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Automate delay plugin on/off ?

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Hi everyone. I am now playing with the delay plugin for a soft synth (track 3), and want to affect only the last note in the linked midi track (track 2; see screen grab).

But I cannot find a way to automate on/off functionality. 

Also, track 2 is a Midi groove clip, and as you will see, I added pitch markers, but I can hear no change in the pitch at all!

Your assistance is greatly valued.

Delay fx.PNG

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Simple, just turn on automation write and move the mix from 100% 0n to  0% off. In your case this would be from 30% 


This was cool, I've never tried to post a video directly.It worked!!  Screw Youtube, this is faster!! It was a fluke the movie was exactly 2.44MB!   

The other way would be to put the delay as a Sub Bus and automate the send. 

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