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August 12 TH 40 years ago


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I had my first day of sobriety ...O.D.A.T,,,,.No alcohol , no illegal drugs ! and¬†about 10 years ago¬† I added no puddy¬† (not by choice )ūü§£¬†


YYyaaaayyyy......Happy Birthday to me.....




PS this does have a lot to do with music maybe I will talk about that topic someday .

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21 hours ago, Sheens said:

Happy Birthday Kenny !  Welcome to the ex-spring chicken club


Thank you Sheens !

17 hours ago, pwalpwal said:

good job! ūüí™

Thank you pwalpwal ! 

17 hours ago, Bapu said:

Congrats Kenny!

Keep coming back, it works if you work it!

Hi Bapu !Thank you Sir ...my absolute surprise is I made it this far .

16 hours ago, Sheens said:

Live stream unboxing or any info on presents ?
(oh, and I'm with ye on the no booze/dope thing...just 14 years here).

Enjoy your birthday weekend 



Hi Sheens ! Congrats on your 14 years ....After dropping serious coin on a Gibson ES 17 CC  last year , I'm in the process of trying to raise funds .

If I do any shopping  for this milestone , I may get a few items I need ...Gtr stand , picks , strings and cables ....

One never knows ,I have been known to walk into a music store to buy strings and walk out with another guitarūü§£

13 hours ago, Sheens said:

quick update: GPS tracking Kenny, currently at Hooters


Dang you have busted me ...I had to find out for myself how big women's racks have grown in the past 40 years  ....


thanks all ,



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