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UAD Offer - Get A Free Volt Interface


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Pretty sweet deal if you don't already own the plugins and/or need an audio interface.

"For a limited time, sign up for one year of UAD Spark and we'll throw in a Volt 2 USB audio interface for free.*
Offer available while supplies last."

At Sweetwater & Guitar Center the Universal Audio Volt 2 USB Audio Interface is currently selling for $169.00

Volt USB Audio Interfaces (uaudio.com)
Guitar Center - Universal Audio Volt 2 USB Audio Interface

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Nice marketing. If they rephrase this in “We offer 1 year of UAD Spark with every Volt 2 USB”, you won’t get so exited about the offer.

IMHO the deal where they offered a couple of plugins plus autotune with an audio device is a much better deal offer. After one year you get to keep everything.

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You have to pay for a year subscription upfront and the interface is yours
and the subscription is less than the price of the interface.
Also the built in 1176 compressor is a nice feature.

SOS mag review of Volt



In other respects, the Volts hold up admirably against their many competitors. The mic preamps have a gain range of 55dB (detailed specs were not available when we went to press), which is wide enough for most purposes, and are capable of capturing a very decent clean sound as well as vintage colour. With modern low‑impedance headphones, the headphone amp delivers a noticeably louder output than most bus‑powered interfaces, and although there’s no control over the level of the directly monitored signal, it’s easy enough to adjust the DAW output level to achieve a good balance when overdubbing. Left/right tracking is a bit awry at very low settings with both the main volume control and the headphone level control, but this is a common problem with stereo potentiometers, and there is no problem at any sort of real‑world level.

The Volt range is a late entry into a saturated market, but with Vintage mode and especially the 76 compressor, I think UA have done enough to make these interfaces stand out from the crowd. They’ve also pulled off the difficult trick of carving out a niche for them without undermining the more expensive Apollo range. Experienced engineers and musicians will appreciate the value of the Powered Plug‑in platform and the Unison concept, but there’s a learning curve involved in getting to grips with them, and the Volts should be perfect for anyone just getting into recording who wants a foolproof plug‑and‑play device for getting their vocals, guitars and other instruments into a DAW. You could even argue that UA have left a tempting gap in their range for something that offers additional I/O for people scaling up from a Volt, but who can’t quite stretch to an Apollo x8p. We’ll see…


If you were looking at picking up the Volt 2 interface this looks like a no brainer whether you have the UAD plugins or not.
If you don't have all the native UAD plugins it's double win.

If you don't want to subscribe for a 2nd year just cancel your subscription.

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