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Cakewalk Product Center ? Whats does it do?

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I installed it when it first came out and I guess I've updated it a few times. But for the life of me don't understand what it is for?  Or is it even needed? 

All it shows is Cakewalk Next which I have installed along with Sonar. So why isn't Sonar showing? 

And Isn't Cakewalk by Bandlab also supposed to be listed?  As well as the SI instruments?  Melodyn demo? 

I haven't opened it in a while.  I had un installed CbB a few weeks ago so was going to re install it now we have the news it isn't a dead duck, . I thought I'd find it here. 


Screenshot (1122).png


So I uninstalled it and then a Google search takes me to a old post on this forum. I click the link and get this weird page? 



I then, finding nothing else to do,  clicked on the link at the top to open with Zip extractor?? That got me this even weirder page? 


So I gave up. I think there's a lot of work needs to happen on the web sites. 

And I guess this app is still in development and not actually essential at this point in time. 





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Here is what my Cakewalk Product Centre looks like on my PC after clicking on “Cakewalk by Bandlab” and enabling “Show Add-ons”.

I still have Cakewalk by Bandlab 2024.02 Build 98 installed

On yours, what happens if you click on “Cakewalk by Bandlab” on your Cakewalk Product Centre (which is the same version as mine)

The Cakewalk Product Centre is downloaded from here:  

When ever I have downloaded Cakewalk Product Centre from the link in here, I have only ever click on the blue “download” button under “No Preview Available”. 

Then a page appears that says “Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses.......... {snip}” along with a “Download Anyway” button.  That is what gets you the installer for the Cakewalk Product Centre.

The above link describes what the purpose of Cakewalk Product Centre.


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9 hours ago, John Vere said:

But for the life of me don't understand what it is for?  Or is it even needed?

If you use offline activation, then it is crucial to have! Since some time ago this is the only way to do it!

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Thanks. I just went and downloaded Cakewalk and installed it with out the Product Center. I guess it’s something we might have to use in the future but right now I guess it’s only needed for off line activation. 

When I click on Cakewalk nothing happened probably because it wasn’t installed. But why isn’t Sonar listed? 

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The reason is, is that CbB will still run for a while but won't be left available permanently, so the people who use it up until it's not available, will need it after this time to redownload / install incase of any mishaps or OS reinstalls ect.  I would recommend saving it on your computer with all CbB software in it.

Just in case. or else you really will be only using Sonar.

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