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Cakewalk 4k window capture in OBS Studio

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I use multiple 4k monitors on my Windows machine and run Cakewalk on a 4k monitor also.  I have to display capture rather than window capture in 4k to capture Cakewalk in OBS studio.

Please fix this. Or could someone please explain how "window capture" is done in OBS Studio.

I have tried fidgeting with Windows 10 program compatibility settings and nothing seems to work.

I have to resort to display capture. Unlike game capture type where it captures a window or app and only that.

There are resizing issues with Cakewalk.

Perhaps I just do not understand it but it should just capture the window when I select the Cakewalk program in the drop down list of active running apps.

Cakewalk seems to oddly automatically resize itself when used in 4k so it is readable. This is a good thing. Though, Cakewalk does not seem to pass its actual window size info to OBS Studio. 

4k tutorials on YouTube are really the best way to teach Cakewalk.

Display capture is a workaround but not a good one.


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