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From the archives E Minor Improvisation Video

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Hi all ,  I was searching for a Howard Roberts instructional  book I had mentioned in Grem's topic on Howard Roberts  .

BTW I did find the Book in PDF form .

While I was searching around I found this video I had done 12 years ago  but did not post or share online  ...

I'm posting my performance  now because I spent a lot of years playing a Howard Roberts styled guitar which to this day I still miss

( The H R Guitar is typically a full hollow body arch top with an oval sound hole instead of F Holes w a suspended floating neck pick up ) 

I'm posting this pictured here only because one can't tell what guitar I'm playing in the video



In this video I'm playing my H R style guitar totally acoustic .  I'm using a Zoom Q3 for both my video audio recording .

I Hope you enjoy the sounds I'm playing here . As far as the The fugly goes I cant do anything much about it now since I have past my stay fresh date  😆

all the best ,



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