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Tungsten_Slate (updated 2021.12)

Colin Nicholls

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15 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

I just installed the latest and notice that you haven't implemented the obligatory Synth/Instrument track icon swap.

Also: love what you've done with the zoom buttons.

On reflection I'm thinking +/- is not the best choice here, and something with > < might be better.  <>  >< . I dunno.

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Dear Colin,

There may be something weirdo with the .zip file. I have tried to download it from two different machines without success.. : /

When trying to download it with Google Chrome, a new tab opens and then closes automatically and it just don't do anything.

On the other side, when trying to download it with the "new" Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium), it starts to download but never finish.

I know sometimes some file names (or combination of characters) has something to do with these kind of issues.

Would it be possible for you to change the name of the file to just 'Tungsten_Slate.zip' for example? Maybe this fixes the issue.

From all your themes I have downloaded until now, this is the only one that has this issue, and the only one that has numbers in the file name.

Thanks for your great work.

Best regards from Barcelona,

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