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There’s been a few scattered questions about Next and generally the most common one is “ where can I ask questions about Next?”  
So this is great. Discord really wasn’t my cup of tea. 
There’s a lot to like about Next mostly for me is that it is so simple. 
Im slowly learning about its many limitations and how to get by without certain features I’ve come to rely on in Cakewalk. 

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This is true. I don’t think they had Cakewalk users in mind when they developed it but what you find is a lot of stuff is Cake friendly. 
I asked the staff about a few missing features and they seemed totally open to suggestions about future updates. I have a feeling Next will slowly grow into a very useful DAW. 
It’s simplicity is what makes it appealing. It loads up in 2 seconds. 
It has a lot of built in instruments and effects. It has a lot of loops and a sampler. It can perform stem separation a tool I’ve possibly used over 50 times now. 

You can sort of transfer projects to Sonar but that feature is still needing a bit more fine tuning. 

My wish list is:

ARA support

A mixer view

midi export

meters show db reading 

Smart Tool

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