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  1. you can open the classic control panel by holding down the windows key + R. Type in control. This will bring up the classic control panel. If you want access to the classic services window. Again, hold down the windows key + R. Type in services.msc. This will bring up the classic services window to turn off some windows services, etc.
  2. Hi there Noel. I know the bakers are still working on the final pricing for everything, but I was wondering if you can 'Whisper' maybe that for us musicians that don't want the backstage pass that Sonar will be sold separately?? Thanks...
  3. I am surprised you got the code to work on MAC s M1, and M2 CPUs considering they were originally designed by Apple to run ARM code while Intel and AMD run X64 code and you got the software to run cross-platform??? Hmmm..what is the secret to your sauce to accomplish this???? Just kidding...:)😁
  4. Sorry to chime in here. Something I have not seen mentioned; when is the approximate date when the official announcement will go out???? is it going to be September????
  5. Sorry, I meant to say an actual person to talk to for techsupport since now that's what people might want paying for the software.....instead of waiting a day or two for emails or virtual chat....
  6. something that just popped into my head is like in the past, going towards a pay model for Sonar now, does that mean they will have to bring back tech support to help people through their issues with Cakewalk??? Of course, if a company is going to offer Tech support, then that's going to be more money they will need to hire people to answer the phones...
  7. I hope they will be fair to us previous licensees just to get the same functionality like we have today. I don't mind paying like they did in the past, $150 for an upgrade fee, but if they want to charge us $300 or more just to keep the same functionality....then I will be scratching my head for that move...
  8. I just hope they will not ask us to pay full price from previous licensees since before they went free, we were paying the upgrade fee. I am sure they still have access to the database that we were paying the upgrade fee for before Bandlab made the program free. The way the economy is right now...I can't pay over $300 to get the features back that I have right now with the free version.
  9. Speaking of Export, one little gripe I have is the export has finished dialog box that sits on top of the clock near the lower right hand corner indefinitely. Is there a way to make that go away, say after 30 seconds or so.... Thanks..
  10. Something else you might want to try is going to dell's support site for your particular laptop and update your bios...one would be surprised at how old their bios is and not updating it would cause an updated windows crashes, etc... Newer bios's helps windows talk back to the hardware, etc. and with drivers to properly work right.... plus I would also make sure all your drivers, windows is updated... hope this helps..
  11. Thank you.... that's kind of what I expected it to behave as:)
  12. Coming Soon, Tranquility 2: Mind and Soul
  13. Hi guys.. thanks for all the responses. After some more diagnosing, I have come to find out I had a failing hard drive in my system that was causing the pops, crackles and freezes and it wasn't even my audio drive or main drive, just a backup drive...but I backed everything up and removed it and everything working great now...
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