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Sonar Price

How much are you willing to pay for the next release of Sonar  

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  1. 1. What would be a reasonable price for the next release of Sonar

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19 hours ago, Glenn Stanton said:

hey, on the plus side, Cakewalk Sonar can start getting reviewed again as it will be a paid product, and they'll have to advertise in the reviewer magazines / blogs / etc to get people to purchase it. the reviewers can, ahem, erm,  once again give their unbiased opinions 🙂and will no longer be unsupported by plugin developers who don't support free products... 

FWIW - Sound on Sound remains one of the few media outlets that still prioritizes readers over advertisers, so kudos to them for that. Cakewalk didn't advertise in SOS, yet they ran my Sonar column from 2003 to 2020. The only reason they stopped running it was because according to their surveys, the percentage of readers using it became a tiny fraction compared to other DAWs.  I did contact MusicTech (an online magazine owned by BandLab) about running Cakewalk by BandLab articles, but they weren't interested. 


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54 minutes ago, Will. said:

I've got my coat and my beenie. 

Maybe we should say Coat and the instrument we play.  Don't want to leave without it ;)
Of course if you play Tuba, Harp or only a Grand Piano first hit the Gym :D

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One thing I have been thinking about.
Many of us are say 40-70 yrs who use this software and know it well.
I see Next being for the younger generation.. but I am sure Bandlab must look further than us oldies and our loyalty to keep things alive??

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38 minutes ago, JohnnyV said:

Cakewalk could send out a proper survey to their entire user base which I believe is very large now.

My guess is 80 % of those people only have Cakewalk because it was free. A lot of them probably never turn it on. 
 Out of the rest most will be long time users who will either pay what ever the price is or continue using CbB. A few will leave as well .  

Exactly !!

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The problems her is what comes with the New Cakewalk Sonar, i hate the name Sonar should have left it in the past and i don't hate much. I would have done 3 versions 

Cakewalk Mix - £99  which would be absolutely necessary essentials, what we got now with the new vector interface and updates (support)  They can then offer upgrades and plugs.... 

Cakewalk Producer - £149  - Maybe something with more new functions, instruments and plugs, they can then offer upgrades and plugs....  

Cakewalk Studio - £199  as before but more instruments, plugs and mastering etc 

But Sonar no sorry bad marketing to confusing with old..... Cakewalk Evolution or Cakewalk Ai and give it a basic Ai functions for mastering this is what  kids of today want 


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Okay guys, this thread is not particularly on topic for this section of the forum, so I'm shutting it down. There's plenty of other threads with people's thoughts on pending changes,  elsewhere. Also friendly reminder in general just to make sure that the discourse on this forum stays civil. Thanks!

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