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AIR Boom virtual drum machine 99 cents

Starship Krupa

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14 minutes ago, Craig N said:

If you have a VPN with a US-based offramp you can avail yourself of the $0.99 deal. I have a lifetime one that's really slow but comes in handy from time to time when shopping. From $2.26 to $0.99, huzzah!


I was thinking in a VPN too... and I am seeing that...
Thank you for the feedback :)

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1 hour ago, abacab said:

Just the iLok license manager software is required, dongle is optional. Standard for all AIR Music products.

just a pet peeve of mine, after VSL got rid of the dongle at least installed it but I'm still not going to buy any software that requires any form of ILOK (though i did buy this one not knowing that it requires it) 

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