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Project jumping

David Lanterman

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In Cakewalk during playback of a project when the project reaches a certain point in time, is there a way to jump to another specific  point in time in the project if you wanted to skip a whole section of the project in it's normal progression?

For example I have a project it has about 50+ tracks and one part in the project is way too long it already has live recorded instruments, and I have tried cutting it out except and it throws all the other tracks out even when I select the entire project, so rather than cutting the entire section and having to move each track which could cause timing issues I was trying to see if there is some other way of doing this.

please help


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But if you didn't want to use Ripple edit to cut up a project, but only want to hear what it would sound like...This is a feature I ask for long ago called "Marker jumping" I still think it would be great to be able to set up markers and organize them, This would be a great songwriting tool.

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What if you used volume automation?

Maybe could work if it's possible to make a group of all tracks and automate that group.

Decrease the volume automation line to zero for just the part you don't want to hear.

Edit. I'm rested now and apologize for that. Obviously there will be this long pause instead of jump.

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