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Screaming For Attention

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I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone on this forum (from the old forum) who has helped me and countless others work out our Cakewalk techincal issues over the years.  🤩 I think about you guys and gals taking time away from family and recording to come on here and help others keep on track with recording (no pun intended). 🤡 Every single problem I have ever encountered with Sonar, someone on here has had the solution. I think of you all like the EMT of  recording, there day and night with answers and solutions for all of us. So a big warm hug from this recording guy going out to all of you. 🤗

Some of my favorite peeps 😗









Larry Jones


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You can only become an EMT of recording once you've learned the lexicon.

I'm also looking forward to the influx of new users with new issues that the wise oldtimers can help whoop.

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