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58 minutes ago, Kirean said:


Any experiences with these?

Kirean, I've never heard of this developer before, but I'm with TheSteven. I'm hoping someone will chime in and tell me this is an instabuy, because it sounds like it to me. Beyond Ink Vocal -- which I'm also intereted in, InkPads, which clearly is using Mellotron sounds along with some synths and sound design is one I'm going to buy no matter what (I'm a total sucker when it comes to Wurli and Tron sounds, forget it with this demo, it's too late to stop me; even if someone chimes in and says the dev is just meh, it's too late; it's not even the price of a Venti Soy Latte...).


Please, I second Kirean and TheSteven, I'm probably going to buy this stuff anyhow at this point. I wouldn't spend time at this forum if I had great self control, but it would be great to hear from anyone who knows this developer and has bought/used their libraries. Otherwise, if you wait a bit guys, that person -- I predict --- who is going to give you feedback on this developer's work is me. 


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My quick / hot take review of Ink Pads: 

  • The download transfer was sluggish. On the upside, it was an excuse to grab a cup of coffee. 
  • The user interface, as you can see in the walkthough video, is interesting, but I think it could be more user-friendly. The sounds of the instruments reminds me a lot of the sounds from a developer I own a few libraries from, Beautiful Void Audio. 
  • The developer's landing page for the library states: "There are forty five unique pads across five Kontakt instruments." That set my expectations for 45 presets or snapshots. If that's what you're thinking too, let me clear that up. There are a total of five (5) presets (NKIs) and no snapshots. I think the website copy could be clearer on this point to ensure that visitors don't think that they're getting 45 presets. Each instrument uses 9 layered pads. You can remove any of them or adjust various settings for each layered pad.  
  • A note that hanged in KONTAKT 7 (latest version) when using the Feedback instrument. I had to re-load the library to stop the sound. 
  • The library is 4.78GB for five instruments / layered synth patches. It does seem that the library could have been better optimized. That's not an expert opinion, it's based on what I have come to expect from similar libraries for 5 patches. The file size just seems very excessive for what it is.  TBH, I could end up deleting this from my hard drive over that issue. 
  • If you like the sounds in the video walkthough, aren't expecting more presets, and are okay with the large file size, I think you'll be happy with this library for $5 -- a buck per instrument. Would I be satisfied with this library for $20 USD? I'm not really sure. I think the file size is the only issue I have with the library. But I would say that a price of $10 - $15 USD and a smaller file size, would make this a satisfying purchase for me. 
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