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How to truncate all tracks


I want to know how to truncate the next MIDI file.
MIDI file example : https://freemidi.org/download-19903-song-for-bilao-pat-metheny
I want to cut off all tracks between markers 6 to 7 (from 143th to 170th bars) in this example, but I can not do it well.

In the time axis ruler, a blank bar remains in the cut portion.
Therefore, the marker 7 that was at the 171th bar does not move to the 143th bar, and moves to the 144th bar.
The cut part of the track only be blank, the latter part dose not come forward.

"Delete time" of Studio one 4 can truncate as desired.

I would like to do the same processing with Studio one's "Delete time" with Cakewalk.

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