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Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice !!!

John K

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Okay John,

I can understand mental torture adjusting with a new mindset and perhaps some psychic manifest in time. I may learn to see auras and get a glimpse into the inner workings of the cosmos, but you are getting heavy handed here with levitation and bending mental with the mind which defies and denies all the laws of physics.

In all truth, did you ever levitate? Did you ever bend a spoon? Not saying that this cannot happen in some Christ level saint, but is your experience real or something out of what is an incredibly well knit philosophy? Not putting you down, only looking for answers.

In my search for documentation, there is the Transcendental Meditation group that charges over 5000 dollars for levitation instruction. Do you know anything about this and what it is all about?


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Take this for what you will, but yeah, forcefully levitated several times, and it was not a lot of fun, dangerous roller coaster ride out of control. Have never bent a spoon and have no drive to do so. Have no ability yet to bend anything.

Can I levitate now to show proof.  No, can’t.  I ain’t where Jesus was able to control the faculty at will to walk on water.

No laws of physics are broken regarding levitation. Something we all possess but buried deep and has to be encountered and dealt with at some point in our evolution.

Think I had discussed our life energy envelope, second physical body. This structure shares the same particulate arena as gravitation, so understand this as competing fields. In the energetic depths of valid introspection, the pranic body increases wattage beyond the gravitation exchange particle norm and scrambles the physical exchange flow between dense structure and what it is interacting with. In our case, planet earth predominantly. We lose contact and float off. You may google articles and testimonies, but the actual experience is not so clean.

Regarding the TM 5000 dollar levitation class, this is as fake as it gets. Only not fake thing is the debt on your credit card. Apologies to any of you doing the Transcendental Meditation process, but got to call it for what it is. Pure bull shit rip off.

You don’t have to train to levitate nor would you ever want to. Only a distraction on the path. It will happen when it is supposed to happen at which point you will have to deal with it for better or worse.

Take it as a positive sign that you are progressing. Ignore it and move on.



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7 minutes ago, John K said:

Regarding the TM 5000 dollar levitation class, this is as fake as it gets. Only not fake thing is the debt on your credit card. Apologies to any of you doing the Transcendental Meditation process, but got to call it for what it is. Pure bull shit rip off.

I knew that for the simple reason they asked for money. A lot of it too!!

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Can you explain more about the physics behind levitation? I see it is a lot more common than we realize and it comes from all spiritual and religious backgrounds past and present. I was reading about one current Catholic lay person in Jamaica who shows up every Sunday for mass and they have to tie him down with ropes or he floats up to the ceiling when they hail the virgin Mary.

You have sent my sorry butt back to kindergarten. 55 years of wasted ignorance but you said that liberation or the process to obtain liberation only happens when you are fully ready. Twenty years ago I would have flipped you off as a lunatic like all but a very few higher souls viewing this topic, like the guy who just commented. There is no reason I doubt that you are floating around several feet off the ground at inappropriate times.

What is levitation like and please a few more nuts and bolts about the physics behind it. Most references depict levitation as a dreamy spiritual experience. The photographs and videos show some dude hanging out a foot or more off the ground enjoying the experience. You have said it is not so good. I am only curious about this and know enough to realize this is not the goal of all of this.

Mangled, shredded, raped, in the blender, face in the dirt, destroyed in Chicago. Better days have to be ahead of me.


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Hey Voyager,

Got a half educated answer for you at the expense of getting me banned even more as a lunatic. But life is short so let it roll.  Hey, Jyotishvarii, where the hell are you. You got to take some of the heat off me, and I burned the last pot of Ramen because you didn’t give any of us carbon forms a better recipe.


Mechanism of levitation as I said is a competing format. From the last Big Bang out of infinite cycles, we are connected to everything physical as we exploded farther apart in this current episode. Gets truncated by the 1/r2 law so the drag from Alpha Centuri trying to rip us off the surface of the planet is way less than mother Earth.

The connection was made far before we were born or before any life could exist. We take up the clay when tossed into the world that has cooled down and have already secured the gravitational interface. From a point size about as math as a point can be until more current living room is established where we are in the expansion. Point of the bang is where we made our link with everything no matter how far away it is now. One physics prof said, you jump up and down, the stars tremble.

Physics geeks who know way more than me about this may add in.

The concept of exchange particles.

Everything trying to get back to Origin even if still in the pre evolved inanimate state.

Example recognized by current physics is the exchange particle in the inanimate revolt. Electron fields emanate virtual and more subtle photon fields that are expressed about in the radius of the electron field and reabsorbed if they cannot connect with something to give the subtle field temporary existence in space and time.

Same only way more subtle with gravitational particles that emanate and fall back into photons (luminous factor as recognized by the ancient heathens).

If the gravitational particle flow does what is normal, there is an exchange between the two interacting masses. In this case, our physical load and the earth below. Thus we are tethered to what we are interacting with. Does not have to be alive. A rock stays on the ground by these exchange laws and interactions.

The process of real yoga is a paranormal voyage from death to Enlightenment.

In the ascent, the second physical transduction structure shares the same particulate structure and bandwidth as life energy. All we eat, all we breathe, all we metabolize is aimed at creating a conduit of connection to the field of life energy that is already there.

In the valid introspective process, Knowledge of the matrix that transcends the death experience requires tremendous life energy, unknown to the current ape expression by virtue of normal birth and everyday experience. It is there in potential, but sadly not activated in our clueless 3 score and 10 life span, although everything around us is a signal to try and get free. Such a tragedy. No one needs to die.

Increase in life energy (pranah) tries to get us locked into where we need to be to cognize the reality of inner space. Increased interference in the adjacent field causes distortion with competing gravitation particulates (life energy or gravity in the battle). Distortion from packed real estate bends the connection to the parent body and weird things happen, like losing contact with what we are supposed to be glued to since gravitational fields are getting mangled and misdirected.

The actual experience is terrifying and possibly deadly. You said you dived into the Essene writings and understood book 4. Imagine if the two streams went ballistic out of control and flew you up to the ceiling about to drop onto a concrete floor to your death..

It is only my experience opposed to the floaty blissful guys lifting off in some spiritual trance, everything happy and controlled. Nothing like that for me.

My experience only, like being sucked up in an uncontrolled whirlwind. Avalanche of Light and Sound.

The lift off is way more secure than the ebb of the threshold for gravity free existence.. The lift off is terrifying but gradual. You feel it coming. The energetics ebb and flow not in a constant, so you fall below the threshold for lift off. Loss of the faculty is all or none, so you get dropped off from wherever you were at.

My worst incident was after trying to go to sleep and insane roar of energy started. I would lift off spinning with no control, lose the threshold and fall like a rock. Fortunately, a big mattress under me. The oak frame of the bed groaned under the weight of me continually falling on it from about a foot above. Biggest fear at the time was me hovering over the edge and being dropped onto the floor.

Can say the photo documentation shows a wind on loss of gravity. This much is true. My pajamas and hair were being violently blown around, fluttering. In the spinning was able to see a box of Kleenex next to the bed and there was no disturbance. The wind was only local to me.

Levitation, or lightness of body is one of 8 major paranormal advancements on the path. Will happen to you as well at some inconvenient time. May it be more gentle with you.

Movie trivia, the opposite reaction is also in the works, but I have no commerce with this yet. “Laghima” or the ability to become heavier than anything. Deals with a purposeful concentration of the gravity field onto what is the parent body attached to. Gravitation warped artificially to the max.

Some may remember the old original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flic. One of the turtles was an ex Acharya. Don’t agree with his display, but got him the part. He was a small guy just over 100 pounds. He did have some good karate skills. The tryouts for the part had him paired up against several other heavy weight contenders. He did the Laghima thing and challenged the other 6 contestants to lift his 100 pound body off the floor. They could not move him and the producers were slobbering on themselves in excitement. He got the role but I wonder about the karma of using his hard earned ability for secular gain.

As much as I know about any of this and hope it doesn’t happen again for awhile.


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