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    You can reply to this topic directly and provide feedback for improving the forum! Please use the Feature & Ideas forum to share your ideas for improving Cakewalk by BandLab software. Thanks in advance, we love getting feedback!
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    I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa brought you all the musical toys you wanted. I'm taking a break from my diet and indulging myself with all the goodies and sweets that come with this season. I just hope I don't wind up in a diabetic coma.😋😃 I've been reworking on a project I created 3 years ago for my Mom who I lost in late 2015. I really didn't want to remix it per se but I wanted to convert the project from a hybrid (audio & MIDI tracks combined) to all audio WAVs. I took up the practice of doing this on all projects but hadn't adopted it yet in early 2016 when I created this, so it did turn out to be a small remix but is still very close to the original. I call this piece "Lighthouse" because that's how I remember my Mom. She always had my back no matter what kind of mess I found myself in and she never failed to bring me peace whenever my nerves were frazzled about something. I may have posted this when it was new in early 2016 but I don't remember, so I'll present this as my first offering to the new forum. My apologies for the instruments not sounding "real". I did the best I could with what I had. I know you're all musicians enough to fill in any blank spaces with your imaginations. 😃John B. https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/lighthouse
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    Hi Folks I have been hanging around the original Cakewalk forum for some years but this is my first post here. Here's an original song, written and recorded by me entirely in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Nits and crits welcome.
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    Enjoy. or not.... Merry Christmas anyways!
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    I heard that B.A.P.U. is currently free because they plan to release B.A.P.U. 2.0 in 2019 From yet unreleased v2 feature list: More Bass New! Parametric Attitude Adjustment! Now you can set the levels of helpfulness, snark, sarcasm or wit to your preference! Automatic post generation - never suffer a low post count again! even more Bass. and damn it just looks good... Prices have not yet been announced but the subscription version is said to have a beer maintenance requirement.
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    I use it to write songs and record for my own amusement. I also use it when practicing guitar - the amp sims I use don't allow you to use other vsts so I usually play through them hosted in CbB.
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    Great blues pickin' and you sing like you really got dem bluz.
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    Guitar Center Daily Pick https://www.guitarcenter.com/Daily-Pick.gc?source=4TP7FMBF&mscr=2134595_167037 Save $90.00 CAD VocalShield VS1 Foldable Stand-Mounted Acoustic Shield The CAD VocalShield VS1 was designed to help you achieve a pure vocal recordings in any room, professional or at home. VocalShield VS1 is constructed from a high-quality, 16-gauge micro cell acoustic foam, resulting in a dry recording environment, reducing reflections, echos and attenuating unwanted environmental acoustic interference. The VocalShield's Innovative folding design allows for maximum portability and is supplied with mounting hardware that adapts to most microphones for easy, flexible placement. The VocalShield VS1 is an essential tool for enhanced performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician. *Mic stand sold separately
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    While waiting for this feature to be added, Use Insert > Multiple Tracks from the main menu or right-click in an empty area in the track view track pane to get a context menu with an "Insert Multiple Tracks" option or insert on track and click the duplicate track button (next to the Add Track button) as needed.
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    Really liking the new forum! Thanks to all the Bandlab team for the great work!
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    How's it going Skyline? - long time no 'see'. This is fabulous. Playing, performances and mix......and video
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    Much Love Cakewalk !!!!! 🤩
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    See here for details... https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-soundsense-ambiosis
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    Use an aux track as a bus. Aux tracks have the same mute options as a regular audio track.
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    And regarding CbB, what new users probably have no idea about (and they are in for a joyful surprise) is how many Cakewalk Sonar veterans there are who are absolutely the best guys you might ever come across who will help you and support you in whatever problem you have with the CbB DAW, Plugins, VST pathway issues, Fx, you name it. They don't belittle you for your ignorance and having to ask the question several times when you don't understand, and they go outside the normal scope of the issue and don't have a problem helping you with related things (what type of Computer should I try to get?). And these guys have been around a LONG time. They know things that stymie many of us. Great, great resource of guys come along with CbB.
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    A nice clean recording with a sense of fun. Cool visuals to boot. I dug the hyper-chair aerobics! Must try those. cheers, -Tom
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    "don't understand how it happened when I feel so young inside" This^^ Outstanding lyrics and performance. Must have taken a while to find all those video clips but they were perfect for the song! (You really should take your statin in the evening though.)
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    What a nice early Christmas present. Thanks to all who helped keep Cakewalk not just up and running, but moving forward as well. It is very much appreciated.
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    Now this is cool being able to insert pictures without having to upload them to a 3rd party server first
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    Great to be back. Go CW! and many thanks to all the Bandlab gang.
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    Yes, looking forward to seeing new users on board. Cheers, Dave (a.k.a. BrundleFly)
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    What a long strange trip it's been.