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Resizing clips in Take Lanes

Tony p

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When working with lanes, and I try to hover the smart tool over the end of a clip so I can change its size, the smart tool changes to the one where it'll change the size of the selected clip, but will also change the size of other clips, in inverse manner. Sorry I dont know the name of the tool, but it looks like a double flag. So I have to move the clip to another track, make the size change, then return to original track. Is there a setting I can change?

Thank you very much for your help

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42 minutes ago, Morten Saether said:

@Tony p The double crop tool appears when there are abutting clips in the same track. If you move the pointer slightly in from the clip edge, you will be able to crop only the selected clip. You can also hold down the SHIFT modifier to temporarily bypass the double crop tool.

I can't get the pointer on the edge to change. BUT, the SHIFT button works as well. Ayayay, I dont know why I thought it was CTRL. Tried combining it with other buttons too. 

Thank you!

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