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  1. The plugin has a window lock button in the upper right corner. Use external meters to prevent them from being closed.
  2. Microsoft browser imposing is not just a bad thing. This is an attempt to force the installation of an unnecessary application with a bad reputation among specialists. This is how Trojans behave, for example. - I draw your attention to the fact that active work with the Internet while working with ASIO often leads to failures when the sound wheezes or Cakewalk/Sonar crash for no apparent reason. My misunderstanding is caused, among other things, with this. If you add questionable programs that work with the Internet, your program is rapidly losing its value in my eyes.
  3. I strongly insist that you permanently remove Microsoft Edge from the installation. As soon as you plugged it in, the problems started. Edge is now a chunk of Google Chrome with obscure and non-obvious behavior. In general, I think that putting unnecessary and potentially extremely vulnerable programs in a package is disrespectful to your users. I, for example, permanently removed Edge from the computer, just like chrome. And besides your obsessive attitude, it is nowhere to be found. If, as a result, I have to abandon Cakewalk, I will, despite the fact that I bought the full license in 2015. Safety is more important to me. I will continue to use the latest version of Sonar while it is still running.
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