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    You guys are show offs Here my state of the art studio And my new micro phone
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    Here's my control room and a kit in the live room respectively: I get a sunburn every time I turn on all those screens at once... 🤨
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    Well, we had the funeral today. Yesterday the fire dept. honor guard was there for the entire 4 hour visitation. There was a man standing at attention next to my dad at all times. Then at the end of the visitation, they all lined up in front of him, and slowly saluted him. It was pretty awesome. Today, at the funeral, the Navy honor guard was there. They did the 21 gun salute, played Taps, and folded the flag to present to his wife. Very awesome, and not a dry eye in the place. So great to see him honored like this. Rest in peace, Dad.
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    I have a cassette recorder. From Radio Shack.
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    Wouldn't 16GB of memory be sufficient for your use case? If so you could drop down to that and get the 9900k. The money you save could go into get an A version rather than P version of the board and the rest towards a nice cooler. I always go Asus. More out of habit nowadays than anything i've looked into recently but they always took DPC latency seriously on all their boards whereas that wasn't always the case with the others. I find Gigabyte seem to load their boards with the latest tech whereas Asus generally stay on the proven tech side. I sort of avoid MSI.
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    I heard that in the business of accumulating wealth that the first million is the hardest, but it gets way easier after that, so I decided to skip the first one and go straight to work on the second one.
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    Yes count me in as someone who also enjoys watching documentary’s like this . In the 80's going into a Recording Studio with a band that was signed or even going in with an unsigned band for that matter was not something people did every day . Booking a studio was very expensive back then . Many of the people that I recorded for back then would be cutting money corners in one area , splurging in other areas , lying to peoples face's ( like mine ) while looking right into your eyes , paying this one who is not with the band thinking since they are paying them they will get their moneys worth while the unpaid band member sits there and gets no money even though he knows what best for the song because he or she wrote half of it The sad part is the leader then treats those player like $hit because the leader does not value the players playing credentials anymore and they start taking the players song contributions for granted .. A Quick 80's story's In the Late 70's early 80's I was on music row in NYC working at a music store . Bobby Nathan had started to get real serious with his recording studio Unique Recording . He went from 8 tracks to 16 to 24 tracks in a real short period of time as those higher track boards were coming out ..I wound up playing my guitar for a recording session over there at Unique when I think he was still only 8 tracks . The Artist who was laying down their own music was not know by the average Joe on the street , but the person did in fact know people in the music bizz and they wanted to put their best foot forward so they could hopefully get signed or have something move forward in their music career . I was working on Spec ( the most hated word in my vocabulary ) in addition to me , one or two of the other session players that knew her pretty well did her the favor ...The session was going great all the players were gelling and we had a decent set of song basic tracks to work from . The Artist was a good guitarist in her own right and she wanted some nice sustained flowing emotive guitar playing from me . I remember feeling real stoked when I had been given the opportunity to play my 59 Telecaster into a Mesa Boogie for my guitar solo's ... Back then they queued up the analog tape and had me punch in my guitar solo's ...I was grooving , my playing was grooving , every body in the studio was digging and grooving on the lead solo punch ins .. All was right in my world and I felt good knowing I could be myself as a player and give my talent to someone who appreciated my contributions... It only took a 10 whole mins for that whole thing to crash and burn . A super clean cut guy comes up the elevator dressed in all black polyester . The artist swoons all over this fella and asks him to play his horns ... IIRC , He had brought a tenor and an alto Sax to the studio ... One by one the tape gets rolled back to the places where I had laid down my guitar solo's ...One by one she asks him to play some of what I had just played on the guitar on his Sax but add lib a little and pretend while you are playing the melody / solo you are unzipping your zipper and doing a strip tease .... I was in the control room and heard her say that one with my own 2 ears .. After about an hour and a half Ole Kenny went from being a scorching hot lead player on some real cool tunes to becoming rhythm guitar player #1 ... The effing Sax player didn't even leave me a phucking morsel or a stinking crumb of a space in the song where my guitar playing had been ... I asked the Artist how come all my lead guitar solo's had been taken out the song ..I thought you liked them ... She turned to me and said I did like all your guitar playing very much . You are doing me a favor by playing on my session for Spec and I do appreciate it . I'm paying the sax player close to $150 . 00 dollars for 2 hours of his playing and I want to get all I can out of him OK folks , need I say that was a hard lesson I learned that day all the best , Kenny
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    The theme editor is only needed to create or modify an existing theme. It is not necessary if one only want to use themes. The theme editor install details are in this post To add a user theme to CbB, copy the .sth file into Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes. By default this folder is in the root of C drive. Once added to the "Cakewalk Themes" folder, user themes are loaded into CbB in preferences.
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    WHAT are you saying there ? Is it not enough just to be able to play the guitar well ? I have over 200 pedals on my compact pedal-board . Now I have to learn how to read English ? Kenny
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    A USA hair styling franchise called Super Cuts borrowed Steve's hair temporarily . Then Sam Elliot got on board with Super Cuts and Created a unique look and cut for both men and women . Kenny
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    Note that you don't "give away" the work, you retain the rights. If a record company hears your music and wants to sign you, they have to negotiate with you, not BandLab.
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    New addition to previous LAB Photo...super excited!
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    This is a video I made recently on how you can use MPowersynth to quickly morph between multiple sounds. Using this you can morph between subtractive and FM sounds or so much more. I hope you find this useful.
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    Well the title probably raised more questions than answers. This is an orchestral piece I'm working on. I think there's something odd going on with SC. I don't pay anyone for exposure, but it appears one of those promo sites latched onto me? I really don't know. Ugh I need to change that grainy pic I loaded. 1st version on a private track. https://soundcloud.com/starise/thy-kingdom-come-1st-version
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    I've had the flu for 2 weeks, so I've been limited to playing my Yamaha digital piano when I felt up to it. I got really frustrated that anything I recorded sounded radically different both sound-wise & expression-wise when using any of my usual piano sounds (MiniGrand, AddictiveKeys etc), so I took the plunge and sampled my piano. So here it is, all 88 note's sampled at 7 velocity levels: Kontakt: http://msmcleod.co.uk/sounds/GPiano.nki SFZ: http://msmcleod.co.uk/sounds/GPianoSFZ.zip SF2: http://msmcleod.co.uk/sounds/GPianoSF2.zip The SFZ/SF2 will need a release time of around 0.5 secs. Personally, I find this piano sound radically different from all the others. Hopefully some of you can find a use for it too.
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    Brainworx bx_digital V3 The M/S EQ VIP 24H DEAL - Just $69!* 77% off today! Check your emails for voucher Buy Here
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    Unplugged the interface and rebooted.... It's now ok. Just weird …. thanks again synkrotron …. I'm relieved now … lol …
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    Sensible position. I also recorded a full rock band (one time only!) with an i3 laptop, a bunch of cobbled together outboard gear and SONAR. In my case it was a live recording and no headphone mixes, so latency didn't come up, but your point is well taken: We dream of better performance, but we can do good work on an extremely tight budget when we have to. PS: I'm a PC guy, but I won't chime in with you on dissing Apple products. Those guys are relentless in promoting their little 5% market share.😎
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    Thanks @Matthew White. Well then, it's really great to have the choice between tiny and big skins as the selection grows nicely. My old laptop is outrageously low in RAM, and now I can go try to figure out if the skin size matters here on my system. Cheers!
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    Just wanted to say what a great forum this is not you lot, I mean how you can easily format your posts and how standard keyboard shortcuts seem to work here. And how videos and pictures are instantly added with no formatting. A cut above most of the other forums I use... Only thing I sometimes struggle with is using quoting other posts. Okay, carry on
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    Hi Clint, We've seen high DPC Latency from the latest Nvidia RTX-2xxx series. Nvidia will ultimately get that ironed out... but avoid those for now. No trouble at all with the GTX-1xxx series... I'd recommend a GTX-1060. It'll work just fine for most gaming, AutoCAD, video editing/rendering... and isn't overly expensive. We don't sell individual parts.
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    Maybe I'm just not getting my head around what you are trying to do. But, I use external inserts for processing tracks that have already been recorded; not for tracking in real time. That would double the round trip latency. That being said, make sure to use the PDC button when tracking for lowest latency.
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    Doood, you need to level you surface, everything is gonna fall off.
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    I’ve taken a pole and I Am Shure i Am handsomer
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    A lot of my friends who are audio pros used Pro Tools, but they also complained bitterly about the need for, and cost of, upgrades. Others used Logic, but that required a Mac. That left Nuendo, Sonar, Digital Performer, and probably a couple of others that don't spring to mind. Bandlab is free largely because many of us paid $500 for Sonar (or whatever, I got the PE versions), allowing the developers to make it happen. Then Reaper came along and mostly eliminated the monetary value of Sonar, etc. and here we are. I don't regret paying the $500 for a minute. Money well spent.
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    I just wanted to post this tribute to my Dad. He passed away Monday, February 4, 2019 at 2:45am. He was 77. He served aboard the USS Intrepid CV-11 aircraft carrier from 1959-1963. He was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was also involved in retrieving astronaut Scott Carpenter when he returned to Earth. After that, he was a firefighter for 33 years, retiring in 2000, after suffering back injuries from falling through one too many roofs. He was a true hero, and I miss him terribly. Thanks for letting me post this. I love you, Dad.
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    I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Yes, I get the same error but in my case regardless if I’m trying to insert a VST2 or VST3 version of Thorn 1.2. The reason why it says DS Audio in my image above is because I’m using my own Plug-in Menu Layout. That’s also why there are duplicates: I inserted both the VST2 and VST3 version side-by-side to be able to easily test both version’s crashing behaviour. But the exact same thing happens of course when I use the stock plug-in menu. I may add that I tested Thorn 1.2 not only in Cubase 9.5 but also in Studio One 3.5 (two remnants on my computer from the Great Panic of 2017). The plug-in worked without a problem in both DAWs, so my number one suspect must be Cakewalk. Sigh. Maybe I should start looking how to raise a support ticket with BandLab. Or simply re-install my old Thorn CM. It worked flawlessly.
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    Actually, seeing this does get me excited, I have about 50 cassette tapes of me playing live (vocals/acoustic guitar) when I worked up and down the east coast of Australia about 20 years ago and nothing to play them with, didn't even remember I had them until I saw this. Seeing this reminds me of this great time. I've also got recordings of me playing with my first dog that we got when I was 6, the recordings are when I was 13.
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    The only advantage to 500 series gear is the small form-factor. You can put several pieces of "a-la-cart" quality gear in a small space. Kind of like a guitarist's "pedal-board" ... but for studio gear. Rupert Neve will tell you a 500 series unit (due to size limits - smaller PS and Transformers) is not equal to the full sized option.
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    Yeah. But I wasn't that lucky in the silicone lottery. I could buy a new one and maybe get what you say. But really, it is a lottery, and i don't have that money. By the way, the Corsair cooler isn’t that more expensive than an ordinary cooler. But the main reason for me to use AIO watercooler is that it takes more time for the heat to build up. The one I have now, does not have a good enough pump. So, I hope the Corsair will be better that way. Fan speed is one thing, but if the water does not circulate fast enough it doesn’t matter if the fans run at 2000 rpm. And PC building is a hobby of mine. So, I care a little how it looks inside the case too. Big block right in that hides everything is not an option. Not that I look for the RGB tho. I will put the light on white. Esthetics is also up there. Tho my PCs is on tight budget in that regard.
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    Ooops! My bad... REAPER installed on my Surface Pro... but it could be Cakewalk...
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    I quantize some things. More on the electronic side. I never quantize Piano as it all but eliminates grace notes. Also, certain bass runs don't work well either, as do guitar leads. Both of those tend to have quick grace notes. Also, find one guitar player that plays a lead RIGHT on the grid. You lose the soul when you do that. (BTW: I'm talking MIDI guitar...using Shreddage).
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    I think Quantizing and Auto-tune are the two things that take the soul out of the music. Over-compressing is a close third IMHO.
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    Never trust, always verify after the final mixdown. This doesn't just go for quantizing .this goes for everything in music and life...
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