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Jim Fogle

Reference Guide Requests

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Here are four suggestions regarding the excellent Cakewalk Reference Guide that will make the guide more user friendly.  Please add a "like" if you agree.

  1.  Edit the file name so the file name includes the release it matches.  Presently the file name is "Cakewalk Reference Guide.PDF".  For example if this suggestion was followed the former "Cakewalk Reference Guide 09-19.PDF" would be replaced by "Cakewalk Reference Guide 11-19.PDF" .  This provides a visual cue to the guide user that the guide they have is, or is not, current.
  2. Add an option to the newest Cakewalk Reference Guide to each release download.
  3. Add an option to allow the user to store the Cakewalk Reference Guide to a specific location.
  4. Publish the Cakewalk Reference Guide in the open source EPUB format so the guide will automatically resize and reformat itself to the viewing device screen size and resolution.  This will allow easy viewing on smart phones, tablets, netbooks and e-readers in addition to computer displays.  Here is a link to the EPUB Community Group:   https://www.w3.org/publishing/groups/epub3-cg/    This was first suggested April, 2019:  https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/2860-reference-guide-pdf-now-available/page/3/&tab=comments#

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