suddenly appear from?
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    Always match all memory sticks.
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    Well I had the pain in the ass last year but that didn’t work out so well. I’ve been so funny the last few days maybe I have a career in comedy ahead of me. Or not. Thanks for all the well wishes guys and guyzettes . I will return to taunt you one more time you smelly (insert noun/s of choice here).
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    I updated my play engine to the version 5 and it seemed to fix the problem. I now can open my template and it's even faster to load the library. Thanks. I have another problem but I'll post on another thread.
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    I use Crucial for my memory, almost exclusively now. I've been using them for almost a decade in one system, and since swapped to using them in another after having a bad experience with another brand (I forget what it was). I've never had any issues since using them. The website is really good too, as they'll tell you exactly what products will work on your system / motherboard. https://www.crucial.com/ I also use their SSD's. I've had two SSD drives from SanDisk which died, but the Crucials have been running without issue for years.
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    Hi Rob, I ain't no expert, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. I have 32GB (2 x 16) Vengence LPX memory sticks inside my new desktop. Motherboard is an Z390. As for performance and reliability, I have no idea as I haven't looked into that or done any stress testing. My system appears to be working okay. I've just been looking at the Corsair memory page and you can set filters to match what you need. When I choose X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and then capacity of 16GB (2 x 8 ) then the Dominator series disappears from the filter selection. So perhaps Corsair do not make them anymore and they (or whoever) are just clearing old stock. But then I reset the filters and selected X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and a capacity of 32GB there are two Dominator options, one at 2400 and one at 2666, and they are made up of 4 x 8GB sticks, so that blows that theory out of the water. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/DOMINATOR®-PLATINUM-32GB-(4-x-8GB)-DDR4-DRAM-2666MHz-C15-Memory-Kit/p/CMD32GX4M4A2666C15 I then did a google search on "dominator platinum 16gb 2600" and nothing came up, only higher speeds, or different size configurations. Did you find someone who would actually supply 2 x 8 sticks? Then I went onto the Vengeance LPX. The Pro version is RGB so I'm guessing you don't need that. Setting the filters to X99, speed between 2133 to 2800 and then capacity of 16GB (2 x 8 ) and finally selecting the Vengeance LPX it shows a couple of options although some of those options are just a different colour. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE®-LPX-32GB-(4-x-8GB)-DDR4-DRAM-2666MHz-C16-Memory-Kit---White/p/CMK32GX4M4A2666C16W One thing I notice, stick size is always 8GB. Is that a limitation of your motherboard? I agree with Craig's suggestion regarding matching the memory sticks, so, if it was my, and my system was stable, I would leave everything alone for now and wait until I really needed a big step change, new motherboard, CPU, the works. Or, if I really thought that the extra 16GB could make reasonable improvements and I could not match the existing memory I would replace the the lot and install 4 new memory sticks, that match. cheers andy
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    Although it just might work (most of the time!), I would HIGHLY suggest having all of the memory match exactly. This may save you from that one time in the future when things are just going wonky and you can't figure out why. 🙂
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    Hello CWBBL folks! First off, thank you for an amazing product. I've been a Sonar user since 8 and have been blown away by the new stability of the program. Quick feature request--are there any plans to incorporate some FFT-based goodies? How about a spectral editor, a la the good but awkwardly-implemented Spectro VST? I've found that tool to be invaluable in eliminating oddities from recordings-- coughing, a clipboard drop in an auditorium, etc. Similarly, there are various free de-noiser plugins (the Reaper suite) that also use FFT to eliminate noise. Once again, although there's a tool already available, the implementation is...lacking is a kind way to put it. I can only imagine what a BL-designed denoise tool, with the slickness and stability of the new version of CW, would look like. I realize these requests might not fit in with the direction BL is heading! Just thought I'd toss out the ideas as one happy user who is always greatful for more All the best, Sean
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    Thanks guys. Voyager, could you check something. Electronic Edition is the definitive peak, end point of any education available to carbon infests in the three worlds. The disc is defective in the book on plants and animals. I had to get the hard copy to supplement since only a portion of one discourse was retrievable from the entire book. They are refining as fast as new translations are available and fixing the references. Can you bring this document up? Karma and ownership then… Said that an inpossible probability event decimates a portion of physical substance, and this becomes a small 2D segment of objectified mind in the new life form. Something seems to have disappeared that can’t be accounted for with weights and measurements. The small blip outside space takes on a different property than a purely inanimate form. Inanimate objects, same as in living structures have to incur discreet envelopes of everything from Origin down the scale of crudity to the focus of the physical structure in order to exist, but the living objectified mind creates an interior seeking stress not present in that which has not life. In even higher evolved plants and animals, this objective clay takes on a larger two dimensional predominance and constitutes what molds into the movie screen of our sense data streaming in from space. The ancient heathens called the crudest stratum of mind the “Kamamaya kos’a” or “desire body” since it is intimate contact to both receive sense data from space and transmit motor response back to the physical capsule. In the two vibratory structures of mind, the condensive “operative principle” (Prakr’ti) maintains a straightforward stranglehold on anything physical non living. Vibratory crudity, once true vibration is established is impressed further in the process by creating energy waves that are of a shorter wavelength and higher amplitude. The Kamamaya kos’a of a living entity is continually fighting the system trying to regain subtlety, pushing back wavelengths to a state of lower frequency and lower amplitude. Trying to flat line anything vibrating so there is no distortion in the cosmos. Think of struggling to paddle upstream against a current. Vibration of things and substance does not exist deeper than “Manomaya kos’a” which we experience a glimpse of when we dream. Non vibrational content of our ancient record requiring an emerging faculty to be aware of the activity and deep subtlety is why we black out in deep sleep. We remember nothing of the vast arena of our being and the intense work going on to get us ready for the next day’s waking assault. In that state of vacuity, three levels of unconscious mind are active with central consciousness witnessing the work being done. Once life is ignited, the only mode of forward impetus initially is physical clash. The colloid floating in a sea somewhere being banged by the waves, heat of a sun, freeze of a night, effort to absorb life giving liquid methane. The objectified mind grows in expanse and receptive power by physical sensation. Problem is that there is no intelligence associated with the microbe. No feeling of “I”. It is here where the already established cosmic mentation fills in for awhile to manage the missing components. The fledgling is guided entirely by what we recognize as instinct. Clash upon clash and the physical and objectified mental structure eclipses itself and a personal repository of experience is enabled in a most primitive form. Manomaya kos’a of the old yogis. In humans, this structure is quite developed and contains the memory and categorization of every experience we have had in this life. Under the direction of more subtle portions of mind later evolved, this layer has the ability to organize and connect experiences. It is the basis of our rational thought. It contains for instance the memory of every cup we drank out of. Because of the staging power, we can pick up a cup we have never seen and drink from it without having to learn the process from start. Under hypnosis, a secondary agent causes the crude vibes of the conscious Kamamaya kos’a to flat line for a short time. Cognition can then recognize the contents of the more subtle container and the person can tell who they sat next to in third grade and what they were wearing or had for lunch whereas the physical chemical traces of "cerebral memory" are long washed out. Unfortunately a whole other area of diatribe best left to blow in the wind. For the evolving entity on the return path, there are now two compartments of mind that are owned although without sense of thought or existence. Instinct still running survival choices. If you were to ask, how are you, there would be nothing inside to answer yet. Individual ownership of “karma” is not possible although things are starting to get together to eventually take responsibility for choices and actions. Taking a break. John
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    Gentlemen, Thank you for your help and advice with my laptop I have a couple programs like Ultimate FX and the real color version of Matisse for anti aliased calligraphy I would hate to lose I don't have the installation 3.5 floppies any more or the serial numbers to reinstall External USB 3.5 drive was a necessity of the time Now a paper weight Computer guy local says he may be able to blow out debris under the pad or clean with a solvent, some sort of big enclosure for all the keys if I understand correctly Thank you also for not trashing the outcast likes of me and brother John He said you guys got to go light on me to not scare me off Don't want to scare John off either but think he is of a tougher brand of metal and here for the duration regardless The feeling of this new forum does seem a lot more open minded and receptive Pray that it remains that way
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    Sent your information to the right people and replied to the PM. Thanks!
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    Thank you in advance, Peter, for any help in this topic. My email PM-ed.
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    No replies to the original? Well I guess this for $8 is worth posting again.
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    I understand what you're saying. I don't think the Steel String is a realistic guitar either. But I find it very beautiful, if you use the presets and play it slowly and dreamily. It has a delicacy in some of the presets. You can play really quietly on it. What Malmsjo is to pianos, this is to guitars, if you use the more reverby and hybrid presets. Not for everyone, and not a go-to instrument by any measure, but beautiful. Works better as an ambient, or even hybrid instrument IMO. I am a guitar player for over 40 years and own many guitars and guitar VIs, but I find I play this a lot. I guess it comes down to the kind of music you want to make. For me, it does something my other stuff doesn't. Sonic Zest's Ambient Cinematic Guitar series is another example of something that isn't "realistic," but I love. Omnisphere's "Glorious Guitars" patch and PluginGuru's MegaMagic guitars are others. To talk myself out of buying this, I loaded up my Orange Tree Samples nylon guitar and loaded it up with effects. But it just won't play like the steel string does or sound like the demos of the presets on this. Hmmmmm.... Maybe that's because OTS is more of a realistic guitar? I think I'm probably going to end up getting this, and if they ever put a sale on their 12-string, I'll probably get that too. I don't use the strummer at all. I prefer guitar instruments I can play rather than picking chords off of a menu.
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    If you have lots of IK stuff this ALL sale means Do Not Buy. Far better bargains will come.
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    SPAK: Hi, Steve, Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate you taking time to check out the video for me, and also your very kind words of encouragement!😀 Also, thanks for having a look at the "Carry Me" video and your comment. I try to do a couple of ballads every so often, and your recent ballad posts on this new forum are truly an inspiration, and the playing, singing and production are always top notch!👍 Thanks again, Steve, greatly appreciated! Best Wishes, Bob
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    The pricing is "everyone" can upgrade using the pricing above even if they do not own the previous version. It's a little confusing on the surface but basically they just lowered the prices of the Retail versions to the Upgrade price.
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    Yeah, it was. Oh well, I think I'll just hit the piano roll and get my DAW to do the hard work...
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    Heh, I still remember paying a LOT for the Waves plugins that would remove all those "features!" 😏
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    This thread goes to show that the hard core rocker stereotype is not well placed at all. We’re really a great big gooey bunch of marshmallows.
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    Thought I share our Puppy having a grand ole time playing in the snow
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    Thanks, I learned another thing about the forum software today.
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    Once I move to a place where I can have pets, I'm definitely looking at getting a couple of cats and/or a couple of dogs (Boston Terriers like Corbin above - my ex-roommate's dog, but my little buddy!😉). Yes, a couple. Most of the time, when people complain about problem animals, it's usually because they only have one which has to stay home alone when they're gone (sure, some bad training can contribute too). When they have at least one friend to hang out with they are FAR more unlikely to go manic and start doing bad things (good training should prevent the "group trouble" stuff - LOL). Of course, the breed can also make a huge difference. Bostons LOVE people so leaving them by themselves is almost punishment.
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    8Dio Super Cluster is a cosmic toolset of true recordings from the universe. You can literally make music with rocket engines, human transmissions, comets and astroids. You can compose with moons, planets and suns. Perhaps a gorgeous drone made by the core of our galaxy or create mysterious music with the background raditation from the outskirts of the known universe. Make music with the universe. 8Dio Super Cluster will be released on March 5th 2019. The price will only be $8 to cover cloud server costs. We want everyone to play with the true sounds from our mutual universe. https://youtu.be/U1BEiOPBKnA
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    Well, that settles it. Case closed. No ads are being served on the Cakewalk/Bandlab forum...
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    Now you people know what BandLab's business model is.
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