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UAD Plugins not working

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I recently had to move my failed C Drive to a new drive. (Cloned the drive) I reinstalled my UAD plugins to the new drive.

They show up as installed in UA Connect and in a scan log in Cakewalk but will no longer show up in either the browser or the plugins manager utility. The dreaded iLok manager looks to be ok.

I've contacted both Universal Audio and Cakewalk support but no one seems to be able to help.

Anyone here know anything?


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Sorry pwal, just seen your post

No they don't show up or work in Ableton or Tracktion.

But they do appear in the Cakewalk Scan log.

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Thanks Glenn. No not in excluded or anywhere else.

Thanks pwal. I've tried re-installing everything including UA Connect and iLok manager and did a clean re-install of Cakewalk.

They still appear in the scan log and show in the search box at the bottom during a scan but do not come up in the browser or the plugin manager.

It's very frustrating!

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With my iLok I have to go in and submit a change when I install a new C drive. All the vendors responded and fixed the issues except for Air. I finally managed to contact them via Email and they reset my list of activations. The deal is you have to de-activate the computer BEFORE you swap the drive. Even a Cloned drive.  The new drive apparently crates a new Machine ID.  

But that said, normally a plug is will still load up in your DAW but with a "needs Activation" warning. 

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