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"Glassy Eyes" alt-indie-rock song (version 2)

Lee Shapiro

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My latest attempt at writing a song a few people might like...trying to interest listeners enough into responding with comments.   Which is the theme of the song....trying.
So, comments and critiques would be most appreciated.

****Updated - Version 2 - 11/2/19.  I added mild compression to the instrument bus, as suggested by someone in the Facebook Cakewalk by Bandlab group.  It's a subtle difference, but I think it makes the mix sound a little better.


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EDIT:   Updated song, minor remixing, and added some compression to the instrument bus. 
Also tweaked Ozone (applied to the master bus), to make it a little punchier.
All minor changes that made the overall mix sound better.


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Hi, Lee,

How are you, buddy?  I remember you from the old forum, it's great to see you made it over here to the new one!👍

Well then, let me be the first commenter on this one!😀

Dynamite job on this very cool, uplifting alt rocker!

Really well written, great instrumental performances, excellent vocals and harmonies, and you've got a nice, wide, clean and punchy modern rock mix.👍

I also really love "Hard Landing" from your Soundclick page, fantastic song with a cool Tom Petty vibe, and the keyboards and guitar solo on it were really super.  Also, "Forgive and Forget Me" was really great.

Great work, Lee, fantastic stuff, brother, looking forward to your next post!

P.S. Don't get discouraged, and keep posting here, it's just been a little slow around here the past couple weeks, but it should be picking up soon!😀

Have a Rockin' Weekend!

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Hi Bob,
First, thanks so much for your kind comments.  I really appreciate it.
And thanks for listening to some of my other songs as well.  I had several people tell me that "Hard Landing" had a Tom Petty vibe.
Bob Dylan and Tom Petty seem to be the two musicians that get mentioned most if there are any comparisons made. Someone also mentioned Randy Newman when listening to "Glassy Eyes".     I guess it's all good though.

And I wanted to tell you that I've been listening to a bunch of songs posted in this forum by other members, including some of your songs.
I'm really impressed with your professional sounding productions.  Even though heavy rock is not my usual genre, I found your songs inspiring.  I often use them, along with some others here, as reference songs when mixing my own songs.  So thanks for that as well.

Anyway, thanks again for listening and replying.  And I hope to continue to improve in my writing and production skills.  Talk to you soon!


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7 hours ago, DeeringAmps said:

ps: that B3 on Hard Landing, WOW!

Thanks for your comments.  And yes, I love the sound of the B3, (I think I have about 7 different B3 plugins)  and I'd use the organ in every song, but that would probably be too much, so I have to restrain myself and say, No, I'm not putting a B3 in this song.  LOL! 
But thanks for the "wow", I appreciate it.   I might also humbly suggest you check out a slow blues instrumental I wrote, where I really cut loose on the B3.  "Once Upon A Town"  


6 hours ago, Wookiee said:

Sounds OK here Lee.

Thanks Wookiee, I appreciate it.

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