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[NI] Audio Imperia - Epic Orchestral Collection: Jaeger, Cerberus, Solo, Fluid Woods, Fluid Brass - Bundled €399 or 50% off individually


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Okay - this is annoying af. I could have gotten Solo, Fluid Brass, and Fluid Winds on top of what I bought during BF, and paid $30 less.

So I got Talos ($99), Aeria Lite ($71), Nucleus ($202), Cerberus ($90), Jaeger ($141). That's $604 total. And had to figure out their complicated loyalty system to maximize discounts.

Now, a week later I basically could have just bought Talos and Aeria Lite ($170 total), then picked up this bundle for $399 and paid $569 total, AND got Solo and the Fluids. I decided not to get Solo because my budget was capped. My loyalty price was around $130. So technically, to get everything in this bundle + what I got during BF would have cost $800+, but could technically be had for $200 less one week later. 


Punches wall. 

EDIT!! Nevermind, the bundle doesn't include Nucleus. I thought it did. Fixes the drywall. 




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