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  1. Strange that I've never experienced it before until I opened my project right after updating. In the recorded WAV, I measure ~87ms between the attacks and in the exported wav, there is ~13ms, which is the slower CSC piano attack. It has been so long since I've adjusted anything related to playback settings, I wouldn't even know where to begin to look. I don't believe I've ever messed with the AUD.INI file. EDIT: Changing my Audio > Playback and Recording > Driver Mode from "WASAPI Shared" to "WDM/KS" and then back to "WASAPI Shared" seems to have resolved my issue. From what I can see, this changed my Mixing Latency Buffer Size from ~80ms to 10ms. I am unable to change the buffer size myself because those controls are disabled. Thanks for your help.
  2. Since updating, I've noticed that the audio playback of tracks using Cakewalk Sound Center instruments lags a little bit behind other tracks now. Other instrument tracks play together, but the CSC track feels a fraction of a second behind. If I set the MIDI Time offset for the CSC track to -50, it sounds closer. Attached a sample project. EDIT: Here's an image showing the exported audio (top), which sounds correct/as it did before, and a recording of the actual playback (bottom). The green is the Cakewalk Sound Center track, the red is the other. They line up in the top file, but not the bottom. Test Piano.cwp
  3. How can I get groove clip looping to work in a 15/16 time signature? I've attached a simple project with a single measure in a single track. When I select the measure and either press Ctrl+L or right-click and select Groove Clip Looping, the loop is missing the last two notes. When I use the Clip Inspector and check "Looping", the notes are truncated and it says there are only 3 beats in the loop. I can't seem to get it to loop the entire measure. Is Groove Clip Looping restricted to multiples of quarter notes? Any help would be appreciated. 15-16 Groove Clip Looping.cwp
  4. 2021.04 Update 1 RC1 (build fixes everything that I had reported about the articulation track. It works beautifully now from what I've tried. Thanks so much for the update.
  5. Great! Again, I really appreciate the quick turn-around. The articulation track is a truly wonderful addition.
  6. You can use "Selection bug 2" project attached to my above post. Both articulations in it are 6 beats and I can do this three ways: 1: Right click articulation 1, select Cut (or Copy), go to the start of articulation 2, right click the articulation track, and select paste, or 2: Select articulation 1, Edit > Cut (or Copy), go to the start of articulation 2, Edit > Paste, or 3: Select articulation 1, Ctrl+X (or Ctrl+C), go to the start of articulation 2, Ctrl+V. Now it will appear that the pasted articulation replaced the existing one, but check the event list and you'll see both. Try to resize the pasted articulation and you cannot. You have to drag the pasted articulation outside of its bounds in order to "free" it from this co-existence. When you do that, you'll see that the previous articulation is still there and was not replaced. Drag and drop does not do this as it does not allow the dragged articulation to be moved such that it overlaps the existing articulation
  7. I installed 2021.04 build 155 and it fixed the problem I reported earlier, I appreciate the rapid turnaround for it. There there are some variations that still behave strangely, in my opinion. When I click the clip in measure 2 below, measures 1 - 3 are selected because both articulations overlapping the clip are selected. When I click a clip, I only expect that clip's range to be selected. I realize articulations are a bit of a different beast, but it'd be really nice if when one selects a clip and copies or cuts the clip that the articulations did a behind-the-scenes split at the clip's range and went along with it. All of this was found when I cut/pasted a bunch of clips into a new section of the song and all of my articulations got messed up because I had a single key switch articulation over several clips including the ones I moved. I just noticed some strangeness when pasting an articulation over another. When the articulation being pasted is the same length or longer than the existing articulation and is pasted such that it covers the existing articulation completely (either exactly or overlapping both sides), the two articulations will co-exist and no split takes place. Second picture below, I pasted the longer blue articulation a little in front of the green one and selected it to show that it was all one non-split articulation. Selection Bug 2.cwp Articulation Paste Bug.cwp
  8. I'm trying to figure out how to stop something from occurring. It looks like articulation maps are causing clip selection to act strangely. When I click the clip in the first measure of the MIDI track as pictured below, the articulation for the second measure is also selected and the selection range above the MIDI track has both measures. If I select the second clip in the MIDI track, only the second measure is selected, as expected. If I move the second articulation a little to the right and click the first clip again, only the first measure is selected, as expected. I've attached a small project file that shows what I mean as well. Selection Bug.cwp
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