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A few new songs....

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Howdy forumites.....

Haven't been around the last few months because we've been dealing with the pain and expenses of moving out of state.....California to Kansas....the heartland.                                          The process was hell I would add.

Anyway, I have a few new ones up and even if you think the songs suck I'd be curious of how the mix translates on various monitors/systems.

First three on the page: I've Had A Good Life - Rose - You're Looking For A World


Many thanks to any who give a listen and hope you found them worthy of your time.

Carry on....



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Hey Wayne,
I'll do these one at a time; starting with Good Life.
The intro guitar, panned hard left? I'd center it up like the solo.
Vocals are a little too laid back in the mix (not a critique of the performance).
The call (vocal) and response (guitar) makes this really stand out.
Love the horns, but not sure everything is working in the same "space".
This is a fine "rocker", just not sure the mix is doing it justice.
As always, your song, your production; just some things that jump out at me.


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Hey Tom.....

Thanks very much for your comments/suggestions.

I'm having one of my monitors repaired right now but will certainly revisit mixes when it's fixed.

No....lead axe should not sound panned hard left.....I never pan anything hard on any side.  That may have been due to my faulty monitor.  Chuckle....I get that sometimes that I'm a bit too timid on getting the vox a bit more up front.   I'm pretty critical of my voice. :)

Hope you find them worthy of your time.

Have a great Christmas/New Year's with the family.


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