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@Jim Roseberry, I need a recommendation for a new laptop, primarily for audio but also productivity like Office 365 and adobe creative suite V5.5/6 last one on DVD. Sadly I fried the mobo in my ASUS Zephyrus GM510M today. I figure it’s not good economics replacing a 4yr old mobo. I’d rather put that money to a new laptop. I’m in Australia so the lousy exchange rate will probably put me in the $5-6k bracket. A cheaper option would also be good to consider as an alternative.

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I'm not crazy about using a laptop as a "workstation" replacement.

Lots of limitations...


If you're set on a laptop, I'm not a fan of any off-the-shelf model.

All highest-performance custom laptops use Clevo shells.

If this is going to be used as a workstation, I'd want a Clevo shell... with 14900HX, 32-64GB DDR5, and 2 or 3 internal M.2 SSDs (depends on the shell/motherboard).

Performance wise, that's as close as you'll currently get to a desktop.

The 14900HX scores ~33k with Cinebench multi-core.


If you're not set on a laptop, a desktop with the 14700k would be perfect.

14700k scores ~34k with Cinebench multi-core

You're getting most of the performance of the 14900k... at significantly lower cost, lower power, and lower heat.


14900k is the top DAW performer.

Scores ~40k with Cinebench multi-core

Needs top-notch 420mm AIO, 1000w PS, and a larger case that can accommodate. 



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Thanks @Jim Roseberry

I  currently still using my 8700k workstation that you spec’d for me back in 2017. As I’m using Waves DIGIGRID hardware for sound card and off loading plugin processing the dated CPU is still quite usable.

In light of your comments I might have to change my focus and get a lighter duty laptop for productivity but will still give me reasonable performance when I’m away from my main rig and need to do a bit of audio/video editing.

Wife and I are moving to a retirement village so will need to scale down as I’ll no longer have any dedicated studio space. 

Everything is now about compromise with no real up sides to be seen. 

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Posted (edited)

With a laptop, you won't really have much choice in hardware.

ie: The shell will determine the motherboard.

With a mobile CPU, you're going to take a performance hit (vs a desktop CPU)... so I'd go with the 14900HX (fastest currently available).


You'll (of course) want to use a dedicated external audio interface.

If the laptop has Thunderbolt, I'd go with a Thunderbolt audio interface.

That'll yield the lowest possible round-trip latency.


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