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Love in Time


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New song for you awesome Cakewalk music creators! 

It constantly occurs to my mind how really terriffic Cakewalk works.

It rarely ever crashes and I like how I can depend on it doing what it is supposed to do. 

This was not always the case, but I was working with a much slower computer and I can for the most part

say that the problems I did have were due to my PC not being capable to handle mixing and mastering simultaneously. 

Any DAW would buckle under such a load.

Cakewalk reigns supreme!

Best to you and hope your season is full of great celebration and truly good times!


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Magical vocal - loving your work - as always. The accompaniment is a picked guitar I think (unless my ears deceive me)? Did you quantize it, as it sounds very 'perfect' to me. Maybe back off the quantize a little to allow some swing, so it sounds a little more rubato?

Depends if it's a recording of you playing guitar or whether it's a VST I guess. Either way - it's taste and fancy stuff - it's still a wonderful song.

Well done.


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Thanks for the compliments and helpful suggestions peeps! And Andy, the guitar picking is from the Native Instruments VST called Picked Nylon. It does in this instance sound like a piano, another stringed instrtument.

 I prefer a nylon guitar most often over a steel string acoustic, the tone is softer and often fits with my voice better.

Your comments are truly nice and kind, all the best with the holidays coming up!

You will probably hear from me before New Year, lots of music to make in December!


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