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Using the TH3 mixer and splitter

ron murphy

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I'm trying to use the splitter in th3 and combine a modern and randall amp together. I wanna pan one to the left and one to the right but for some reason it's only coming out of the one side. The double amp preset has it where it's one amp coming out of each side. One minute it will work and the next it's only the one side. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.845439483_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.c61dc7d62e979cb53a4d383c84a01623.png

Screenshot (3).png

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Hi ron,

I don't use TH3, but two places I would look at is the output of your effects chain which looks like a single speaker cabinet (unless it is stereo).  Also, is the audio track containing TH3 in mono or stereo?  I have not tested these theories, but I thought either might be a fix.

Kind regards,


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25 minutes ago, ron murphy said:

I think it's cause I had the guitar panned to the left

This would do it. The pan control is after the PC and FX Rack. Here is the signal flow diagram from the help.

Check out the flow in the Track and Bus sections.


If you want to layer the amps and pan them together set the mixer in TH3 to mono and use it to blend the two amps before panning the track. The preset in the image above is set up to have one amp on the left and one on the right. To get the desired L/R levels in this case will rely more on controls in TH3 than the track pan control which is a simple stereo balance control.

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